When Will We Stop Talking About These Two? ft. NakeyJakey

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Eddy Burback

2 yil oldin

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 yil oldin
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Josh Woofter
Josh Woofter 7 oy oldin
haha you stupid idiot. You have less likes on your PINNED comment than either of your friends and this is your channel. Look at this idiot.
Mohannad 11 oy oldin
what's the song playing during the ad read?
Safir Yil oldin
i have nordvpn and it's pretty good
Kyle Drew
Kyle Drew Yil oldin
How the fuck you know what I (Kyle) am searching? Lol
Heather 2 yil oldin
Eddy Burback I want your shoe
Owen \_O_/
Owen \_O_/ 2 soat oldin
L0v3 izzZEvol
L0v3 izzZEvol 15 soat oldin
Eddy, I know damn well u ain't wash them clothes lmfaoiii
the mini owl
the mini owl Kun oldin
Around 2018 is when we stopped
Ambar Marrero
Ambar Marrero 2 kun oldin
9:15 "I love masks" 2020: "how do you like masks now bitch?"
Finnmega26 4 kun oldin
I can’t believe you got the yoga ball gamer!
Kunisake 4 kun oldin
"The hallway's back there..." Eddy, listen to the man!
Enzo Garcia
Enzo Garcia 8 kun oldin
Jakey: I like masks 2020: Well you're in luck!
Rasin 13 kun oldin
the rocka dude’s walk cycle is too fast for his movement speed
Brady Cochrane
Brady Cochrane 14 kun oldin
Poor gus
Thelittlegiant 16 kun oldin
8:38 Jake Paul was born in the dark
John Cena Humphrey
John Cena Humphrey 20 kun oldin
funny ironic unboxing video uzpost.info/vision/video/mqp-xtGBo2eCoWg.html
ThatOneGuy 22 kun oldin
4:56 deji is such a fucking afterthought even when someone is talking about his own fight
Little Blue Blob
Little Blue Blob 24 kun oldin
eddy is the cutest paul brother
Josh Webb
Josh Webb 27 kun oldin
Thank u for leaving gus ❤️
Ceasar Rex
Ceasar Rex 28 kun oldin
Now apparently.
Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson Oy oldin
The mask he was wearing had a diff vibe pre covid. What did jake know that we didnt know?
Corbin Lowe
Corbin Lowe Oy oldin
Fuck Jake paul
Some_Crazy_Dude Oy oldin
Kinda weird seeing how Logan Paul is actually growing and maturing, haven't been that much controversy (beside having his name involved with the Pokemon guru even tho I don't think he had anything to do with it since he wasn't sure about guru) while Jake Paul is still... The same
KOMO Oy oldin
dont worry we are still talking about them
Sean Goforth
Sean Goforth Oy oldin
Watching this after Jake Paul knocked out Nate.....
Elijah E
Elijah E Oy oldin
Nick McGregor
Nick McGregor Oy oldin
Hahaha I love the into
Yung Jackie Chan
Yung Jackie Chan Oy oldin
Has been 2 years and good god these demons are still known 😂
GOOBER Productions
GOOBER Productions Oy oldin
You can’t spell guest with out Gus
Emma Delgado
Emma Delgado Oy oldin
Comment 900
confused_ bus
confused_ bus Oy oldin
let me say this:HUMAN PISS DOES NOT SOLIDIFY IN LITTERBOX LITTER JAYDEN (more context to be put in a video on my channel)
MyBean Oy oldin
RackaRacka, the whole channel is like insane wacky ass fighting videos, no surprise that he won Yes, I am extremely late
Whats Crackin Yak
Whats Crackin Yak Oy oldin
Who the fuck is nakey
sunchild -
sunchild - Oy oldin
apparently never 😞
Johanna Maier
Johanna Maier Oy oldin
Poor Gus
Lil Sean
Lil Sean Oy oldin
Round of applause for Logan Paul for not fucking up in over a year
DCdanger 2 oy oldin
Jake is a greater threat to society than Logan is
Motionless Pictures
Motionless Pictures 2 oy oldin
Update: they still exist, they’re still douchers
Payson Davis
Payson Davis 2 oy oldin
I love how NakeyJakey is always laughing when he is talking
worms 2 oy oldin
"i love masks" that aged well
Jacob Vorase
Jacob Vorase 2 oy oldin
I think I have that organ
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie 2 oy oldin
“I love masks” Me: that aged well
Chimp Pimp Shady
Chimp Pimp Shady 2 oy oldin
And we still havent stopped talking about them, amazing.
Conexión Héroe
Conexión Héroe 2 oy oldin
Do we still hate the Paul brothers? I think at least Logan has worked hard to change his image
ShaeShark42 2 oy oldin
Anyone else notice the cycle he's describing is pretty much exactly what an abusive relationship looks like?
Sassy Albatross
Sassy Albatross 2 oy oldin
You need to make another, he was mentioned on the Daily Show like 10 times now...🥸
Pocus2 3 oy oldin
The mask comments aged well
Outlaw Gaming
Outlaw Gaming 3 oy oldin
poor gus
Kenneth Alfaro
Kenneth Alfaro 3 oy oldin
8:00 You're welcome
Kaleb Query
Kaleb Query 3 oy oldin
you got lamps!
Jerod Tew
Jerod Tew 3 oy oldin
Thank you Gus for leaving
Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy
Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy 3 oy oldin
I for one want to thank Gus for making an appearance. And secondly I think that the Paul brothers have had their brains replaced with baked potatoes.
em elizabeth
em elizabeth 3 oy oldin
It's taken me two years to figure this out but IKE BARINHOLTZ WITH GLASSES that's what jake looks like here.., not sure why
Dylan Badolato
Dylan Badolato 3 oy oldin
Ya like masks now? HuH? Didn’t think so.
Game Set Crash
Game Set Crash 3 oy oldin
Hey, just dropping by to say I wasn't keeping track but it seems to have happened at some point. OK, take care now!
FS Infinite
FS Infinite 3 oy oldin
Thanks Gus for leaving
Mia 3 oy oldin
I'm sorry... racka racka?....like Schnitzel from Chowder
Clarissa Smith
Clarissa Smith 4 oy oldin
In all seriousness when Gus walked in I got so excited I hardly even read the title so I wasn't expecting anyone else
Dalgus Maximus
Dalgus Maximus 4 oy oldin
God even when I know eddy is just pretending to be a dick to gus I can't help but just think about how much more funny and creative gus is then eddy.
Laurel O'Brien
Laurel O'Brien 4 oy oldin
I don’t have a high opinion of Jake Paul but his outfit would be legitimately sick for a rave. I want that robe omg
Tomothy Bahamothy
Tomothy Bahamothy 4 oy oldin
" the technique is there" 😂. No. No it isn't
Arando14 4 oy oldin
9:15 ironic
arrow hammer
arrow hammer 4 oy oldin
Oh God my OCD is kicking in who puts clean clothes on the floor
Megan Williams
Megan Williams 4 oy oldin
Decided to give this a rewatch in anticipation for D'angelo's video coming out today
angie 4 oy oldin
when can i be guest next
Jesse Bochek
Jesse Bochek 4 oy oldin
tbh I'm on an Eddy video binge and I have never seen the other half of Eddy's torso and it's throwing me off
Mr. smith Agent smith
Mr. smith Agent smith 4 oy oldin
Save gus!
Ace Venchurro
Ace Venchurro 4 oy oldin
two years later and we still talkin about these bitches
josh me
josh me 4 oy oldin
Jakey : I like masks. Me in 2020: oh little does he know.
Stibba 5 oy oldin
i feel so bad for gus, i love you gus
Ivebeeenthinkntomuch :l
Ivebeeenthinkntomuch :l 5 oy oldin
“i love masks” a statement from nakey jakey in 2018 that feels totally different in the year of our lord two thousand twenty
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson 5 oy oldin
KSI vs logan paul fight in a nutshell: two narcissistic egotistical assholes fighting each other
David Wolfish • 12 years ago
David Wolfish • 12 years ago 5 oy oldin
Danny the Dan Man
Danny the Dan Man 5 oy oldin
Oh man, it’s Edward 40 handies, with the knee king.
Vito Scaletta
Vito Scaletta 5 oy oldin
3:52 ~My Dad
Gamer Epic
Gamer Epic 5 oy oldin
Already have...
Ronin 420
Ronin 420 5 oy oldin
Looking back on this, it's kinda funny Jake and Logan wore masks to their fights way before rona 😂
Spaceman Spiff
Spaceman Spiff 5 oy oldin
All it took was a pandemic
Willy B YT
Willy B YT 5 oy oldin
Oh you love masks Jakey? :P
Posejdon GreatLordOfWater
Posejdon GreatLordOfWater 5 oy oldin
that is so sad after two years of this podcast you got only 25 followers on spotify :(
Mason West
Mason West 6 oy oldin
"I love masks". I've got good news for you then
Roxy Karbowski
Roxy Karbowski 6 oy oldin
Fuck you nakie Jakie give me his back
freudiannipslip 6 oy oldin
I misread the necklace and thought it said "fuck menopause"
Justin Grover
Justin Grover 6 oy oldin
"controversial celebrities" Do you mean: *human garbage*
Tomazing 6 oy oldin
"i love masks" has a different meaning now
Nick James
Nick James 6 oy oldin
Kick his ass, gus!
selftaughtinfection 6 oy oldin
The worst thing about this video is you drink piss water and call it beer.
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell 6 oy oldin
Scarce is going for a Rocky thing, like how many head shots can he take before he goes down
AJ The Anomaly
AJ The Anomaly 6 oy oldin
I had no idea this video existed
Ryder Crawford
Ryder Crawford 6 oy oldin
Thanks cheese burger jimn
Dakota 6 oy oldin
Gus is a better Guest jakey no like my side of South Dakota
The DudeManBro
The DudeManBro 6 oy oldin
I haven't thought about these 2 till people keep talking about how bad they are
Mason Mearle
Mason Mearle 6 oy oldin
What the hell is wrong with these people. Jakey got the swag blanket tho
AgeingBoyPsychic 6 oy oldin
Probably around the same time it takes for their hairlines to recede so far that they can't cover it up any more. So 2-3 years
fluffed coyote
fluffed coyote 6 oy oldin
Okay but now the mask is especially cool.
B1 Marr0w
B1 Marr0w 6 oy oldin
Turns out today is not the day that you stop talking about them.
Carefulben 6 oy oldin
Aight boys he’s in jail
James Myers
James Myers 7 oy oldin
I think we may have to talk about them again
Pamemramate fuzzleford
Pamemramate fuzzleford 7 oy oldin
Thanks for leaving gus
Zitler 7 oy oldin
erm.... now
Evan Blaze
Evan Blaze 7 oy oldin
turns out they have holes in their brains
Runa Yomozuki
Runa Yomozuki 7 oy oldin
Though i hate the Paul brothers I love those outfits like idk it’s just sick ;-;
Emma Klein
Emma Klein 7 oy oldin
NakeyJakey in 2018: I love masks! me in 2020: I don't.
D K 7 oy oldin
Now we will
John Kendall
John Kendall 7 oy oldin
I am convinced that NakeyJakey would be a good abdl
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