Why Are YouTube Kids Channels on Hulu Now?

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback Yil oldin
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Kole Eli
Kole Eli 16 soat oldin
@Maverick Killian Sweet site! doesnt look fancy but it really worked :P
R B1
R B1 13 kun oldin
Call me Kevin uploads 30 times a mont
Julie Carter
Julie Carter 18 kun oldin
Ryan has his own fake Lego set What wrong with the word
Marco Gonzales
Marco Gonzales Oy oldin
Your code didn’t work yet I spelled it perfectly, like this: Yddie
Joshua Netanel
Joshua Netanel Soat oldin
When I was 5, I thought ads where just there to entertain you while the video loads. Children are stupid.
LC1_0 2 soat oldin
PrimeZilla! 2 soat oldin
I agree, I’m 11 and This stuff is BAD
tomer s
tomer s 3 soat oldin
ludwig ahgren, he uploads every day, pay up
Taylor 4 soat oldin
Screw you Eddy! Tuff Puppy was great!
li_spiderguy 5 soat oldin
I want a video of eddy just insulting me and calling me a stupid dumb baby
Thea Miller
Thea Miller 14 soat oldin
Wait til he learns they put Cocomellon on Netflix
Ambreen Khan
Ambreen Khan 17 soat oldin
its so sad and unsettling then you realize that theese are real people not just robots and its hurting them emotionally
Chaos20X6 17 soat oldin
iron man's business being fucking evil is like the entire plot of the movie
Ryan O’s
Ryan O’s 17 soat oldin
I still have the clip, Eddy. And I’m still showing my friends and telling them you like 8-year olds.
MapleMakes 18 soat oldin
When it comes to this sorta video, I always feel confused at to whether or not I should like it or not, the videos is good, but the topic of not. Please help
Zorak Elite
Zorak Elite 18 soat oldin
16:36 if the mom at the start said, “This episode of hobby kids is a paid advertisement for Carl’s Junior. If you don’t know what that means, it means Carl’s Junior paid us money to make this video.” I would be fine with it as long as they explained to the kids exactly what happened. The kids might not know what a sponsorship is, but they might at least grasp the concept of money. So when they say, this thing gave us money to make this, it seems pretty simple and easy to understand imo
Chuckles 9838
Chuckles 9838 12 soat oldin
Nah if you know anything about kids, they don’t understand the concept of money even if you try to explain it to them. They think everyone just has an endless supply of money.
Random Cam
Random Cam 21 soat oldin
Multimillion dollar company: Good animation? nah
Siba Soropogui
Siba Soropogui 23 soat oldin
zaire vfana
zaire vfana Kun oldin
Scubby and scrubs and a lot more
Mr. Butterscotch
Mr. Butterscotch Kun oldin
While I was watching this I thought to myself, "this couldn't get any worse!" Then I saw Butch Hartman. I audibly screamed fuck.
Unclebensriceunofficial Kun oldin
I’m new here and i just have to ask WHY IS EDDIE IN GUS’ HOUSE
Hugo Sipiorski
Hugo Sipiorski Kun oldin
im part of the thomas fandom, this is exactly what they did to thomas too mattel used him for money not teaching kid valuable lessons
Wyatt Buckner
Wyatt Buckner Kun oldin
Regular show and adventure are FUCKING WORKS OF ART
Sam Bain
Sam Bain Kun oldin
When I was younger I was watching car and gun stuff but I guess that makes sense cause I’m from Mississippi
Yofie Gaming
Yofie Gaming Kun oldin
more like bitch fartman
keeton foust
keeton foust Kun oldin
Did anyone notice that the kids in the hobby kids animated show sounded like Goten and Krillin from Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z?
Storm Kun oldin
BcwGames Kun oldin
Luka Used Steal
Luka Used Steal 2 kun oldin
Can’t wait for Ryan to hit his teens and start making music
Æu : xŒ
Æu : xŒ 2 kun oldin
Jesus Christ, You mean to tell me that endgame was released nearly 2 years ago?
HelloEmma! 2 kun oldin
All of these people are so gross and scummy.
PessimisticDiabetic 2 kun oldin
When I heard butch Hartman I knew something was wrong 😀
Playing Rodrigo Playz
Playing Rodrigo Playz 2 kun oldin
The parents are milky the hell out of this ryan toy brand they know that he would grow up and time is ticking
cwispee 2 kun oldin
9:48 tho
Lunch Packs
Lunch Packs 2 kun oldin
Don’t worry they all grow someday.
Lunch Packs
Lunch Packs 2 kun oldin
When parents through spongebob was bad but now it’s better than any kind of bulls we see right now.
YouTube User
YouTube User 2 kun oldin
The thing is. One day that Ryan kid is going to grow up, and the parents will probably just have another child so they can exploit that child like they did with Ryan. And once that child grows up, they'll just give birth to another child. A never ending cycle.
alastor lapid
alastor lapid 2 kun oldin
I mean, there is menopause. But she could always save some eggs.
J G 2 kun oldin
Yeah, there's way more crap... but there's also some great stuff too. Bluey alone is better than 95% of the kids stuff we had when we were little.
Vordaki 3 kun oldin
How dare you threaten the holy transformers and bionicles I grew up on that they changed me in ways I could never imagine I would build Legos and bionicles all day and then show my parents and they would tell me how cool it was and I would eat it up i at age 14 every once in awhile when I'm bored ill play with my bionicles
Warriorseamonkey16 3 kun oldin
you should see his Nick Jr show...
Leni Haylett
Leni Haylett 3 kun oldin
2:20 I'm 13 yrs old and that hurt. LOL
helen s
helen s 3 kun oldin
Do I care about kids? No. But I DO hate capitalism, and more than that, I hate cringe. So yeah this shit has got to stop.
Gizmo Raccoon
Gizmo Raccoon 3 kun oldin
Just because someone made/was in something you like, doesn't mean they're a good person.
E, Hunter and Logan Gaming
E, Hunter and Logan Gaming 3 kun oldin
I’m a child (13) so you are profiting off of me
edvard flå
edvard flå 4 kun oldin
is it edie with a why
Keeg !
Keeg ! 4 kun oldin
Whats weird is this same thing happened to me. I finished watching Atlanta on Hulu and then went on a rant with my friend about this topic because I saw AOT right next to CocoMelon in my feed.
Simon 5 kun oldin
0:11 Eddy Burback
spooky boy
spooky boy 3 kun oldin
good point
Mars 5 kun oldin
11:04 I’m almost 11 and I can confirm THIS IS NOT TRUE. I mean soon there might be a whole theme park for this kid (that I assure you that no one will go to) and there are like a billion 4 year olds who watch him, but I have only watched Ryan’s World to make fun of it. I don’t know a single kid (my age or lower) who watches this. I guess Pocket Watch is trying to get parents to see it so they can force there kids to watch Ryan’s hot garbage which results in Pocket Watch getting more money.
Hudson Rolls
Hudson Rolls 5 kun oldin
allen dfhfgddfgdfdg
Jedidiah Elias
Jedidiah Elias 5 kun oldin
After watching, I’d kinda want to see a Ryan’s toy review biopic. God knows kids need to understand the dangers of being famous nowadays.
Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi
Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi 5 kun oldin
16:54 end of ad timestamp
Dragon Born
Dragon Born 5 kun oldin
Me I uploaded a few times this month
Charlay 6 kun oldin
Baby shark is on Netflix lol.
Art of Swords
Art of Swords 6 kun oldin
"I played with toys for too long, I did it until 10 or 11" Well, I played with my toys regularly until around 18 and still do occasionally at 35 lol. So I take slight offense.
whipnotcream 6 kun oldin
i better expect a thousand dollars on my doorstep
Jacob Tiny
Jacob Tiny 6 kun oldin
15:02 Amogus burger moment
Entertaining Entertainment
Entertaining Entertainment 6 kun oldin
Ryans World: *child abuse* Me: *why are there so many furrys in the banner*
Purple Vas
Purple Vas 7 kun oldin
oompa ville
Some Person
Some Person 7 kun oldin
Now Ryan has a show called “Ryan’s mystery play date” on Nickelodeon
Vaaxy 7 kun oldin
Im stuck here
Cole Brewer
Cole Brewer 7 kun oldin
EmKay,watch mojo,be amazed,and other stuff
WantedApple14 7 kun oldin
Dear god
SeaWeaselKing 7 kun oldin
Kids the next olsen twin
Loona Collins
Loona Collins 8 kun oldin
Damn, didn't know apandah worked with Ryan
Some guy
Some guy 8 kun oldin
Eddy your arm was shaking because your getting to hunky
Hedgehog. PNG
Hedgehog. PNG 8 kun oldin
i thought your name was "Eddy Bareback"
The anonymis
The anonymis 8 kun oldin
Pimpedout007101 8 kun oldin
First we feast is on Hulu and Adam ruins everything was on Netflix at one point. Still at the beginning of the and I’m assuming it’s about kids channels and I’d like to point out that more mature UZpost channels are on there too.
Apersonokk 313
Apersonokk 313 8 kun oldin
Cory definately dont upload two times a month. Untill now
Jaidenjazz 2011
Jaidenjazz 2011 8 kun oldin
hate to say this but that panda is a youtuber known as combo panda
Thatcher Flynn
Thatcher Flynn 8 kun oldin
Imagine also liking economic equity.
Thatcher Flynn
Thatcher Flynn 8 kun oldin
What mic is that?
Thatcher Flynn
Thatcher Flynn 8 kun oldin
Flamingo uploads almost daily
Gucci geno
Gucci geno 8 kun oldin
I'm 13 and I wish television was as good as BEFORE I WAS FUCKING BORN
Nathaniel Chorney
Nathaniel Chorney 8 kun oldin
you wheres my $
WenisMasterGod 8 kun oldin
A Person
A Person 9 kun oldin
This is just going to create more people like the Olsen twins. And we all know how well they turned out!
TNT cloaked Ninja
TNT cloaked Ninja 9 kun oldin
why dose the panda look like his from south park ?
Roland Treadway
Roland Treadway 9 kun oldin
good god I want to kill everyone
robot 596
robot 596 9 kun oldin
Even when Marvel Comics was being absolutely destroyed and dying in the late 90’s, they still weren’t scummy how these companies are nowadays
Draven Animates
Draven Animates 9 kun oldin
My entire life... I’ve loved animation and art... I’ve always wanted to be an artist... I laughed at terrible uncanny valley crap animations... but that Hulu show... It’s a disgrace to the one things I’ve always loved... it’s not just an uncanny valley animation, it’s my worst nightmare.
Thedevilgoose🌚 9 kun oldin
This is Ryan’s world We’re just living in it.
SHR_3d 10 kun oldin
lol imagine having a younger sister who was raised on this shit. couldn't be me. nope...
poidpd 11 kun oldin
all 579 dislikes are from 4 year olds that had their parents let them watch this video because it had "UZpost Kids" in the title
Argenti Sapphirus
Argenti Sapphirus 11 kun oldin
this is really some dystopian type beat
The_One_Titan 11 kun oldin
"Everyone knows Carls Jr.'s make the best burger in the world!" No stop Plus everyone knows its In n Out
Just now rub my belleeyyy
Just now rub my belleeyyy 11 kun oldin
123 456
123 456 12 kun oldin
thank god for the 10 second skip button
Alexander 12 kun oldin
I gotta say, there's nothing more cyberpunk than a children's cartoon revolving around real-live brands. Imagine if those actually start being good. We'll be so fucked
A.O. Skurtt
A.O. Skurtt 12 kun oldin
" a poorly animated cartoon" - well that looks alright " and I know it you dont care about animation that looks alright" - oh
Annika Presentati
Annika Presentati 12 kun oldin
Star Wars was actually the first to do the specific toys with the franchise that we see so often nowadays.
Greychanic 12 kun oldin
I grew up with Blue's Clues and Bob the Builder, a rabbit hole I went down only just earlier today. It was incredibly nostalgic and I nearly cried multiple times because of the memories I had from watching these shows as a small child. Not only am I afraid for these poor kids who have no idea what in the heck they are participating in, as well as what they are watching, I fear for their futures, what deep memories will they have as an anchor for the rest of their childhood and adulthood? What will happen to them as a person? How far will they make it before they are completely lost as a teenager, young adult, anything of the sort? *_How long will they last?_*
Definitely Not Cookiekiler_2000
Definitely Not Cookiekiler_2000 13 kun oldin
5:55 Hey guys, it's me! Goku!
Obama The3rd
Obama The3rd 13 kun oldin
18:40 this relatable
Noah Adams
Noah Adams 14 kun oldin
LaurenZside uploads 1 time every week
Zachary Bowen
Zachary Bowen 14 kun oldin
I feel so personally attacked with the transformers comment Jesus that was gold my man
Future Soup
Future Soup 14 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure most 4 year olds are toilet trained
EthandoesWhatever 15 kun oldin
Eddy saying he played with toys to long me still buying legos at age 14
Cale Sucha
Cale Sucha 15 kun oldin
i had a bunch of stuffed animals on my bed and pretended my bed was a hotel
Pasta Guy
Pasta Guy 15 kun oldin
I used to want kids
Two Two Twane
Two Two Twane 16 kun oldin
Asterpin 14 kun oldin
Bouncing around green orbs
DipperB 18 kun oldin
A unboxing movie. That box must belong to pandora or it will flop. A Apocalypse"
rimfire entertainment
rimfire entertainment 18 kun oldin
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