Why Would You Do This With Your Sister?

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Eddy Burback

2 yil oldin

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 yil oldin
i got an email from an ad agency saying i had a surprisingly low instagram following and that really pissed me off so follow me there please - instagram.com/eddyburback/
Dr.Mantis Tobogan
Dr.Mantis Tobogan 7 kun oldin
@Sarah Sirvin you can DM me also...
Dr.Mantis Tobogan
Dr.Mantis Tobogan 7 kun oldin
You have 1k dislikes?? Wtf is wrong with those people , maybe they like making out with their sisters...
Kiwo Oy oldin
Igotsomchicn Boi
Igotsomchicn Boi 4 oy oldin
WTF is wrong with them
Picklr 4 oy oldin
Leah Williams
Leah Williams 55 daqiqa oldin
I can't finish watching this because I keep having to turn off the volume and look away when it cuts back to the clips of Brent's videos... 😂
Night Mirrorz
Night Mirrorz 6 soat oldin
he just up and left
TheWateringWiz 11 soat oldin
Sorry Eddy, love you and your vids but 5min in and the cringe is just too strong. I can't keep watching this creep
jorge 19 soat oldin
Eddy Burback: Im gonna call him the boyfriend FNF Fans: don't you dare associate the beep boop god with this peasant
marigam 20 soat oldin
Her boyfriend is so beaut! His hair color! Such an interesting shade!
Jaguar Memez
Jaguar Memez 22 soat oldin
Sweet Home Alabama
Charlie Lamphere
Charlie Lamphere 23 soat oldin
This makes me very uncomfortable tbh
Thomas Hafenscher
Thomas Hafenscher Kun oldin
How can i find These boys and Punsch em really good?
Mickhail Reeves
Mickhail Reeves Kun oldin
You sure they aren't step family members 🤔
No _
No _ Kun oldin
This is so uncomfortable wtf
Tylr Trnr
Tylr Trnr Kun oldin
Omg every single night
justinfighter5 Kun oldin
*sweet home alabama plays*
WolvesApple 2 kun oldin
I watch Brent videos, but this video changes everything
Selma 2 kun oldin
... i'm uncomfortable
Laura Dunn
Laura Dunn 2 kun oldin
I almost clicked off here so many times when hearing/watching Brent ... then you save the day and make me crack up, keeping me until the end.
Annie S
Annie S 2 kun oldin
His sister says “oh that’s nice” when he answers he’s never fantasized about someone in the room, like that one was up in the air -_- Though I guess she could suspect him of fantasizing about her boyfriend
Elijah Skeeters
Elijah Skeeters 3 kun oldin
What about the videos he does with his friends
Hamborger 4 kun oldin
Her boyfriend looks more like his brother than her actual brother
nico0652 nico0652
nico0652 nico0652 4 kun oldin
I almost hit the dislike button then I realized I was watching eddies video and that creep... What I’m saying is I liked ur video Eddie 😂
Izzy P.
Izzy P. 5 kun oldin
we did the fortnite dances in class
Anna Samuelson
Anna Samuelson 5 kun oldin
Another creepy fact: one of his exes looks eerily similar to his sister.
Paeden Matson
Paeden Matson 2 kun oldin
his new girlfriend kinda does too. idrk what that's about, but you're right, it's pretty creepy.
clayton johnson
clayton johnson 5 kun oldin
Shit is strange. Definitely made me go yikes.
WantedApple14 5 kun oldin
God is dead, and we killed him.
WantedApple14 5 kun oldin
@Scarface probably not.
Scarface 5 kun oldin
Christians didn't kill him. Right?
Kai Kingston09
Kai Kingston09 6 kun oldin
he's on the wrong sight
Ruby Lillian Potter
Ruby Lillian Potter 7 kun oldin
When I looked at the thumbnail for a sec I was like "wHY iS eDdy iN a bREnT rIvErA vIdEo?"
meggiezee3 7 kun oldin
this makes me uncomfy
Sarah Ford
Sarah Ford 7 kun oldin
Any time I need to stop thinking of sᴇxᴜᴀʟʟʏ ᴄʜᴀʀɢᴇᴅ content, I refer myself to this video and my vagina immediately locks itself inside with a shotgun.
sethious1 7 kun oldin
it's definitely creepy doing things like that with your sister lmao
Satoshi9801 7 kun oldin
Brent's tone of voice is just so douchey.
Dr.Mantis Tobogan
Dr.Mantis Tobogan 7 kun oldin
Remove him keep the mom & sister , bam instant likes.
Dr.Mantis Tobogan
Dr.Mantis Tobogan 7 kun oldin
I agree , incesty
im a namhoe 。• ᴗ •。
im a namhoe 。• ᴗ •。 7 kun oldin
as a retail employee i'd be like wtf, but to be fair i feel like everyone would be like wtf just wouldn't know how to explain this to my manager
n_k 8 kun oldin
omg I have that shirt too. S/o to Nathan Zed
Sin Talento Producciones
Sin Talento Producciones 8 kun oldin
the cringe is killing me
SneakySquid 8 kun oldin
IAM3GION 8 kun oldin
Hey man you cant force change. Sometimes you just have to throw it at the wall and see what sticks
Isabel 8 kun oldin
There’s an ESCALATOR at the Target??
R. Frank Bass
R. Frank Bass 8 kun oldin
he's a whiny b*tch
Floopus Doopus
Floopus Doopus 8 kun oldin
Hey guy
Your Lucky Number 7
Your Lucky Number 7 9 kun oldin
i know this video is old, but if i saw someone do that on my shift, i would go on my 15 and never come back
maroo8 11 kun oldin
kubo after
kubo after 11 kun oldin
Don't Sexualize your siblings
CloudOfContempt 11 kun oldin
Paused at 4:20 (blaze it) but seriously what the hell is going on??? Barely past an intro and I’m already throwing up in my mouth...?
Sam Winingar
Sam Winingar 12 kun oldin
He seems like a middle schooler who just figured out what making out was
Sam Winingar
Sam Winingar 12 kun oldin
This feels illegal
Maple 12 kun oldin
0:13 please say this before every video
Sir PePe
Sir PePe 14 kun oldin
I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% at risk for early onset Alzheimer’s
Floopus Doopus
Floopus Doopus 8 kun oldin
The LaserbeamXperience
The LaserbeamXperience 15 kun oldin
kid low-key reminds me of Onision
river hampton
river hampton 15 kun oldin
Eddy: Hey guys Me:Hey you guys
Austin S.
Austin S. 16 kun oldin
Are they step bro and step sister?
Maria Guglielmo
Maria Guglielmo 17 kun oldin
Incestry/./com wants to know their location and give them a family wreath.
Maria Guglielmo
Maria Guglielmo 17 kun oldin
He looks too young to know what vine is
Løk gang Musikk
Løk gang Musikk 20 kun oldin
2:11 though that was him for a second
Manuel Gnthr
Manuel Gnthr 21 kun oldin
He looks between 15 and 20. Why do *you* watch his content and complain when everybody knows that people think about sex all the time at that age?
Isabel B.
Isabel B. 8 kun oldin
Brent Rivera is 23 years old. Eddy is 24.
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 13 kun oldin
The fact that it’s his family is what puts it over the line
Mr. Brick
Mr. Brick 22 kun oldin
I think they’re from Alabama
Moonstoned Mint
Moonstoned Mint 25 kun oldin
I just can’t understand how Brent is the way that he is. Hes an adult, a year older than me, and I’d never act the way he does... it makes me super uncomfortable in ways that I can’t describe.
Moonstoned Mint
Moonstoned Mint 25 kun oldin
It’s fucking weird. Like yeah I have no personal experience when it comes to having a healthy family relationship but I’m certain that I would do any of that.... because what the fuck.
Rylee G
Rylee G 26 kun oldin
If I grew up in that family I would leave and go to the streets
Rylee G
Rylee G 26 kun oldin
This is cringing me to death
Grady Allen
Grady Allen 26 kun oldin
I have a very high tolerance for cringie shit but this...this is to much way to much
JaG Rebuilt
JaG Rebuilt 28 kun oldin
3:05 *banjo starts playing* “Sweet home alabama”
squidsticles Oy oldin
Never have I ever not worn underwear I was *born* with underwear on and never taken it off
LaxDax 11
LaxDax 11 Oy oldin
You are an actual smart person
chihuahua bently
chihuahua bently Oy oldin
Or they say hey (name of their fans) lmao
Tatiana Smith
Tatiana Smith Oy oldin
13:17 made me laugh into subscribing. I agree with my whole soul lol
Pumpkins 64
Pumpkins 64 Oy oldin
eddy if you see this i want you to know you are pretty cool
Aiden Anderko
Aiden Anderko Oy oldin
(3rd coment in a row) bruh wtf
Aiden Anderko
Aiden Anderko Oy oldin
11:50 what the fuck?
Aiden Anderko
Aiden Anderko Oy oldin
this guy just makes my want to jump of a cliff more than the paul brothers combined
HCW Figure matches
HCW Figure matches Oy oldin
I’ve always hated him
broly_ gaming149
broly_ gaming149 Oy oldin
I'm sorry but why dose every yoga pose seen like he's been bending his sister over for years
Ashton Carter
Ashton Carter Oy oldin
his voice makes me want to die
WinglessBricks Oy oldin
I feel bad for the Boyfriend
xig nightmare
xig nightmare Oy oldin
Whis watching this in 2021 and thinking that the dude eddys making fun of never hit puberty
vannz cooper
vannz cooper Oy oldin
Why does his head look photo shopped on
m Oy oldin
brents on his way to being the next shane dawson
Weevil Underscore
Weevil Underscore Oy oldin
Never have I ever fantasized about someone in this room. I would put a picture of my waifu on the tv so HA BEAT THAT
Nate Miller
Nate Miller Oy oldin
Brent hasn’t hit puberty
bass hed-pe
bass hed-pe Oy oldin
Today were making a pump-kin pie.
Jack Feldman
Jack Feldman Oy oldin
My family pies
Steuts Oy oldin
I dont think that boyfriend belongs to her
ScamPickle Oy oldin
He sounds like if Fred from the movie Fred and James Charles had a kid
Nicole Luehring
Nicole Luehring Oy oldin
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet hoome alabama
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries Oy oldin
Joey The Dragon
Joey The Dragon Oy oldin
I really think these types of channels and internet personalities are meant for young kids in middle school who are in that phase of wanting to grow up and experiment with mature feelings and experiences. Kids typically mirror what they observe and these channels are perfect. They're fast and just a little edgy or sexual to keep their attention and the facade of these personalities can be easily interpreted and replicated for a young mind. In middle I 100 percent would have watched their channel religiously if I was bored or curious. It's kinda like those old vids of "does a girl like you" or "calling my crush challenge" or whatever. It's so interesting to see how pandering to the younger audience has changed over the years. I personally dont think its helpful for impressionable minds to watch this type of content based on the unrealistic situations and personas being portrayed, but its entertaining and I highly doubt kids take it seriously. I also dont think this type of content should try to be understood because theres really nothing of importance here, no offense to these content creators. They're earing a good amount of money from middle schoolers so I dont think they care if it makes sense either. Whatever will get the watch hours in is more important to them I think. What's funny i think, is when you're a kid you watch creators like Brent, when you get older you watch vids reviewing creators like him and picking out how ridiculous it really was. I mean it all comes down to what's entertaining, and its entertaining to talk about the weirdness of some youtube channels and influencers. Good vid Eddy!
Iron Spider
Iron Spider Oy oldin
Motokid 21
Motokid 21 Oy oldin
This only ok because they are bro and sis
Laŭlitera Kavernulo
Laŭlitera Kavernulo Oy oldin
So THAT'S what the predatory Omegle weirdos who ask a million dumb sexually-charged questions look like
Devon S.
Devon S. Oy oldin
I sincerely appreciate the videos where Eddy looks at genuinely problematic content, some commentary channels seem to make a conscious effort to stick to pretty light content and it's nice to see someone with a platform putting out videos that feel more grounded in reality. I think we all know that Eddy deserves more subs but sometimes I feel more acutely aware of that. I pay attention to the snippets of Eddy's perception of himself and I hope he's playing it up for the comedy of it all but I kinda feel like it's not all part of the bit. I suppose this isn't particularly relevant to this video, just rewatching videos and being reminded of some thoughts and feelings I have. I wanna see more of his videos but I empathize so much with the perfectionist brain insisting that most things aren't good enough to put out there. I meant to grab the clip but I don't remember which podcast it was where Gus left the room and Eddy talked a bit about Danny putting out a new video recently and Eddy asking how the fuck Danny puts out such high quality content like every week. I commented on that video while crying, as I am now, saying those little moments mean so much to me. It seems likely that Eddy will never know how much I appreciate him, and it seems likely that I will send this comment into a void so that the only difference I've made is a minuscule up in engagement, if that. But if my emotional little ramble has reached you, I hope you know that there are people who think of you like this, people whose lives you've impacted in ways you'll never know. It is a beautiful and heart-wrenching thought that there are so many deeply emotional connections with others that I'll never actually get to experience. The ultimate missed connection for me. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, thinking about your amazing and unknowable impact on the world around you.
Boldizsár Bajnóczi
Boldizsár Bajnóczi Oy oldin
sorry i cannot watch till the end i feel sick
CatsAndBootss Oy oldin
scarscream08 Oy oldin
I hate these people now, I shall find there UZpost account and raid it.
Unlimitless Power
Unlimitless Power Oy oldin
I’m dying, please end my suffering, I can’t this isn’t good please stop
Griffin McGonagle
Griffin McGonagle Oy oldin
This has some high school musical energy of obviously gay brother but somehow still seemingly incest-y siblings
Griffin McGonagle
Griffin McGonagle Oy oldin
I liked the Kermit intro
Abram Francis Black
Abram Francis Black Oy oldin
Brent feels like he's actively trying to be a flamboyantly gay stereotype. That's what stands out to me in these. I'm from the Midwest and I'm confused. Is this what everyone in California is like? That was half sarcastic.
JayMightPlay Oy oldin
Why does Brent Rivera look like a an 18 year old James Franco
alycedia Oy oldin
there's more incest subtext in these videos than the entire Arrested Development series
Amos Krebbs
Amos Krebbs Oy oldin
If I asked my mom these questions shed slap the shit outta me and call me a sick evil greedy monster
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