Twins Make Me Uncomfortable

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Eddy Burback

11 kun oldin

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 11 kun oldin
i'm going to be streaming a lot this week so follow my twitch if you want to see those:
Brent Bustard
Brent Bustard 2 kun oldin
Feel like you missed out on using "twingy" lol
Logan Lane
Logan Lane 3 kun oldin
Hey man, you have a real job or ... the ad/watch time revenue on these once-a-quarter, min-to-max-mid-roll ad placements are enough to keep paying the rent?
Hi There
Hi There 5 kun oldin
Hey Eddy! You kinda look like Dana Snyder (Master Shake from ATHF) ... did you know that?
Brig Commander
Brig Commander 6 kun oldin
the word 'twins' doesn't even sound the same anymore after tweverything you said
Picklr 7 kun oldin
FBI 14 daqiqa oldin
Guys...i think eddie is married...look at 2:58. At his hand
RumbleZero 55 daqiqa oldin
So I guess Drew and Danny must be Identical twins since they are the same person
thehydra A
thehydra A Soat oldin
13 years later then these kids grow up this video will be the only thing that will keep them from dying from social paranoia
Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson 2 soat oldin
Very twange
Wiebe Haksel
Wiebe Haksel 4 soat oldin
"Do you ever get eachother mixed up?" That old woman is asking the right questions ;)
Kurtistown Citizen
Kurtistown Citizen 5 soat oldin
Eddy: why did I title this video “twins kind of weird me out”? title: “twins make me uncomfortable”.
IceBorne D20
IceBorne D20 5 soat oldin
i once had a friend who's mother's identical twin married her father's identical twin
tomer s
tomer s 8 soat oldin
I'm a twin, this is weird
Dave 12 soat oldin
Genetically speaking this is actually very exciting to see what happens
Keith Gehman
Keith Gehman 13 soat oldin
Twin cringe- twinge
sam lyons
sam lyons 13 soat oldin
finallyyy some fraternal twin representation
MutantCreeper 14 soat oldin
I knew a pair of identical twins where one would wear pink and one would wear baby blue. It was strange and they were not the nicest people. All I knew them for was twins that never were away from each other.
Millku ._
Millku ._ 15 soat oldin
im not a twin yet me and my older sister look like a copy of eachother
MutantCreeper 15 soat oldin
I'm also a fraternal twin and most of the time throughout all of grade school until I got into a relationship people thought we were dating since he's a man and I'm a woman. Someone even went up to my fiance and after complementing us she said "I thought she was dating (bro's name)." He then said "That's her brother..." and she let out a simple "Oh shit!"
CLOSIER 16 soat oldin
This is all kinds of weird
Mr. Kyle Rust
Mr. Kyle Rust 16 soat oldin
There wasn't a single corner in eddy's biology corner! WHAT THE FRIG!?@@!
Roachy the King
Roachy the King 17 soat oldin
Oh my god, I’ve seen this video pop up like 10 times and I haven’t clicked on it until now. I literally just remembered Eddy IS a twin. I’m dying.
D Torres
D Torres 18 soat oldin
In a way, your Sex Education video was the first biology corner
Gabriel Logan
Gabriel Logan 19 soat oldin
Twingey. Twin cringe
FormidableJaime 20 soat oldin
You look like my algebra teacher
Iya 20 soat oldin
As a Quadruplet, I would hate everything about this if me, my brother and sisters moved in together we always fight
Merry Machiavelli
Merry Machiavelli 23 soat oldin
Interesting fact about twins. Rates of monozygotic/identical twins are the same around the world - about 0.3% of births. Rates of dizygotic/fraternal twins, on the other hand, vary hugely by ethnicity, from about 0.6% of births in Japan to up to 4.5% of births amongst the Yoruba. West Africans in general have high rates of dizygotic twinning, as do African-Americans. It's probably genetic, but scientists haven't identified the cause.
Inderpal Singh Assi
Inderpal Singh Assi Kun oldin
Joe and Pam!!! who the hell is Joe! Where the hell is Jim!
Zroom Kun oldin
my mom is a identical twin, and so are two of my neighbors, with different people. Its very scary..
Not Silas Matteson
Not Silas Matteson Kun oldin
As a twin this video makes me want to kill my brother
Annika Zmijewski
Annika Zmijewski Kun oldin
sending this to my twin sisters
Let´sMüsli Kun oldin
This is tweird
0Flow0 Kun oldin
What if their kids hate each other
0Flow0 Kun oldin
You and your brother are cute 😅
amelia Kun oldin
i am new here so i thought you were wearing a fake mustache lol
Gracie Kun oldin
I hope for those pregnant twins that one of them has a boy and one has a girl
Gracie Kun oldin
the pregnant twins remind me of how my aunts are identical twins and had babies on the same day (valentine’s day actually) by accident but they didn’t plan it and didn’t like it. one of them tried to stop going into labor cuz she heard the other one did
markhor Kun oldin
M S Kun oldin
What do ya know? Eddie had another problem with audio.
Trinity Mars
Trinity Mars Kun oldin
sooooo I'm not seeing double...
Nephrite Kun oldin
It's gonna be a boy and a girl
Lily Tranchida
Lily Tranchida Kun oldin
I’m sending this to my siblings who are fraternal twins
Jodie B
Jodie B Kun oldin
My mother and aunt are identical twins and most identical twins are tired of being lumped together and assumed to be the same in every way, so they really try to prove their individuality. These guys are just weird. Why are they trying to hide behind their twin??
laurestry Kun oldin
i’m a twin and for 18 years we thought we were fraternal and i was also weirded out by identical twins and when we found out we were actually identical my whole world shattered
JustAnotherChris Kun oldin
Hidden Fate
Hidden Fate Kun oldin
Why does it keep unsubbing me ?
Awesome Goat III
Awesome Goat III Kun oldin
Honestly I'm starting to relate to the Giver society: Weigh the two twins at birth. The lighter one gets euthanized. No more twinge! This is a joke for legal reasons.
rainwatts Kun oldin
i’m a fraternal twin ✌️
Ailish Kun oldin
What happens when one of them dies does the other just kill themself?
Matt L
Matt L Kun oldin
Gus sent me. Here's my comment. I gave a like and a sub. you're welcome
Cerci ^-^
Cerci ^-^ Kun oldin
aww I love the dean twins, why'd you have to do me like this?
Cassie Adams
Cassie Adams Kun oldin
As a fellow fraternal twin, I feel you. Also DID YOU ALSO PLAY WINNERS CIRCLE OH MY GOD THE NOSTALGIA
Henry Crew
Henry Crew Kun oldin
Can I get an amen from my fellow fraternal twins?
Kath Ish
Kath Ish Kun oldin
Those cous-twins will be 5 months apart in age and at first I was thinking that they wouldnt be as close as their parents assume they will be, but then i remembered that my best friend and I have birthdays 6 months apart and were still in the same grade rip those kids
Kath Ish
Kath Ish Kun oldin
Oh please make another one with your brother
M F Kun oldin
Mario bros
Roni Kun oldin
This reminds me of Jamary
Sander Nopenotme
Sander Nopenotme Kun oldin
im so happy hes back
Morgan rhodes
Morgan rhodes Kun oldin
I wish i had a twin i was too close too
yeah Kun oldin
King13Nightmare Kun oldin
so basically ctrl c ctrl v
Experiment 626
Experiment 626 2 kun oldin
It's so satisfying how the colour palette sequence on your hoodie matches the word in the background
Experiment 626
Experiment 626 2 kun oldin
You look like young Ron Swanson
Ania Dlugosz
Ania Dlugosz 2 kun oldin
There were 2 girls on my volleyball team that were technically cousins, but were biologically sisters exactly for this identical twins marrying identical twins nonsense. Oddly enough, they didn’t even look alike and I had no idea they were related until I met their parents.
CumberCube 2 kun oldin
Have you noticed they wear their hair opposite ways so its like theyre a mirror of each other
Lynn Meiger
Lynn Meiger 2 kun oldin
I am 100% sure that their children are gonna hate each other and their parents just because what they force them to be. What a wierd way to make sure your child is not going to talk to you after they're grown up
Dookie Burrito
Dookie Burrito 2 kun oldin
I was searching for Eddie Burbank and found this, not disappointed at all.
McKinley Mickelson
McKinley Mickelson 2 kun oldin
To this is WEIRD. they aren’t necessarily hurting anyone... yet. A little nervous for their children 😅
Enzo Ereddia
Enzo Ereddia 2 kun oldin
Those children are 100% going to get mixed up
futilethewinds 2 kun oldin
Are we not going to talk about the fact that the twin pairs only have one group bed? That's the most "twoff" part of it for me
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 2 kun oldin
Good to know there is a back up Eddy if we need it. I took nothing from this video.
Nims :3
Nims :3 2 kun oldin
If the sibling cousins were born on the same day, they'd technically be identical twins 😐
Azrael Tarquin
Azrael Tarquin 2 kun oldin
Wow if he thinks they're weird he better not watch Oruan high host club
Nathaniel McNutt
Nathaniel McNutt 2 kun oldin
if twins talk at the same time, it's like the shining
Bagged Eyes
Bagged Eyes 2 kun oldin
I’ve got an identical twin, we are similar in looks but very different in personality I don’t like the twin couple thing it’s just weird and it pisses me off a bit
RyCurz 2 kun oldin
I wonder if they met on twinder
Ehl 2 kun oldin
Haha I find this pretty surreal. I'm an identical twin, my brother and I looked nearly exactly the same until I started taking estrogen. But we never ever made it a part of our growth, and I'm so thankful my parents didn't encourage that. I can see how it could be a crucifixion of identity. My mom used to paint our nails so she could tell us apart but I remember when I was super young, she would sometimes slip up and I would feel hurt by it. I suppose inherently there was always some level of insecurity pertaining to my individualistic self, so I cant fathom the magnitude of anxiety that these women's children will feel. Fuck identical twins- messy, rusty tugboats of society is what I always say. Ain't that just the way
Ross McGregor
Ross McGregor 2 kun oldin
As an identical twin we pay no attention to your lower social standing
Franc Lightbown
Franc Lightbown 2 kun oldin
let's be real if you had a twin you'd bang em too that's why they all so weird cause they banging. i know it you know it they know it. i say LET EM BANG
JFK From Clone High
JFK From Clone High 2 kun oldin
Also I would like to point out that the deane twins live in a city called twinsburg, ohio
Julia Paixão
Julia Paixão 2 kun oldin
It’s perfectly fine to be a twins the problem is if that’s your entire personality
Snizzkebab 2 kun oldin
There are times when it is funny to see twins swap places to confuse people, this is not one of them
Big’e 2 kun oldin
Same I am also a twin and fertile
Ryan G.
Ryan G. 2 kun oldin
You know statistically because the kids are both from the same gene pool it is technically possible they could end up being identical cousins. Almost 0% odds but not impossible
Nii Amart
Nii Amart 2 kun oldin
Did they have twin ministers to officiate the wedding? 😂
Justin Time
Justin Time 2 kun oldin
The identical twins I’ve met have never tried to be similar. If anything they push to live separate lives completely. This video is a rare case and a creepy one.
Connor Beith
Connor Beith 2 kun oldin
Being twins is like their defining character trait, like they don't show any differences in personality or interests or whatnot.
voigto 2 kun oldin
The alliterative twin names unexpectedly freaked me out too.
Minecraft Singing wilbur
Minecraft Singing wilbur 2 kun oldin
You like. Like Schlatt if. He was a dad
Diamond Killer
Diamond Killer 2 kun oldin
fraternal twins happen a lot if you read threesome/trouple fanfics :p
gold 2 kun oldin
Jeff 2 kun oldin
how terrifying would it be if both of the kids were identical
Jeff 2 kun oldin
6:13 huge Dr. Mengele energy
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 2 kun oldin
I’m an identical twin and this shit is not normal. I’m very close to my sister because we grew up together and have the same sense of humour and other similar traits but we have very separate lives, in different countries and seeing adult twins speak together and dress the same makes my stomach turn
pa ju
pa ju 2 kun oldin
hope the babies hate each other xd
Agent Y
Agent Y 2 kun oldin
At the beginning I didn't think they'd make me uncomfortable, but now they definitely do
Aidan Xavier
Aidan Xavier 3 kun oldin
The thing that's so weird is the entire lack of an individual identity. Like they have an inability to be their own person in any way.
IdioCracy Official
IdioCracy Official 3 kun oldin
I'm not a twin. But I knew two twins and the were n0THING LIKE THIS
Stefani Elisabeth
Stefani Elisabeth 3 kun oldin
What are they going to do if one of them dies?
I Ate Ciel's Soul, Sorry Sebastian
I Ate Ciel's Soul, Sorry Sebastian 3 kun oldin
This has to be some kind of kinky shit. I’m sorry but the fact they never confirm or deny they switch partners makes me feel so weird.
FrankVonEichmann 3 kun oldin
these twins are absolutely twinsanely weird.
Maggie 3 kun oldin
Fraternal twins for life. My twin has bright red hair and my hair is dark brown, we’re also diff sexes lmao. Couldn’t imagine having a clone
Roman 3 kun oldin
Also this all feels VERY "Flowers in the Attic".
Meower Twelve
Meower Twelve 3 kun oldin
I know a pair of identical twins and they fucking hate each other. We went to high school together and they fought everyday. They hated looking alike and everytime someone brought it up they'd say "We don't even look that much alike." I know another pair of twins that absolutely love each other and are inseparable. But they're totally different people. Just because they love each other doesn't mean they set out to be exactly alike. I think Eddy's tweirded out by these people because they want to be mistaken for the other.
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