The Biggest Failure of Our Childhood

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Eddy Burback

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Carol Koski
Carol Koski 6 soat oldin
Wait your graduation was a bowling night? My D.A.R.E. graduation happened alongside my actual 5th grade graduation and the D.A.R.E cops there expected us to sing and dance to the coreographed D.A.R.E. anthem none of us even remembered was a thing
Hailey A
Hailey A 16 soat oldin
When the song went “don’t join gangs, now don’t you do it now” I lost it
Brock Cornette
Brock Cornette 17 soat oldin
The way you teach people to not do drugs is A. Show the horrible facts about drugs (put in like 1 counter argument or 2 about the safer drugs) B. Show pictures of drug victims C. Explain what drugs will actually do to people
what should i name my channel?
what should i name my channel? 18 soat oldin
from a minor: the best way to stop us from doing drugs (besides trying to limit the reasons people actually do drugs) is to tell us facts. showing us lungs that are affected from 5 years of smoking or whatever will do WAY more than singing a song about not doing drugs.
theknowledgeguy 20 soat oldin
My dare graduation was a dance it was good but don’t dear centered
Smackin Scamerica
Smackin Scamerica 21 soat oldin
We did CHAMPS which was rip off DARE
yeetedon2000 21 soat oldin
Dare: "Don't touch any weapons like knives" Boy Scouts: "No, I don't think I will"
Libby 22 soat oldin
In my school we had to make PSAs about not doing drugs somehow these were worse
Adam Broga
Adam Broga 23 soat oldin
Hey Eddy, you stole my lamp 🙂
Marcus Keen
Marcus Keen 23 soat oldin
was that america's suitehearts???
Julian Arbogast
Julian Arbogast Kun oldin
I had DARE in 5th grade
Silverstring Kun oldin
🎵D, I won't do drugs, A won't have an attitude, R I will respect myself, E, I will educate me nooow~🎵
Schembri _
Schembri _ Kun oldin
Who cares about weed that was their biggest problem was focusing on fucking pot you know the thing that has been demonize for decades. No focus on hard drugs and not only that actually show meth and crackhead and I mean real fucking meth and crackheads spazzing the fuck out and how they live that shit will help kids say fuck that not only that step it up from there. Weed aint shit and weed unless all you do is smoke weed, eat and sleep then guess what you will be just fine cause guess what plenty of people who are well of that you know as a kid smoke fucking weed hell some of them probably are blowing lines of coke off some stippers ass cheek on the weekends and leave it at that and don't let getting high be their only focus day to day. So the lesson is moderation except for crack, heroin and meth once you touch that shit you throw moderation right out the fucking window. That and alcoholics are right up there to complete shit heads once they tell moderation to piss off.
ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ pɐlɐS
ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ pɐlɐS Kun oldin
Drugs And Rebelling Easy D.A.R.E this is a joke dont take it seriously pls
Brett Tibbits
Brett Tibbits Kun oldin
I love that the cop who taught our DARE class always chain-smoked in his car after school in parking lot
FBI Kermit
FBI Kermit 2 kun oldin
Warning: death mentions and gun usage one thing that does suck about these PSA's and videos not being taught anymore is that when i was in 5th grade, some kid didnt know the difference between a real or fake gun In his backyard he was messing around with it and pretended to sh**t himself but he actually ended up doing it considering it was a real gun traumatized most of us, the poor kid died at age 10-11 dont touch guns kids, if you see a gun just let it be and ask your parents about it; real or fake
HappySloth29 2 kun oldin
Who just offers their weed to random people at the skate park?
Luna 2 kun oldin
as a high-schooler who had to deal with dare all throughout their elementary school life, did dare work? no, absolutely not, everyone vapes
Noah R. T.
Noah R. T. 2 kun oldin
Retro Bill looks like Nicolas Cage if Nicolas Cage was from every decade after WWII
cole gifford
cole gifford 2 kun oldin
mike can do the hardest of tricks........The ollie
drew 2 kun oldin
the fact that eddy didnt recognize that fall out boy song from the skating ad makes me very upset
I Love Hentai
I Love Hentai 2 kun oldin
They didn't give our boi Lazer Tag.
lemon_bread 2 kun oldin
eddy burback
c 2 kun oldin
We had to draw posters for D.A.R.E but we weren't allowed to draw any drugs or write the word drugs so we just had to say "be healthy" and stuff like that.
Chi Famadico
Chi Famadico 2 kun oldin
I remember seeing D.A.R.E. All the time but I never even knew what it stood for until I was today years old...
Drenched Mango
Drenched Mango 3 kun oldin
I had a sun maker situation with the pizza I was the secondary Vice President at school and at the end of school they said we would get pizza but when I went to the room I was supposed to go to they said I couldn’t go in because I didint do my job but the actual Vice President never told me if she couldn’t go and I had to walk home no pizza soda and I still hate that kid for ridding my final day of school of pizza
Snow06 3 kun oldin
This is the best youtube musical video ever.
Gump Ball
Gump Ball 3 kun oldin
Am I the first who thought It ment dont accidentally run over Erin
Warriorseamonkey16 3 kun oldin
Dare wasn't the worst part of elementary school... We had a racist music teacher.
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 3 kun oldin
I'm subscribed
!? 3 kun oldin
15:19 Hey at least if you save some $ from doing these videos you can get the degree later. Better than working a dead end job that teaches few skills for years like many do. Also you could truthfully say on your resume you're an entrepreneur.
spencer 3 kun oldin
Some guy came in to tell us not to do drugs. Guess who was high the entire class?
Luke 3 kun oldin
i think this whole video was created because eddy is still bitter about the bowling alley
Ken Johns
Ken Johns 3 kun oldin
In my defense, I hit the subscriber button BEFORE your peer pressure
M 3 kun oldin
I have full on been offered drugs (ok just weed, its legal here) and being like ehhh nah is literally enough. No one cares.
Nakeyia Grant
Nakeyia Grant 4 kun oldin
I’m high af watching this
Omega Moore
Omega Moore 4 kun oldin
I like how you hid your fear of a UZpost crash in this video.
Punit Daga
Punit Daga 4 kun oldin
Watching this high is something else
Manuel Roldan
Manuel Roldan 4 kun oldin
Yo the kids skate boarding was filmed on my school. In rota, spain, D.G.F school
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries 4 kun oldin
Hey Eddy, sorry we're late, but bureaucracy am I right? Well my father was the lead D.A.R.E. officer throughout the 1990s for the Unite States and I spoke with him about your grievance and he would like to personally apologize on behalf of your D.A.R.E. program director and if you reach out to me with an address we'd love to send you gift cards to get you what would be considered an unlimited amount of pizza for a 12 year old child from your local pizza place. We've calculated this to be two any topping large pizzas, an order of bread or cheese sticks, and a 2 litre beverage of your choice that is non alcoholic. Feel free to reach out when you have time and we'll make this happen. Unfortunately with Covid we can't be there in person to make it up to you, but we'll get you taken care of. For your troubles we'll also throw in one extra large pizza, 2 liter, and bread/cheese stick for your boy Gus Johnson to share with you via Discord call so as to increase the experience. Unfortunately we can't compensate for the laser tag at this time, but we're open to discussion on future compensation once Covid regulations allow for it. Sincerely, The Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries - D.A.R.E. Officers Kid Section. Seriously though, all joking aside that dude really was my dad and I'll buy you some pizza if you want. I think that'd be funny.
Lex60 4 kun oldin
I always had this kind of program when I was a kid/teen to be wary of drugs... but nobody ever offer me or my friends any drugs at all.
Khristine Butler
Khristine Butler 4 kun oldin
that girl who blew all the blow off the glass would get beat for that
Milo Banks
Milo Banks 4 kun oldin
We still have D.A.R.E. I had no idea it was not a thing anymore.
devin 4 kun oldin
thought they were calling that rainbow dude the gay 😬
Tony Lombardino
Tony Lombardino 5 kun oldin
Dare in my school was wild, they'd bring drug abusers to my elementary school to talk, get coffee grounds and pass them off as cigarette ashes (which later fueled my coffee addiction, wonder if they correlate) they'd sign people up to be "arrested" on campus just to talk about drugs, it was crazy Granted none of that worked and I smoke the wacky tobaccy but hey, least it ain't meth 🤷‍♀️
some fucking noob
some fucking noob 5 kun oldin
8:07 when you want to talk to people but have nothing to talk about
Andre Klugel
Andre Klugel 5 kun oldin
Okay. Retro Bill jacked his whole steez from Ace fucking Ventura. Fuck Retro Bill.
King Washington
King Washington 5 kun oldin
You are like the most privileged sounding person in the world in the first 4 minutes of your video. My fiance grew up in Kenya. A police officer did not give her school all night bowling and a slice of pizza. Her school didn't even provide a lunch program or basic transportation. When I was growing up I'll be happy if I didn't have a parent in the hospital. I'm not sure if you're there bias is a joke or not but you should take a step back and understand how privileged and blessed your life is in hindsight.
Esrakoolkid _
Esrakoolkid _ 4 kun oldin
@King Washington yeah I get what you mean
King Washington
King Washington 4 kun oldin
@Esrakoolkid _ trust me I know what real privilege look like He isn't a beacon of privilege. But on how the way that he complains about not getting the ultimate DARE graduation party really annoys me. Because I know several children that would be grateful for that one slice of pizza and spending time at a bowling alley all night.
Esrakoolkid _
Esrakoolkid _ 4 kun oldin
If you thought he was the most privileged sounding person in the world you must have never heard a really privileged person in your life.
Sir Hans YoPon
Sir Hans YoPon 6 kun oldin
why does retro bill not have CSS installed for some scenes
HP de Kok
HP de Kok 6 kun oldin
Bruh the officer that taught dare to us promised us a HUGE party. The “party” was literally just people in the cafeteria handing out one slice of cake per person and we had shitty lemonade too.
Patch Hearn
Patch Hearn 6 kun oldin
one time i saw a dare ad that said if i smoked weed i would sniff a cats butt
Cerebral Martini
Cerebral Martini 6 kun oldin
i wish i was mike
H D 6 kun oldin
Ah, health class had young me thinking some random dude was gonna come up to me on the street and try to force me to buy drugs from him
Alex 6 kun oldin
In fifth grade, the rotary club came and showed us pictures of people who’d been fucked up by meth. Scared the shit out of our little selves and I can tell you has put me off ever doing drugs. Scare tactics work. Not cringe videos that hide the truth.
Diego 5 kun oldin
I remember as a kid, I saw an anti-cigarette ad with a smoker being interviewed who had a literal hole in her throat. Definitely not smoking any time soon
Splash Zachery
Splash Zachery 6 kun oldin
Anyone also had the GREAT program for like gangs
[ G O O S E ]
[ G O O S E ] 6 kun oldin
I think the most affective drug education is just the teacher talking about all the horrific side effects, which they do in my school. But then Again, a lot of the people I know are heavy weed smokers anyway cuz I live in Colorado.
G_Odu Of the North
G_Odu Of the North 6 kun oldin
I think the best part is like, "Kids, don't destroy your body with drugs, only destroy your body with doughnuts and pizza."
JoshIsTheJuggernaut 6 kun oldin
The reason I didn't smoke was those ads with people who have holes in their neck and clean it with a toothbrush thing. Those were scary lol
some fucking noob
some fucking noob 5 kun oldin
Same but also cigs smell bad
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 7 kun oldin
Mike just threw away an entire half ounce that’s like 60 to 70 bucks depending on how friendly you are with your dealer but if you’re to friendly he’ll smoke half the shit you just bought from with you for free and you want say anything because you like John and John is your friend but sometimes when you see John lighting up another bowl of your weed your heart breaks slightly anyways what was I talking about
Sara Sutton
Sara Sutton 7 kun oldin
I wish we had had bowling. We had one of those rope courses. It was boring.
green fling boys
green fling boys 7 kun oldin
Ay pleas go sub to my Chantal red rose I don’t having any subs and I need that UZpost mony
Braxton Richins
Braxton Richins 7 kun oldin
I failed at Dare and I don't smoke or do drugs so I think Dare was worthless.
AJ407 7 kun oldin
I did dare in fourth grade and now I smoke weed occasionally
Carmen Martinez
Carmen Martinez 7 kun oldin
I missed dare day because I had a dentist appointment or something and the next day everyone had a tshirts with a bunch of names signed on them and I didn't have anything :(
Karzikann 7 kun oldin
Other people aren't named Eddy; they're named Eddie.
Dogdillon SIKE
Dogdillon SIKE 7 kun oldin
D.A.R.E. in a nutshell: People yelling at you to not do drugs and two weeks you found out they are drug abusers and dealers.
Alex Fleming of Square X
Alex Fleming of Square X 8 kun oldin
I am a 14 year old and for some reason dare is over???? This is gold
fingerboard_ Person
fingerboard_ Person 8 kun oldin
dont do drugs do skate
spudbuttowski 8 kun oldin
Back in the early 80s anti drug ads worked but kids were like "Okay we'll just drink alcohol then." Those little bastards always find something to do
JunkBoi76 !
JunkBoi76 ! 8 kun oldin
One time I accidentally took too much of my meds and apparently I figured out 3 hours later and I had a seizure apparently our have a 0.01% of getting a seizure and well wahoo I won the degenerate lottery
Marmy 8 kun oldin
I love how the skater one starts with a guitar riff from "Sugar We're Going Down"
Chill Skeleton2040
Chill Skeleton2040 8 kun oldin
Jekl_67 8 kun oldin
I would be quite miffed if I offered you perfectly good FREE cocaine and instead of saying “no thank you” like an adult, you blow the fat rails I was generous enough to cut out for you back in my face.
weahhh63 8 kun oldin
I still have my dare shirt from the early 90s lol
MasterCraft Leo
MasterCraft Leo 8 kun oldin
“Hey kid, wanna do some weed” “Nah, I got better things to do, like acid and crack, acid doesn’t come up on drug test so I won’t get caught
MasterCraft Leo
MasterCraft Leo 8 soat oldin
@Spazington most drug test it doesn’t come up on, idk which drug test you did because for it to come up it would need to be specially made for it
Spazington 9 soat oldin
Acid most definitely shows up on a drug test. Source: Back in high school parents made me take a home drug test
Sweet Tart Tartin ass
Sweet Tart Tartin ass 8 kun oldin
No bro, that bowling alley lock in sounds shitty as fuck.
Sky Ravens
Sky Ravens 9 kun oldin
I'm convinced eddy made this video so he could talk about how they didn't give him enough pizza.
Zion Smith
Zion Smith 9 kun oldin
The blue pool 34
The blue pool 34 9 kun oldin
The worse thing is when they lie
Some guy
Some guy 9 kun oldin
Dumb. Ass. Restarted. Edibles
Leland Unruh
Leland Unruh 9 kun oldin
I never had the desire to use any drugs beyond alcohol and nicotine. But if I ever do, I'll definitely wear a D.A.R.E. shirt while I smoke up.
Heather Goyette
Heather Goyette 9 kun oldin
My dad put a pistol (it was unloaded-he’s no fun) in me and my brothers toy box so we would go to him if we saw it.
cars000000n 9 kun oldin
I think one of the main reasons me and my siblings have never done drugs or drank alcohol is that our parents are honest with us. They treat us like cognitive people who will make decisions for themselves. My parents have also always told us that no matter what if we are in trouble we can call them no questions asked. I am more honest with them because I know they won't hold my bad decisions against me.
Trisha Lennex
Trisha Lennex 10 kun oldin
In 5th grade D.A.R.E was a big deal according to the teachers and we had work books and everything but it made me want to take drugs than alcohol rather than not
Nin10doMan10 10 kun oldin
10:20 Mine did... he was retired by the time he was teaching me.
Stephen Grigg
Stephen Grigg 10 kun oldin
That dude was just cutting up lines in broad daylight
Ava Boushele
Ava Boushele 10 kun oldin
Basically don’t do drugs but here’s exactly how you do them and what you should expect to pay
3r1c 4Ldr1cH
3r1c 4Ldr1cH 10 kun oldin
Gwith all the funding they had back then of course they tried to sell this useless fight of a program and merch. What did they do with all the money? Plus all this ever did was crap on marijuana and made up lies that we know we're 100% false and actually does good nowadays bit regardless this all seemed like a scam for money and for easy busts because children would rat out there family for smoking marijuana.
Charlie Sammon
Charlie Sammon 11 kun oldin
I'm not being peer pressured into not doing drugs by dare. Drugs are cool 😎.
Trash_O_Fish_Al 11 kun oldin
Yeah, I dare to be drug free. You’ll be as cool as me one day 😎
SkeppyFan14 12 kun oldin
My friend now has Dare
RIP DUCK 12 kun oldin
trauma and drug abuse are intrinsically linked. that's what was left out of the conversation entirely
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart 12 kun oldin
I'm doing drugs RIGHT NOW!
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones 12 kun oldin
oh my god i forgotten about this dumb bullshit
Gabriel Rayback
Gabriel Rayback 12 kun oldin
does anybody else remember the time Peewee told us not to do crack?
King Lilith
King Lilith 12 kun oldin
What I think is hilarious is these PSAs are saying "Don't Weed". Now weed is getting legalized bc it's not that bad if you do it safely. Lol
Ralts 13 kun oldin
When I graduated from DARE, we didn’t get anything. We just got a pat on the back and a “congrats, you didn’t die of boredom.”
Caitlyn St. James
Caitlyn St. James 13 kun oldin
Retro Mike looks like a fusion of Robbie Rotten and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
THATONEGUY YT 13 kun oldin
My D.A.R.E program promised we would go to a movie if we did good and we did good and they lied and we never saw a movie at all I was very sad
vampirechick1159 13 kun oldin
I went through DARE in the early 2010s, like 2011? And they absolutely do still do all the scare tactics and such
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