Timmy the Tooth Haunts My Dreams

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Eddy Burback

2 oy oldin

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Krish Aryan
Krish Aryan 12 soat oldin
It happened me as an teen LoL
Roachy the King
Roachy the King 16 soat oldin
I wish Eddie would paint his nails
chloe 18 soat oldin
they let him keep the song in but they put an ad smack in the middle lmfaaaoooo petty af yt
Shelby Atencio
Shelby Atencio Kun oldin
No offence but, Eddy looks like he could be one of the puppets from the show. Just look at his eyes👀
Mariah M.
Mariah M. Kun oldin
I had timmy the tooth movie on VHS when I was little but I was born in 2002 and I love these movies/show I had lost brush
DrSauce Kun oldin
A wild Pikachu
A wild Pikachu Kun oldin
universal: I'm about to end this mans whole career
Banannah H
Banannah H Kun oldin
9:17 Cow... boyfriend?
BearTraps 2 kun oldin
Tim the tooth man tailer
Josiah Bassett
Josiah Bassett 2 kun oldin
It seemed like during that time their was a theme in kids shows. Where it’s the main characters bday and all the friends blow him off because of a surprise bday. Off the top of my head I remember veggie tales doing it and a few others.
man who was charged at by baby rhino
man who was charged at by baby rhino 2 kun oldin
Please give me a warning before you put b*rney in your videos. He scares the shit outta me, thank you.
Ryan Gustin
Ryan Gustin 2 kun oldin
“Cavity Goon” was just Heirnrich Himmler’s fake identity after he moved to Argentina. Cavity Goon was the leader of the SS.
Baby Ghast Gaming
Baby Ghast Gaming 3 kun oldin
the theme song is the best
April Callahan
April Callahan 3 kun oldin
You unlocked a memory
Rosanna Mj
Rosanna Mj 4 kun oldin
talking about childhood show does anyone remember that kid show on cibibees (I can't remember the name lmao) about a farmer and his talking plant? or a baby that actually a spies and somehow their parents and siblings don't know about it?
thrice1888 4 kun oldin
It is my destiny and god given mission to kill The Tooth.
conservat1vepatr1ot DL
conservat1vepatr1ot DL 4 kun oldin
I love you Eddie and I genuinely support you. That said, Rice Crispys had no sugar lol. My mom used to tell me that the cavity-goons would get me, if I didn’t brush my teeth thoroughly.
Logan Fitz
Logan Fitz 4 kun oldin
Lanai50 4 kun oldin
Real talk, all profiles that say "i love adventures" has been a Timmy the tooth reference all along
Sean Holder
Sean Holder 5 kun oldin
3:27 that’s the Pokémon narrator isn’t it lmao
Retro Rocket
Retro Rocket 5 kun oldin
Wait a minute...is Cavity Goon voiced by Archibald from Veggie Tales??
Hugurs 6 kun oldin
Ehhh, fair use.
Haley rose W
Haley rose W 6 kun oldin
rice crispies aren't sugary
[ G O O S E ]
[ G O O S E ] 6 kun oldin
Brush brush is supposed to be like a dog, right? So... why does he have eyebrows?
Rob Guerra
Rob Guerra 6 kun oldin
Cavity Goon sounds like a racial slur
timusforlife 6 kun oldin
I loved Timmy the Tooth as a kid. I hope you killed the Cavity Goon
Zack Nickberg
Zack Nickberg 6 kun oldin
i unironically vibed to the theme song
HelloEmma! 6 kun oldin
I was 100% sure I had never heard let alone watch this show. And then the song came along, and oh, I do remember this. Not well, but somewhere in my memory it's there.
LexyconDevil 6 kun oldin
I have memories of this that feel like fever dreams. I honestly cant tell you if I just saw the same ad in a Land Before Time VHS where they play the theme song, or if I ever actually watched any Timmy the Tooth VHS. I will say: the theme song slaps, it came to mind as soon as I saw this thumbnail.
Dericka SanjuroSeaCow
Dericka SanjuroSeaCow 6 kun oldin
I think I still have the VHS in the basement.
Kai Kingston09
Kai Kingston09 7 kun oldin
give me more now
Katie Baily
Katie Baily 7 kun oldin
“You make us feel wetter.” PHRASING!!
fluffle puff is amazing
fluffle puff is amazing 7 kun oldin
he turned into a hipster wow
Krombopulous Michael
Krombopulous Michael 7 kun oldin
Thank you for unlocking all these repressed memories
Suvidh Sudheer
Suvidh Sudheer 7 kun oldin
Brush brush is very cute
Suvidh Sudheer
Suvidh Sudheer 7 kun oldin
"YOU THOUGHT I LIE- there's stickers in here!"
Livia 7 kun oldin
they would *book* it ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
RachelRantsTooMuch 7 kun oldin
OK so unfortunately you just unlocked a memory that I would’ve liked to forgotten. Second, Man I can’t tell you how good it is to hear someone say when they went to the library they ran right for the VHS tape. Because my ass made a beeline for what’s the story wishbone EVERY FUCKING TIME. Never failed.
Dragonball What If Bro
Dragonball What If Bro 7 kun oldin
Holy shit. I've seen this vid a few times now. But I think I understand where they were trying to go with the whole "drippy, drooly" bit. I think that it's not an adult joke. More rather they are subconsciously trying to dissuade children from liking sweets.
The Little Seamstress
The Little Seamstress 7 kun oldin
You thought I lie- OH THERES STICKERS IN HERE!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Marie Marchand
Sarah Marie Marchand 7 kun oldin
I’m so glad this wasn’t something that I dreamt up because there was a few years where I wasn’t sure
SpaceMaze 7 kun oldin
Ok guys im exactly 12:19 minutes in and i just realized that Mr. Wisdom is a wisdom tooth and thats where he got his name...
Cameron Pearce
Cameron Pearce 7 kun oldin
Since when is Rice Krispies cereal a sugary cereal? There is literally no sugar taste to it
Burger King
Burger King 7 kun oldin
Holy shit cavity goon is spitting absolute. B A R S
Edward Rodriguez
Edward Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
I always found it weird that every tv show that ever had an episode about a surprise party would have the entire cast avoiding the main character and refusing to acknowledge that it's their birthday guys, you can tell them happy birthday, the party is the surprise, not the fucking date
AllieHeart 8 kun oldin
When I was a kid strawberry shortcake had an episode with this exact premise and I remember thinking it was stupid. But then when I was in high school I went home really upset and crying to my mom one day because my friends were avoiding me and talking behind my back. That's when she told me that they were planning a surprise party 😬 I immediately remembered strawberry shortcake and felt like I owed her an apology.
NerdyChat 8 kun oldin
Watching this reminded me that Puzzle Place was a thing too. I feel like I watched a lot of puppet based tv shows.
Frisky Django
Frisky Django 8 kun oldin
The microphone is a fleshlight and you can’t convince me otherwise
spacehummus 8 kun oldin
Before watching this video I was nearly 100% positive I’d never seen this show before, seeing as this came out nearly ten years before I was even born, but after watching a few clips of the show I think this unlocked some hidden memory of me watching this at some point somehow in my life
McPepaPigTheThird 8 kun oldin
I just found this today and I got too say I enjoy your channel a lot so far
TheProGamer 8 kun oldin
When he said me and my brother I thought of him and Gus Johnson
Kael Kay
Kael Kay 8 kun oldin
every 90s show had this same surprise party plot at some point
Zenertia 8 kun oldin
Don't feel bad about being afraid of the Cavity Goon... _I'm scared of Frankencelery from Veggietales_ _geuugh~ 90's CGI..._
Ardenwood 9 kun oldin
When I heard the voice of the guy selling the other VHS tapes I became a child again
Brian McClellan
Brian McClellan 9 kun oldin
I had a very similar experience to this with something called Elmo in Grouch Land. When looking back on the memories of it, I always seemed to remember scenes and overall vibes which seemed like they couldn’t have been in the actual show and were probably just my fever-dream interpretation of it. Who knows
KayMaree Labossiere
KayMaree Labossiere 9 kun oldin
I fucking didn't think this was a real thing from my childhood until this video! Wtf.
Tim Burlingame
Tim Burlingame 9 kun oldin
But Rice Crispies are sugar free aren't they?
Mr. Toasty
Mr. Toasty 9 kun oldin
Rice crispies are not sugary
THE DISLIKED 9 kun oldin
Ah but you see, making a friend depressed before a surprise party is the point. You strip them of any happiness of the day, you make them question if you're actually their friend, you make them question the years they spent with you, you make them question life, and then when they are hanging on the edge, barely grasping for happiness, you pull them from the depths and throw them the best surprise part of their life and make them appreciate life and friends so much more. you dip them into the deepest depths of despair just to pull them out again! HHHHhahahaHhahahahahahahhahaHHhahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. ps: I love overusing commas
Andy Magnuseth
Andy Magnuseth 9 kun oldin
wait timmy the tooth is a real thing? i thought it was a fever dream nightmare vhs i invented in my mind hanging out at my grandmas house. for some reason i cannot grasp the reality of someone else experiencing this horror
Potato Penguin
Potato Penguin 10 kun oldin
OMG i have a cd of a Babar movie (the 2D vers) that's presented by Snap, Crackle + Pop . . . did they have some weird kids sponsorship w/ like a bunch of media???? (north) AMERICA EXPLAIN
Dip 10 kun oldin
Never heard of timmy the tooth but four year old me adored my mom's copy of Cats the musical on vhs tape. Side note: Why does Timmy the tooth sound like Nermal from Garfield?
meggiezee3 10 kun oldin
I think I just remembered half of my childhood in the first minute in.
I_uKe 10 kun oldin
can I make eddyverse the comic are are you working on it
evieee 10 kun oldin
But does the tooth have teeth? Does. The. Tooth. Have. Teeth.
TofuOfTheYeet 10 kun oldin
the cavity goon song part looked like a mtv music video
Anthony G
Anthony G 10 kun oldin
Just found of Timmy the Tooth series is on the Peacock app for free. Which I believe Eddie called out in his streaming service video lol.
Anthony G
Anthony G 10 kun oldin
Upload those Timmy tapes!
Charlie Junior
Charlie Junior 10 kun oldin
I love the way he swears.. swear more often please
Kira Miller
Kira Miller 10 kun oldin
timmy looks like the dad from big mouth
Nicolas Sequeira
Nicolas Sequeira 10 kun oldin
I always knew Timmy The Tooth was real. I always knew.
TacoDraws 10 kun oldin
Joshua Broad
Joshua Broad 10 kun oldin
Why does the cavity look like gordon ramsay but a puppet.
Joshua Broad
Joshua Broad 10 kun oldin
like look at 5:38
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson 10 kun oldin
"Spooky Tooth" scared me when I was young. Imagine going from Elmo's World to being buried alive in a haunted extremely dark pyramid surrounded by weird creatures and magic books that make jpegs and summon long dead people.
Cloin Trulock
Cloin Trulock 10 kun oldin
Mr. Meaty
Broken Umbrella
Broken Umbrella 10 kun oldin
Pls do the other 2
Rachel 10 kun oldin
9:00 If I woke up to anything standing in my room I’d be scared
Sierra 11 kun oldin
Eddy is my ideal man
Z Z 11 kun oldin
Idc if he’s a tooth, this is cute af. I’m upset I didn’t grow up with this.
Chris Deck
Chris Deck 11 kun oldin
eddy why rp u only post once vf a month
Aidan Cartagena
Aidan Cartagena 11 kun oldin
0:06 “eddy ray gun here”
MuShRoOm 11 kun oldin
bro i used to love this show as a kid but the "Spooky Tooth" episode was kinda creepy
zilla 649
zilla 649 11 kun oldin
You thought I lied :O oooo there's stickers in here
Tagrix 11 kun oldin
The villin looks like if the grinch got addicted to crack and or meth
Scarface 11 kun oldin
You look like a young dad
seth hasert
seth hasert 11 kun oldin
timmy tooth is pog
phoe izzo
phoe izzo 11 kun oldin
Timmy the Tooth doesn't have shit on Bear in the Big Blue House
Marco Acosta
Marco Acosta 12 kun oldin
I love how he is literally sitting in Gus Johnsons living room
StarFox579 12 kun oldin
Dude this show is on Peacock😂
CaptainSpock 3P0
CaptainSpock 3P0 12 kun oldin
When I was a kid, my class was shown a movie or cartoon or video or something. Anyways, it was about this kid detective, and this character named "Cool Hal" or something was trying to win over a bunch of children. Important detail: this guys name was an anagram of "alcohol," and he was literally a beer bottle. Besides that, all I really remember is the ending. The detective kid took some sort of trip inside of the human brain to show off the negative effects of alcohol, and he just shows a brain to the audience at the end. Weirdest cartoon memory I've never been able to get rid of.
Jordan Ⴟ
Jordan Ⴟ 12 kun oldin
Rice crispies wasn’t sugary
Kevin Jennissen
Kevin Jennissen 12 kun oldin
My parents still have the Timmy the Tooth wild west VHS. I can confirm, the cavity man scared the crap out of me.
Noniplier Morgan
Noniplier Morgan 13 kun oldin
Arthur Lebedinski
Arthur Lebedinski 13 kun oldin
holy shit this activated something in my brain
Greychanic 13 kun oldin
Ok this show is like Blue's Room but it's worse than worse and... the eyes... *t h e e y e s* ...
Joe Bauer
Joe Bauer 13 kun oldin
I had an old VHS of timmy the tooth
Ava tale
Ava tale 13 kun oldin
Cavity goon is basically just dollar store Oscar the grouch
The Gayest
The Gayest 13 kun oldin
You better hope Chris Ray Gun doesn't see that chair roll
Mr. Walrus
Mr. Walrus 13 kun oldin
mr nobody
mr nobody 13 kun oldin
Timmy the tooth doesn't haunt me
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