The War on Bird Scooters

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback Yil oldin
guys WATCH the video before you give your take on it. the amount of comments i see that are uninformed on info/opinions that are stated in the video are way too high
Puzzl3man 4 oy oldin
I'm just way too high in general
Destry Cook
Destry Cook 5 oy oldin
Ride them in bike lane: yes Regulate them: yes Wear a helmet: no If you don’t have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle then you don’t have to wear one on a scooter
engieneer gaming
engieneer gaming 5 oy oldin
You lock pick it and make it iseable without paying then make profit
BEMW Kodiak
BEMW Kodiak 5 oy oldin
CrampedTurtle 5 oy oldin
Nefepants It’s called a joke buddy
IceBorne D20
IceBorne D20 3 soat oldin
yes, babies are not a prop to get rid of something annoying, they ARE the thing that is annoying
Savana 19 soat oldin
The thing is that we have these all over Europe and it is no problem what so ever.
Lunes 19 soat oldin
Thank you for calling out the issue around the environmental aspect!! ❤️ in both sides
Cassie James
Cassie James 20 soat oldin
one of the most terrifying nights of my life was when a group of ~5 of my friends decided it would be a cool idea to scoot around DC after dark on a school trip
LoserBoy Productions
LoserBoy Productions Kun oldin
In SLC Utah where I live, these scooters are actually really useful. The sidewalks in SLC are never super crowded, so the scooters pretty much have free reign, but that’s probably just SLC.
Madisen Kornele
Madisen Kornele Kun oldin
Whos in the wrong here? Capitalism. Capitalism is.
Bjorn Canute
Bjorn Canute 2 kun oldin
American cities have for years failed to provide basic affordable mass transit, which when you think about it, is one of the most important functions of government. Its kind of amazing how mad city councils get that someone actually fills the massive gap of service they were meant to provide. "You can't do that! Its our job to try ineffectually to do that!"
Kim 3 kun oldin
am i glad i live in a place where everyone has a bike and there are bike lanes everywhere
Liam Sanoki-Gannon
Liam Sanoki-Gannon 3 kun oldin
In the uk we have boris bikes
Coa Langley
Coa Langley 3 kun oldin
Just make laws for this and peaceful protest is ok like turd and don’t break them how to solve
Ehrman Ehrmann
Ehrman Ehrmann 4 kun oldin
Baby is not battering ram!
Tony Sofia
Tony Sofia 4 kun oldin
Commenting to appease the algorithm
fatboy chungus69
fatboy chungus69 4 kun oldin
0:08 woah woah woah, slow down no way
Rylee G
Rylee G 5 kun oldin
Commenting again that I would love to have these in my town, because we have no other transportation except owning your own car. Had to delete my original comment because some dipshits wouldn't stop harassing me for it
Fiona Smith
Fiona Smith 5 kun oldin
Im from minneapolis and here we have bikes which the city owns that you can rent by the minute/hour. Were a very bike based city so theres plenty of bike lanes and these bikes actually pre-date the stupid scooters, so almost no one rides them. All the money from the bikes also goes to supporting our public transport. I cant imagine how frustrating life would be without them as i have terrible balance and dont even want to attempt riding a scooter like that
Krombopulous Michael
Krombopulous Michael 6 kun oldin
Man's last name is poon
Makhond 6 kun oldin
Me a year later and in a 3rd world country: hmmm, yes
Danny Man
Danny Man 6 kun oldin
I really think these scooters should go
Bargins Galore
Bargins Galore 7 kun oldin
I was in SF when these were rolled out and it was handled terribly. I live next to Dolores park which is a hotspot for young hipsters getting high and goofing around and these things were all over. Every morning I would see the vans plop a bunch of them on every corner and throughout the day they would get scattered all over the sidewalks completely blocking the relatively wide sidewalks. With the rent-a-bikes at least they were contained into their ports but the model of scattering them all over the sidewalks and blocking traffic is just horrible.
Barbe Amaury
Barbe Amaury 8 kun oldin
Don't destroy the scooters, it's useless. Just put marker on the qr code and it become useless.
Barbe Amaury
Barbe Amaury 8 kun oldin
You can use a bike and loose weight.
stewieisfunnyful 9 kun oldin
I so wish my town would get these but there's no way they'll let us have em cause we'd kill each other
SIIrmax 10 kun oldin
Maybe it's because I am a communist but...for the love of god, just improve your public transportation. It's better for the environment, created jobs, it's cheaper and about traffic problem :l
George 10 kun oldin
Solution: bikes
Sammy Marrco
Sammy Marrco 11 kun oldin
this is why we need better bike lanes in usa
A.O. Skurtt
A.O. Skurtt 12 kun oldin
Fuck a bike lane and some helmets tho , not just cause it's fun but I'm v scared of being in a bike lane lol they could litterally just make sidewalks a little bigger and have the scooter riders stay to one side, they dont take up much space lol
A.O. Skurtt
A.O. Skurtt 12 kun oldin
"And he wants to remain anonymous " shows tattoos
Treffen Scott
Treffen Scott 14 kun oldin
Watching this at 11:00
Who Knows
Who Knows 15 kun oldin
In my city Lime is the most popular
G4YNUS Boeb 16 kun oldin
new money new hoes
Cooper Barich
Cooper Barich 16 kun oldin
Austin S.
Austin S. 17 kun oldin
I litterally didn't even know that this was a thing
Grady Allen
Grady Allen 18 kun oldin
One Wheels are bttr
CocoDraws 18 kun oldin
What ever happened to these? They never caught on where I live in Alaska and I haven't traveled for a while. Are they still a thing?
Schutzstaffel_Officer_3 20 kun oldin
you can take the lithium bateries out and make a tesla super scooter with like six scooter wheels
Laura B.
Laura B. 21 kun oldin
It's actually 11 am when I'm watching this
1942 Germany
1942 Germany 23 kun oldin
This. This is why f#ck LA
yeet man
yeet man 23 kun oldin
san francisco sucks ass anyway
whithertofore 25 kun oldin
One big problem is that these scooters are (were?) EXTREMELY dangerous for blind and visually impaired people because people would just haphazardly doff them in the middle of the sidwalk.
Claire Ferrand
Claire Ferrand 27 kun oldin
In France thèse electric scooters belong and are ran by the city, and they are meant to be used on the same lane as bikes. And honestly it works, or perhaps they don't tell us everything and there are a lot of accidents (which is possible) but I have the feeling it goes easy that way.
plague doctor
plague doctor 27 kun oldin
Fuck bird scooters
Saltwater 28 kun oldin
We have a few old desiccated lime scooters in Bloomington IN
Mr Tortoise
Mr Tortoise 29 kun oldin
If you need a licence to ride it you can ride on the road
Blayden 102
Blayden 102 Oy oldin
It really was eleven when I watched this so it was tonight at 11
ImmortalGamer Oy oldin
Burning them sucks but just throwing them in the trash is fine I mean you did nothing to fallow regulation so why should I to your product
the john
the john Oy oldin
So. I use an electric bike. And so I looked up the law on electric bikes on sidewalks in california. If there is no bike lane. and you feel unsafe on the street. You can go on the sidewalk.
galaxy chill
galaxy chill Oy oldin
He Zoomin with The Boys
RoboNator Oy oldin
I honestly dont follow the controversy. Like, at all. If people use a service, they want it, it is in demand, and not being offered any other way, so by its very existence, if people are getting annoyed by people using scooters, that means people are using the scooters, the service is being paid for and received. Shit like "unregulated ride sharing" is just a way for governments to encroach even further on markets that genuinely have no right to be regulated in the first place. The only reason, you would use an Uber, or a Bird, or a Lime, or a Pina Colada In The Rain Mark 23542463456 or whatever else, is because you require that service, and the only way you would be annoyed by someone using that service, is if you would be equally annoyed by someone who owned the method of transport using it. There is no functional difference to anyone other than immediate parties involved between them using the service, and them just owning an electric scooter and in cases like Uber, the ONLY difference is that it reduces emissions and traffic congestion, which, aren't bad things, if you needed that said. If you are living, in a city, and then you have a problem, with what people choose to do, move out of the city, end of story, because you are in a location, with a high concentration of individuals, who are free to make choices, you do not personally like, that includes electric scooters and if enough people dislike them, and they can provide solid reasoning for getting rid of them, then get rid of *_all_* of them, because there is no reason why renting a scooter, is any worse than buying one. (also there really isn't any reason a government should even be allowed to force protective equipment, at least on a personal scale. If you cant make suicide illegal, then how the actual bloody hell can you justify reducing personal safety. It would be like making having sex without a condom illegal for "The greater good" and "Because people don't know what they need" and oh shit this is sounding pretty hyper authoritative init?)
HexCodeFF Oy oldin
"Companies have cute names [...] and CEOs" read it the way you like to
Daniel D
Daniel D Oy oldin
I found several of the bike versions of This kind of thing in the tidal basin in Washington DC 😏 oof
Warren Brother Studios
Warren Brother Studios Oy oldin
Screw regulations
drewdogg416 Oy oldin
Why does the beginning of this video look like something out of an internet historian video?
Alice Hermione Annabeth
Alice Hermione Annabeth Oy oldin
The Bird CEO has a punchable face
Miggeddy Oy oldin
Thats why many ppl in cities with crazy traffic drive motorbikes or scooters. Take those. And with a nice ninja or fireblade maaaybe a woman would really be interested ;p
Miggeddy Oy oldin
4:18 Just put this shite machines on the street where they belong And hey driving 80 or more in ur car on any street is fun, too. But...
Sebastian Velez
Sebastian Velez Oy oldin
In NYC we have these scooters called Revel. Same deal with Bird and stuff, but I've heard that people steal them and take them apart for parts, so at least they have a second life lol.
Master Markus
Master Markus Oy oldin
This feels like a big "under-regulated capitalism" issue.
Mega Mario
Mega Mario Oy oldin
The boiiiis awe yah
Jack Feldman
Jack Feldman Oy oldin
Please take me back! I promise I’m not a failure of a son.
Andrew Scardino
Andrew Scardino Oy oldin
It's like the Citi bikes,but different
Naval Comic
Naval Comic Oy oldin
There is an actual solution. Make a driver's test for the scooters. If you fail you cant ride them. You would get a license and you would scan that
ScamPickle Oy oldin
Out of lime spin and bird, bird is the fastest one
Jake Steinhaus
Jake Steinhaus Oy oldin
This isn’t meant to be an attack more a criticism of his argument, but at 6:55 he uses The point “ i like to have fun” when he had a much better and logical point after that saying “there arnt bike lanes everywhere” if you give a reason of “I like to have fine that making your argument subjective and not a widely realized point it’s not based in any logical sense. If this I was your whole argument then you would be saying that your personal enjoyment is a reason for these people to not feel safe on their city streets. Again, I’m not trying to attack just trying to help with his argument. Keep up the good content!
ApocalypsHooper Oy oldin
Sorry Eddy I loved the video but I just had to get you to 666 dislikes
suwaco Oy oldin
ik this is almost a two year old video but "what's right here? people's safety, or me having a lot of fun?" aged like fine wine lmfao
Jimmyjude Films
Jimmyjude Films Oy oldin
So leaf blower noises are can copyright strike a video now?! DAMMIT!
Eric Edholm
Eric Edholm Oy oldin
Thanks Eddy, I am an idiot on the road
awesome pantz
awesome pantz Oy oldin
my city got lime scooters last year but were removed a few months later because people kept throwing them off of buildings and into the canal
GG43 Oy oldin
Ahh, America. A land where 20somthing comedians are our consumer watchdogs.
Memu The Emu
Memu The Emu Oy oldin
They could fix the problem with electric scooter licenses it would be annoying but also safer
Gabriel Bennion
Gabriel Bennion Oy oldin
I wouldn’t trust bird because your taking a picture of you ID
vitamin bleach
vitamin bleach Oy oldin
If u what to have fun just go at a time where no one is on the side walks 5-6 am or 10-12 pm and just ride kinda like how ppl would go racing late at night
Jack Gregory
Jack Gregory Oy oldin
the Ode to Joy bit by the start made me laugh
-Mr. Wildfire -
-Mr. Wildfire - Oy oldin
It’s so dumb seeing people who have never ridden a normal push scooter try these and ram into a pole
Elijah Monroe
Elijah Monroe Oy oldin
If it comes to my city, I'ma start collecting them.
fin. Oy oldin
We should have a digital license you can unlock and then you can use these scooters. Then we can ID idiots and protect pedestrians. AAAAHHHH ALLITERATION
MeAndMyBabyBro68 Oy oldin
I broke my first bone on an electrica scooter
Phantom Menacing
Phantom Menacing Oy oldin
kidnaps some random person him: what are you going to do Me: *i n n o v a t e w i t h t h e l a w* pulls out knife
Cooper Meehl
Cooper Meehl Oy oldin
Holy shit I have the exact same little mini cooler as he does (on the left)
Gabe 329
Gabe 329 2 oy oldin
Is it still their property if they leave them in the streets?
LIbor Honus
LIbor Honus 2 oy oldin
So I clicked on the video and advert TAUR Scooters came up haha
Ro'jahr the kahjiit
Ro'jahr the kahjiit 2 oy oldin
Don't do drugs.
Internet Common Sense
Internet Common Sense 2 oy oldin
is there no public transport in LA?
Internet Common Sense
Internet Common Sense 2 oy oldin
@Star what?
Star 2 oy oldin
Internet Common Sense
Internet Common Sense 2 oy oldin
south park episode on this is lit
not Ella
not Ella 2 oy oldin
8:37 I dont think any girl would check out a guy on a bird scooter
punchy L
punchy L 2 oy oldin
Another thing folks dont think about is how people leave the scooters on the sidewalk. A lot of my friends are in wheelchairs and are absolutely fucked when that happens
9HE0N1X 2 oy oldin
13:14 "Pardon the language, 'turd.'"
JustLuisReally 2 oy oldin
But they are fun and I actually use them responsibly
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis 2 oy oldin
I think they work better in dc to get around to tourist areas
Cookie Killers
Cookie Killers 2 oy oldin
Wait, what happens if your phone dies?
Star 2 oy oldin
Gives me anxiety thinking about it
Cameron Fournier
Cameron Fournier 2 oy oldin
Yooo i have those same lamps, crazy
cool man
cool man 2 oy oldin
just bc it's called bird dosen't mean it fly
FAKACOON 2 oy oldin
Normally when I ride around them in Columbus w my boys people just smile at us :)
BuddermanTheAmazing -Lets Plays and More!
BuddermanTheAmazing -Lets Plays and More! 2 oy oldin
I have 2 takes 1. The guy who hit the girl with the scooter was like 85% his fault, but the 2 crossing should have looked both ways before crossing. Last time I didn't look both ways, I got hit by an actual car so it's a decent practice to get into, especially because people on Bikes pull that same kinda shit, it's not just scooter people 2. Burning the scooters is a terrible thing to do and should be punishable, at least with some kind of say, $20 fine.
Omar Zeid
Omar Zeid 2 oy oldin
Bicycles 4 eva!!! 1
That equestrian Penelope
That equestrian Penelope 2 oy oldin
buy your own scooter -it's one time payment -No one else will be touching it unless you let them -you aren't breaking the law -you can ride it at your house whenever you want
Son of A Dead Meme
Son of A Dead Meme 2 oy oldin
the beginning made sense because I was actually watching this at 11
Ben. 2 oy oldin
I live in sf and I have never seen as much dog shit in my life then the ones planted on those scooters.
Funny Minecraft Man
Funny Minecraft Man 2 oy oldin
Hi, can I just e- hypothetically of course, maybe just... eliminate humanity? Please.
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