This Kids Movie from 1985 Is Insane

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Eddy Burback

2 yil oldin

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 yil oldin
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Digitus Medius
Digitus Medius Oy oldin
*two years later*
A Mandable
A Mandable 4 oy oldin
Lol what til you hear about the work of Paul Jennings, this movie has nothing on Round the Twist
kerri01 8 oy oldin
I vividly remember watching this as a kid! I didn’t know what on earth I was watching.
Rox Schunko
Rox Schunko 9 oy oldin
I think I saw a Quebec version of this called beurre de pinotte in class...
Derpado The Bird
Derpado The Bird 9 oy oldin
I would if I had money
nolan martin
nolan martin 11 soat oldin
here's a bad movie to watch leo the lion i think on netflix
Jedi Minecraft
Jedi Minecraft 15 soat oldin
i hate the asmr.
softmocha 17 soat oldin
ima paint well dressed bird B) credit me once its on your wall smh
softmocha 17 soat oldin
ima paint well dressed bird B) credit me once its on your wall smh
Lou C
Lou C 17 soat oldin
To add to your list: Any Neil Breen movie. Or class.
Tobias Baumgärtner
Tobias Baumgärtner 23 soat oldin
13:42 so that’s why he couldn’t leave 13:00 makes sense now we could have been killed if the kids knew he was bald
Griffin Morgan
Griffin Morgan Kun oldin
Pandamonium 2 kun oldin
19:00 wow the live action Jimmy Neutron movie looking good
Music and Books and Other Stuff
Music and Books and Other Stuff 3 kun oldin
What's funny to me is if the director had just substituted in an eccentric uncle or magic shop owner instead of ghosts, made the señor more wacky but ultimately friendly and harmless, and made the dad and/or the principal more malicious toward the kids then we would have a fun and lighthearted Roald Dahlian kids movie
Landon Perry
Landon Perry 3 kun oldin
9:15 he said he could be dying for all they care, they are the doctors
Music and Books and Other Stuff
Music and Books and Other Stuff 3 kun oldin
Where does this movie take place? All the adults except one have European accents, but the kids all have American accents
Thad Sargeant
Thad Sargeant 3 kun oldin
do we have Well Dressed Bird yet
Square man
Square man 3 kun oldin
I am wearing the exact same shirt as The Señior. It have the fluffy sleeves and everything.
Walker Gibbs
Walker Gibbs 3 kun oldin
If someone told me that David Lynch made this I would actually believe them
Don Winslow
Don Winslow 3 kun oldin
Don't call it merch.
Owen Todd
Owen Todd 5 kun oldin
please never whisper the Patrons names again lmaoooo
Hannah McSwain
Hannah McSwain 5 kun oldin
One day, I hope to love something as much as Eddy loves Well Dressed Bird.
Alice Gong
Alice Gong 5 kun oldin
I gotta say that having an asian kid in a movie from 1985 not be a super math whiz or something is more progressive than some media now still
Allie 6 kun oldin
This movie legit scared the life out of me as a child.
Kr!s Cartwright
Kr!s Cartwright 6 kun oldin
Omg you should watch "ADVENTURE IN DINOSAUR CITY" It was a movie I watched on VHS as a kid and I've never met anyone who knew about it
Catherine M
Catherine M 6 kun oldin
I thought the kid was going to turn into the well dressed bird
Noah Engle
Noah Engle 6 kun oldin
6:59 I was going through some old backups that were taking space in my google drive, and I found a screenshot from this exact moment in the pictures folder. After doing some reverse google image searching, I reach the phrase "well-dressed bird", and then this video. Surely this is a funny joke, I tell myself, there are all these comments referencing this sixty second clip in this twenty-four minute video, and there are multiple social media posts and re-uploads of the clip, but I don't understand. I guess I'll edit this once I've re-watched the entire video, but I am confused. Edit: I still don't get why this is so funny.
Coastal Cruzer
Coastal Cruzer 6 kun oldin
Honestly this feels like a pretty accurate representation of having Tourette's in the American school system, but instead it's hair.
the loop
the loop 8 kun oldin
I feel like I've seen this before but I don't know where
Mysikrysa 10 kun oldin
I had very vague memories of this movie. All I remembered was there was a little boy who lost his hair and then he had too much of hair and that´s all. I don´t know if I was bored by this movie as a kid, or if it was so traumatising I pushed it into my subconsciousness. But this is fu*king disturbing. The father neglecting his kids, the little girl taking a role of her mother because the kids are so much neglected, the paedoplihic teacher who touches the children all the time, the main character be traumatised so much he lost his hair, the weird doctor is also uncanny. I probably did not understand the ghosts are supposed to be ghosts. It explains I most likely put this scene into my subconsciousness. The teachers bully him because his hair grows too fast? :D I think even as a kid I would know this is bulls*it. It is even more unbelievable then magical hair.
Green Gaming
Green Gaming 10 kun oldin
holy cow one of the people who plays a goonie is in it!
Major Ghoul
Major Ghoul 10 kun oldin
I love well-dressed bird and I appreciate him
Questionable Dominus
Questionable Dominus 10 kun oldin
Eddy: *Has a couch* Also Eddy: *Sits on an office chair in front of the couch*
Nathan Noname
Nathan Noname 12 kun oldin
i like your cut g
Who Knows
Who Knows 15 kun oldin
200 billion dude not 100 million Bezos is absurd
S3condBest 16 kun oldin
Cooper Barich
Cooper Barich 16 kun oldin
Ailsa Ide
Ailsa Ide 16 kun oldin
I love how the well dressed bird was in the movie for 3 seconds and that's what we've taken away from this film: well dressed bird.
Logan Walters
Logan Walters 16 kun oldin
Lmao well dressed bird. I was trying to roll a joint and I actually started laughing and dropped it. Damn lol
THOMAS CAMP 16 kun oldin
18:58 this bitch be lookin like jimmy neutron
Katie Cat
Katie Cat 17 kun oldin
After watching this review, if someone asked me to explain what this film was actually about, I wouldn't be able to. The film's all over the place.
Katie Cat
Katie Cat 17 kun oldin
7:04 This but unironically.
BlitzJack Tree fiddy
BlitzJack Tree fiddy 19 kun oldin
I came for the ASMR I stayed for the video
IAmWeatherman 20 kun oldin
The dad sounds like a hl1 scientist lmao
Levi Aird
Levi Aird 21 kun oldin
Whats the movie called tho?
BlitzJack Tree fiddy
BlitzJack Tree fiddy 18 kun oldin
The peanut butter solution
You_did_good 21 kun oldin
13:34 I’ve seen this video two other times and for some reason I die laughing here when I just chuckle
Maria Guglielmo
Maria Guglielmo 22 kun oldin
They should have used Gorilla Glue Spray to mount that hair.
a 23 kun oldin
The little girl made me uncornfortable, kids that behave like adults is so weird to watch, however the wigs and extensions are making me laugh way more than expected. Aslo why does the Signore accent change from sort of Italian to French...?
Miguel 23 kun oldin
Micheal looks like a girl when his hair "magically" grows
125joshb 24 kun oldin
Kid got fucking alopecia
River Miles
River Miles 24 kun oldin
I can't take u seriously when you move your glasses close to the camera
River Miles
River Miles 24 kun oldin
Everyone talking bout his knees but what bout that moustache
FlawlessRhythm 24 kun oldin
So let me recap what I think I learned about this movie: Little boy gets shocked by bare wires in a burned down house, which makes him go bald. Then he rubs a bunch of shit on his head and turns into Joe Dirt? But he's stuck in the Oblivion quest with the magic brush?
CJCroen1393 24 kun oldin
I actually agree about Well-Dressed Bird. That is a pretty cool painting.
Izzy senych
Izzy senych 24 kun oldin
Rapunzel?! Is ThAt YoU!?
ZekeWhite_ Photography
ZekeWhite_ Photography 25 kun oldin
Can we talk about the fact that there are 12 different accents in this movie.
Lazaros Mirkopoulos
Lazaros Mirkopoulos 25 kun oldin This dude played the kid's friend
Slimer Slimes Again
Slimer Slimes Again 26 kun oldin
13:36 I'm pretty sure he said "YOU BASTARD YOU TRIPPED ME"
Natan Schwarz
Natan Schwarz 26 kun oldin
the end tho
Cool Dolphin
Cool Dolphin 26 kun oldin
Well dressed bird: let’s make a religion out of this
1930sOriginalMan 27 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks the daughter looks like a child Kitty Forman?
Benji Todd
Benji Todd 27 kun oldin
Look at that fookin dislike ratio
Worf Whatshisname
Worf Whatshisname Oy oldin
You will never understand 80’s movies. Hollywood in the 80’s you dumb idiot!
Worf Whatshisname
Worf Whatshisname Oy oldin
You can’t meme.
Worf Whatshisname
Worf Whatshisname Oy oldin
I watched this movie as a toddler and I swore growing up I watched it! I didn’t make it up! Took me 20+ years to find out what this movie was called. Yes. Back in the day, teachers could choose where to work. My whole childhood, raised by Mexicans, poor ones so I got to have a very interesting life.
Worf Whatshisname
Worf Whatshisname Oy oldin
You are so sheltered. That’s what a lot of kids had to put up with... crazy adults, wacky weirdos! This is real life! They Mickey Mouse stuff. Of course it doesn’t make sense! You are very lucky to not be around insane crazies! Why do you think we are all so unstable now as adults!
BlitzJack Tree fiddy
BlitzJack Tree fiddy 18 kun oldin
Nanashi -
Nanashi - Oy oldin
This movie is making me uncomfortable
Gdog 007
Gdog 007 Oy oldin
This movie is like a fever dream when you are sick and vomiting
That's Fire
That's Fire Oy oldin
04:30 I was getting whiffs of Human Centipede.
Aidan Lane
Aidan Lane Oy oldin
*Well-dressed Bird*
Dustin_the_dorito DoritoVille
Dustin_the_dorito DoritoVille Oy oldin
Just imagine the "im bald!" Part but put to the tune of "im blue"... IlL tAkE yOuR eNtIrE sToCk
Dustin_the_dorito DoritoVille
Dustin_the_dorito DoritoVille Oy oldin
I just did a fart that sounded like the effect they use when squidward frowns. Also, this was good. Been loving your content man.
Sarah W
Sarah W Oy oldin
Saw the picture you put as the title. Recognized the movie immediately. Only saw it once. Hard to forget
Master Markus
Master Markus Oy oldin
I've heard rumours of this movie, but never saw it. Thank you, Eddy. The lack of any sort of logic would've made me insane.
Braindead 420
Braindead 420 Oy oldin
i love well dressed bird with all of my worldly being
8MoonKnight8 Oy oldin
We need some well dressed bird merch
Keira Fortier
Keira Fortier Oy oldin
OMG we watched this movie in class at my middle school!
B’doodlykitten Oy oldin
This video has inspired me... Well-Dressed Bird is now my phone Lock Screen. Thank you, Eddy, thank you.
Hedgehog _cake
Hedgehog _cake Oy oldin
The dad looks kinda like Gus
BlitzJack Tree fiddy
BlitzJack Tree fiddy 18 kun oldin
Holy shit your right
Toby Z
Toby Z Oy oldin
HOLD ON EVERYONE HOLD ON does anyone remember those bad lip reading things? i think the "one really ripe banana" thing is in one nobody asked i just needed to let you know;
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer Oy oldin
Moral of the story: Don't trust cats... or they'll take your hair.
slime fish
slime fish Oy oldin
Who rubbed the super hair growth gunk on that child's thighs, why is that a thing. Why and when did this happen
Sophisticated Lad
Sophisticated Lad Oy oldin
imagine living in one of one rosses paintings
Kira Oy oldin
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin Oy oldin
I always forget about this movie. It was crazy when I was a kid and still is. How Did This Get Made did an ep on it too. Canada made some weird fucking films in the 80's.
red fang
red fang Oy oldin
Maybe is the cat from soul
Ty Francis
Ty Francis Oy oldin
That kid 100% burned that fucking house down.
Ivanildo Cafu
Ivanildo Cafu Oy oldin
Did you see Frankenhookers?
andacondasqueeze Oy oldin
His brothers name is Paul, what about Tommy? How many brothers this guy got? Youre not fooling anyone eddy
Gamen Snootdroop
Gamen Snootdroop Oy oldin
"So good it's bad"
Cuiasodo Oy oldin
This is a very multi-culturally diverse city. Every third adult has a strong, random European accent.
Edwin0101 Oy oldin
And the lesson is... don’t be bald
confused_ bus
confused_ bus Oy oldin
Pause at 18:58 exactly,here's why:BoI bE lOoKiN lIkE jImMy NeUtRoN
Etylist 2 oy oldin
i have made a rhyme about the cat that got rid of his hair " my hair is gone oh my hair is gone, what ever did i do wrong?. oh what shall I do, should i wear a hat?. I guess thats what i get for crossing paths with the cancer cat".
Etylist Oy oldin
@Radioactive.Redwood Thx :)
Radioactive.Redwood Oy oldin
i love this
Bronz Michael
Bronz Michael 2 oy oldin
How does this mans not have 1m yet!
Lia Hamilton
Lia Hamilton 2 oy oldin
Ghosts AND other things? That’s too much
Sydney Brown
Sydney Brown 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one struggling to understand what they’re saying?
Jack Hellberg
Jack Hellberg 2 oy oldin
The ‘Well Dressed Bird’ sequence is one of the funniest scenes in cinematic history. I come back to watch it at least once a month.
WATERMELLO 2 oy oldin
fairyleur 2 oy oldin
i appreciate the reno reference
straw bunni
straw bunni 2 oy oldin
14:09 wow fuckin rude ghost Edit: 14:51 these ghosts are fuckin assholes!
anonymous blanketgirl
anonymous blanketgirl 2 oy oldin
#JusticeForWellDressedBird He did not deserve what was given to him, so we must fight.
Sienna Rothenburg
Sienna Rothenburg 2 oy oldin
I may be really high. But I’m pretty sure this is the best movie I’ve ever seen.
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