The Awkward World of Sex Education

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Eddy Burback

Yil oldin

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback Yil oldin
“eddy how did you miss that it was 1988 it says it in the first frame” that’s why i plastered it in large text as i said it what do you got dumb brain and can’t read???
Elish 9 kun oldin
nice background bro
Phantom Menacing
Phantom Menacing 10 kun oldin
Smooth brained bulbous
Jagman 66
Jagman 66 20 kun oldin
Krystal McCormick
Krystal McCormick 27 kun oldin
I know I'm really late to this but that narration that was happening was actually descriptive audio for the deaf
quaker47 Oy oldin
a classic case of "dumb brain"
Kale 8 soat oldin
this is so wholesome :)
Waker of Winds
Waker of Winds 13 soat oldin
I remember my sex ed experience. My teacher was a creep who made tons of dirty jokes. He also, for an assignment wanted us to make a _sex ed themed board game_ - it was a nightmare. I failed that unit. I learned more from other students than I did the teacher. There was that moment that a guy shouted "it's shaped that way because it has to stick in!" and my view of the world was corrupted forever.
MAD 22 soat oldin
Paul The pew pew guy
Paul The pew pew guy Kun oldin
17:33 he has a fivehead
cristian the beast
cristian the beast Kun oldin
Im proud to say that I taught sex education to myself
That_One_Demon_Weirdo YT
That_One_Demon_Weirdo YT Kun oldin
14:17 that girl sounds like Haru from Beastars
LISA B.U.N. Kun oldin
My soul left my body at 5:41
Sebastianne King
Sebastianne King 2 kun oldin
I want to know who gave this poor girl a tampon instead of a pad on her first period.
You give me cancer
You give me cancer 2 kun oldin
8:35 I'm sorry is anyone else noticing that infuriating high pitched sound? I wanna go back to tyler or whatever his name is.
cole gifford
cole gifford 2 kun oldin
Lee Gauntlett
Lee Gauntlett 3 kun oldin
I remember the day my dad took me to the 90’s absurdist void, and spun me in a circle singing about the changes in my body. It’s why I’m so well adjusted now.
Jaxy starr
Jaxy starr 3 kun oldin
Are we gonna ignore the blonde girl from the future had a tablet??
The Fishboy
The Fishboy 3 kun oldin
The main lady from the second video is Kari from Digimon, God she gets work, good on her
Kim 3 kun oldin
its narrated for blind kids eddy
Robert Cohen
Robert Cohen 3 kun oldin
I just wanna bowl for God's sake
Game Controller
Game Controller 3 kun oldin
That woman from the Tampax ad sounds like Bart Simpson
Game Controller
Game Controller 3 kun oldin
That woman from the Tampax ad sounds like Bart Simpson
Philisofian_ Games
Philisofian_ Games 3 kun oldin
Dj funky fresh got that yee yee ass haircut
MoltyZ 4 kun oldin
thank god that i just learned from the weird kids on the playground
Raccoon The Meme God
Raccoon The Meme God 4 kun oldin
When he said DID HE BRING A GUITAR IN THE BATHROOM this kids my favorite I went 🤟🏻😄🤟🏻 FUCK YEAH
alastor lapid
alastor lapid 4 kun oldin
I'd feel bad for Mike, but he's obviously a complete womanizer.
Atla Fan 7
Atla Fan 7 4 kun oldin
*hello mario*
JewelsVEVO 5 kun oldin
Shiverdamnation 5 kun oldin
The first video’s narration is odd because it’s described video for visually impaired people. That’s why it says things like “he opens the fridge” or “he frowns.” It’s describing the visuals.
Alastryona 5 kun oldin
when a video about sex Ed has better audio description for the visially impared than
Alastryona 5 kun oldin
Our sex Ed was the classic "abstinence or death" Thankfully I'm asexual so
YasshaDoom 3 kun oldin
Yea i was gonna say at least it’s not those.
Andre Klugel
Andre Klugel 5 kun oldin
Trust me, sex ed in school is about a lot of things, but a principal is not allowed to teach about masturbation. There would be an uproar, especially amongst religious parents.
Red Baran
Red Baran 6 kun oldin
From Wauconda same exact education you had.
ZoePoey 6 kun oldin
Ok but the real question, what woman is enticed by the line "I want my plastic" when referring to something going in their vagina? That doesn't sound comfortable at all
I Ate Ciel's Soul, Sorry Sebastian
I Ate Ciel's Soul, Sorry Sebastian 6 kun oldin
Aye I also grew up near Chicago! I had health class last year and tbh I don’t remember anything from it. I do remember the fucking terrible exercises we had to do tho. I also already learnt most of the sex stuff from Ao3, Tumblr, and Wattpad so- Edit: I should have probably mentioned I’m a 16 year old Sophomore now. My first sex education was in Freshman year.
Natalie Przybyla
Natalie Przybyla 6 kun oldin
Hey eddy I wanna know where you found that last one. I need it on vhs
Lord Binks
Lord Binks 6 kun oldin
My teacher showed my class the last one as a joke last year. Best teacher ever.
Alphium Productions
Alphium Productions 6 kun oldin
I think I was shown that first one I couldn’t hear the dad talking because everyone was laughing
All This Dwarvish Racket
All This Dwarvish Racket 6 kun oldin
The narration in the first video is kind of weird. Maybe it was designed for blind/visually impaired kids? That would explain why the narrator described everything onscreen. Netflix has that as an option now for a lot of their shows.
the mini owl
the mini owl 6 kun oldin
That first video is the one my school played.
Curtis Parry
Curtis Parry 7 kun oldin
I was eating food to through out all of this and I’m regretting it
Caramella Biological
Caramella Biological 7 kun oldin
As someone who doesn’t and has never used tampons E
CookieMaHookie 7 kun oldin
ngl the who am i now chorus is pretty bomb
Elijah James
Elijah James 7 kun oldin
Hey champ! Your mom was telling me you’ve been... (subscribing to Eddy Burback). Now I just want to let you know that is completely normal! Ok, good talk.
kuromi 7 kun oldin
I WAS FORCED TO WATCH THE SECOND ONE 3 YEARS AGO AS A FRESHMAN. The sex ed teacher then went on to say the only way to prevent pregnancy was to not have sex. She gave her daughter multiple purity rings and praised abstinence to her and she still ended up pregnant at 16 😭😭
Dontai's Plug biggest fan
Dontai's Plug biggest fan 7 kun oldin
They didn’t even teach me because a kid pulled the fire alarm in 5th grade... they just told us to put on deodorant. I didn’t get to laugh at the teacher saying penis😭😭
YEWS 7 kun oldin
Wow that was amazing....
Magi Guy 789
Magi Guy 789 7 kun oldin
Wheres the one where the guy locks the girl in his closet and blew up his room?
Ozzie Hult
Ozzie Hult 8 kun oldin
Is it just me or does the woman in the second video sound like Haru from beastars?
Samcole Twins
Samcole Twins 8 kun oldin
The editing of this is super cool!!!!
Ca$hMoN3Y 8 kun oldin
Mrs. Beggs Said anus....
tyoni aaliyah
tyoni aaliyah 8 kun oldin
Future version of lil dude was the dude in scooby doo spooky island who was on the video tape talking about the right way to converse as teens or something
Dio 8 kun oldin
I'm glad at least the ads took a backseat to the information
Amarok 8 kun oldin
Okay I actually got shown the bowling one - it's worse than I remember
Kooki 8 kun oldin
"I didnt know you could get those." Me, a women: Me neither 😰
Skysky Nomnom
Skysky Nomnom 8 kun oldin
In our class, the teacher said that girls bleed out their minge every month, and a bloke in the back just screams “WHAT? HOW ARE THEY OKAY?” And it was the single only time I felt validated as a young girl. That 12 year old boy gets it.
EliasMsv 9 kun oldin
They way they only included straight sex-ed and then got surprised when young gay men weren't educated on preventing std's
IVAN ZUNIGA 9 kun oldin
lol our health teacher showed us the first video in school.
Milk GD
Milk GD 9 kun oldin
Sorry im currently stuffing my lungs with a sock
GalaxyBiscuit 9 kun oldin
In Australia, you're taught by that one kid that learned about sex way too early
Natalie 9 kun oldin
Pretty sure the first clip is using described video for people with visual impairments.
Recks 9 kun oldin
Belize Ellis
Belize Ellis 9 kun oldin
our puberty videos were sponsored by Always, and it was really outdated and cringeworthy, and then in high school we saw this insanely boring STI informative video, and so sex ed went from "hiya friends!" to "if you have sex without protection you will DIE! now here are some vocab words to memorise". I think that it would be best taught by a nurse or someone who would actually answer questions, but not make it too cringeworthy or boring.
mao 9 kun oldin
Taranjot P
Taranjot P 9 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure the narration is describe-video for visually impaired people, but if it isn't, I'm really glad they emphasized that Tyler frowned and opened the fridge, otherwise I might've missed that really important detail of the story
Crazy Turtle7184
Crazy Turtle7184 10 kun oldin
We literally watched these
The_One_Titan 10 kun oldin
I think someone left the audio description on while watching this
The_One_Titan 9 kun oldin
@Fynns Channel ah thank you, “blind person description thing” sounds kinda rude to me so
Fynns Channel
Fynns Channel 10 kun oldin
audio description i think its called
Robbie Wadsworth
Robbie Wadsworth 10 kun oldin
These videos today: "This sex education video is brought to you by Raid: Shadow Legends"
Chase CJ Courtney
Chase CJ Courtney 10 kun oldin
Why does the song at the 15 minute mark sound like it’s straight out of a South Park episode? 😂
Just now rub my belleeyyy
Just now rub my belleeyyy 10 kun oldin
Hei. Since you're not qualify it is imperative that you'll put up Pronto a guide link to the proper places that are qualified. Otherwise take the video down
kaur baumann
kaur baumann 10 kun oldin
5:19 i got so scared
Nova Owen
Nova Owen 10 kun oldin
Why does the girl in the second video sound like the English dub of Haru in beastars
Silly Gustavo
Silly Gustavo 11 kun oldin
They should’ve cast Eddy Murphy as the dad
Ethan Klimenko
Ethan Klimenko 11 kun oldin
i thought it was abt the show and was so confused half the video
Orbiting Mars
Orbiting Mars 11 kun oldin
the first one was talk to me this year not even joking. by the way I am 13
Trisha Lennex
Trisha Lennex 9 kun oldin
@Crazy Turtle7184 our school doesn’t have sex-ed (yay us!) but we were showed a video from the 90s about periods in 4th-6th grade I just remembered that we were supposed to have sex Ed last year for my grade but only half the grade got it because of covid, I was not one
Crazy Turtle7184
Crazy Turtle7184 10 kun oldin
They still show these half-assed sex ed videos from the 90s?
Jo 11 kun oldin
I watched the first one in my fifth grade class, and I can say, it was MUCH worse in person.
skippy7552 11 kun oldin
I say "funky fresh" all the time :(
A F O O Z 12 kun oldin
Eddy i think you got the audio descriptive version of the first video
Green Gaming
Green Gaming 12 kun oldin
Teacher: you may laugh because of how uncomfortable you will get Students: *laugh because its just funny and stupid* Teacher: i knew it
Neerg Nilbog
Neerg Nilbog 12 kun oldin
Great video! First off: Watch Dr. Ds Birds and Bees haha Second: HOLY SHIT THATS THE DENNYS FROM MY HOMETOWN
TITANIUM HORNET 13 kun oldin
i feel bad for gay people. they dont even get the privelige of correct sex ed for themselves.
AERB 11 kun oldin
Too true.
Julia Orsborn
Julia Orsborn 13 kun oldin
lol they flashed those Dennys pics and I am shook because the one is in my local Dennys in middle of no where Indiana 🥴
Gabe Kean
Gabe Kean 13 kun oldin
The second video was a wired way to convey the message. It’s like if Remington made a gun safety add but kept plugging there own product.
Alyce Austin
Alyce Austin 14 kun oldin
They never talk about gay/lesbian sex What is it? 2 out of 5 people are gay? and if this is a class ranging from 40-100 students, then thats alot of gay.
Cupcakes_and_Rainbows17 14 kun oldin
this just increased my ptsd
Spi-z 14 kun oldin
So, my school in sixth grade taught (bible belt) sex ed. The only thing they did was homophobic stuff, stds, and that you'll die if you don't use a condom. Also, stringor dengur.
readmyusernamecauseitsso superduperreallyohsolong
readmyusernamecauseitsso superduperreallyohsolong 14 kun oldin
Why has every sex ed video ever been more awkward than everyone of us in middle school
Shroudysquid 14 kun oldin
Tyler is done with this bs narration Tyler pulls out a shiny glock wait Tyler no bang noise of body slomping over
Saylor Mclain
Saylor Mclain 14 kun oldin
In my school, 7th grade, we had probably one hour dedicated to the boys and the girls separately about puberty. And if you took health class in high school you only had a brief discussion, lasting less than ten minutes, about condoms and not doing sex a lot. That was all the sex education I got lol
Rasin 14 kun oldin
who am i now is a banger
Lightlad XD
Lightlad XD 15 kun oldin
“The fact that you grew three inches this month!” see he wasn’t talking about height. So................................
Phudge 15 kun oldin
watched a woman give birth in year 6 (grade 5) sex ed and four kids fainted lol
Caleb Fagundo
Caleb Fagundo 15 kun oldin
they skipped sex ed in my school cuz of covid
JackDaSnacc Productions
JackDaSnacc Productions 15 kun oldin
I know where that second Denny’s picture is taken from. It’s about 45 minutes away from us and my brothers dad once stole a mug from there.
KingMB XJ 15 kun oldin
5:17 i went " *HOLD ON, WAIT WHA-* oh, height. Whoops" at this point.
Cooper Barich
Cooper Barich 16 kun oldin
conceptual 16 kun oldin
in 5th the school showed us videos (they where half 90's and half modern) as they gave us small paper slips that we can write questions on, then like 50% used it for sex jokes (yes somehow in 5th my class known about basics sex facts) or question so Retarded that was funny, after that the school stopped giving us small paper slips or asking questions at all.
Reii 16 kun oldin
"Sex Eddy" sound like a very terrible porn star name.
Yeoubi 16 kun oldin
Why does it look like someone put a stretch filter over the first kids face LMFAO
_Raccoon_ 16 kun oldin
Oh Boy Coke
Oh Boy Coke 17 kun oldin
5:20 when he said “like when you grew 3 inches last month I thought he meant something different from height
Jatta Nabau
Jatta Nabau 17 kun oldin
I'm 22 yo and never have any sex ed, Thanks Edd
Cam Wiltz
Cam Wiltz 17 kun oldin
Boss Fight Beater
Boss Fight Beater 18 kun oldin
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