Stranger Danger Films from the 90's are Insane

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback Yil oldin
slightly misread the corny intro, he’s not an expert in stranger danger already but the dumbass is still supposed to teach kids to be safe after “learning”
Major Kite
Major Kite Kun oldin
I agree, I did not expect the alien to have the literal voice of Invader Zim, I'm not kidding this film is on Richard Horvitz's IMDB
LaxDax 11
LaxDax 11 14 kun oldin
@Jonny Walker yup the guy looks like a homeless gus
LaxDax 11
LaxDax 11 14 kun oldin
EAWKGLE 2 oy oldin
Yes eddy
Hedgehog 11886
Hedgehog 11886 2 oy oldin
it was quite convincing...
jorge 23 soat oldin
I still can't belive i was tricked by the madagasscar video game
TopHat Gaming
TopHat Gaming Kun oldin
*2067* hey kid want to come play playstation 5 Nah fam I got the oculus 37
The Creature Called Pete
The Creature Called Pete Kun oldin
Kids from the video: Have you ever been bullied by someone bigger, stronger, and older than you? Kids in real life: Have you ever been bullied by someone who was uglier, weaker, and smaller than you?
Schembri _
Schembri _ Kun oldin
Kids real talk.... if you wanna be bully proof and predator proof get a Gun.
Vivian Russell
Vivian Russell Kun oldin
Griffin Morgan
Griffin Morgan 2 kun oldin
"go with your gut feeling!" *unzips*
PyroSkeleton Studios
PyroSkeleton Studios 2 kun oldin
How to deal with bullies: Just act turned on when they bully you until they get uncomfortable, then follow them and always act horney around them so they tell other bullies so they don’t bully you
time for Lauryn's opinion
time for Lauryn's opinion 2 kun oldin
the presenter kid's fit in that first video is honestly immaculate, i would totally wear that
Oliver Fubelli
Oliver Fubelli 2 kun oldin
You look like that guy! Ha!
*[ꜱᴛᴇʟʟᴀʀᴏʀɪᴏɴ]* 2 kun oldin
This might just be me, but I like how women are also considered predators in the tapes. Not all predatory people are men, women can also commit crimes as well. Sucks that the justice system and gender norms say otherwise. -_-'
abigail m. walker
abigail m. walker 2 kun oldin
"you're not gonna bill murray this bitch, are you, corny???"
Nettelz 3 kun oldin
The only thing I learned from this is that there's an Over the Hedge game, honestly
Warriorseamonkey16 3 kun oldin
Clout Lord
Clout Lord 3 kun oldin
That gameboy girl is so bad tho
Landon Perry
Landon Perry 3 kun oldin
I'm sorry, Madagascar the movie game was to tempting.
Game Controller
Game Controller 3 kun oldin
If you still get bullied in the 21st century something is definitely wrong with you
Lityne 3 kun oldin
personally, I think John Mullaney should do all stranger danger lessons because street smarts is still in my head.
ThickManFats 4 kun oldin
This is why my dad was the best. He gave me a secret code word. If he sent someone I didn't know to get me, he would tell them the code word and if they passed I was good. I still remember that code word unironically and I'm thank full he did teach me that as a kid
Carter Riddle
Carter Riddle 4 kun oldin
Corny was in a video that my sister made me watch about dealing with your parent's divorce. Corny's friend was the focus of the story and I have no idea why there was an alien and ESPECIALLY since he had no purpose in the story
Conor Dignum
Conor Dignum 4 kun oldin
the crackle:(
horse booms
horse booms 4 kun oldin
If I see a adult coming next to me and I don't even know them I would run like Forrest Gump and never turn back or just kick them in the balls
Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson 4 kun oldin
The guy at 6:26 looks like an older gus
Tate Gibbs
Tate Gibbs 4 kun oldin
Corny being played by Richard Horvitz only adds to my Invader Zim/Helluva Boss experience.
incognitoghost 11
incognitoghost 11 4 kun oldin
Stranger: "Want some candy"
Tyken Grayne
Tyken Grayne 4 kun oldin
Is that the voice of invader zim for corny the alien???
mrbrainiac444 4 kun oldin
Madagascar on ps2 was a legit game
Mr.Snuggles is chonki
Mr.Snuggles is chonki 4 kun oldin
get street smart:why did i see this in school before
Cheese Cucumber
Cheese Cucumber 5 kun oldin
My bullying is very wholesome they just stare at me and then whisper and if I am apparently just an inch too close to their desk because I’m right in front of them they will scoot their desk back in quietly say eww
Arbitraryberry 1
Arbitraryberry 1 5 kun oldin
Bully: walks up to me me:wearing "gang colors." me: oh your approaching me?
Yeetboi Fraser
Yeetboi Fraser 5 kun oldin
15:49 I’m sorry but can’t he just jump as they are pulling out?
aksalaheddine78 6 kun oldin
This is why aliens won’t visit us.
aksalaheddine78 6 kun oldin
I had this connected to a goddamn Bluetooth speaker and it was going DDSRETCDXChfggwfugxfu- and I almost shit myself
banana snake
banana snake 6 kun oldin
What kind of Hell is Corny stuck in?
kela 6 kun oldin
cue john mulaney yelling *STREET SMARTS*
Blim M
Blim M 6 kun oldin
i once had a guy ask me for cigs and when i told him i didnt have any he just circled me with his car like a fucking shark. i love being a teen girl
FissleDissle 7 kun oldin
12:58-13:09 as a kid that never did encounter a stranger before in his life, I WILL FALL FOR THAT ONE SO EASILY
Tea Iknowtea
Tea Iknowtea 7 kun oldin
My grandma told me when she was a kid she'd go outside on the street at nighttime and the kids in the street would all play
Kipper Klank
Kipper Klank 7 kun oldin
I had both the madagascar and over the hedge games ;n;
gab nut
gab nut 7 kun oldin
i think i'm the only one to notice this but, the kids bulling the other kids was very akward
Peter Vigil
Peter Vigil 7 kun oldin
6:42 oh no... it’s lawsuit gus
B19FTW 7 kun oldin
My wife's immediate reaction to the guy trying to lure kids with the 'we're filming a movie' thing: "Is that Gus Johnson?"
itsakat3120 8 kun oldin
Hey kid want to buy some o n i o n j u i c e.
HoodieNinja 16
HoodieNinja 16 8 kun oldin
When he said stranger danger and I thought he said stranger things...
LØRD GØØN 8 kun oldin
Fun fact: Corny was played by Richard Horvitz; a voice actor you may recognize from Invader Zim, The Angry Beavers, Psychonauts, Destroy All Humans, etc. That guy gets around.
A Zebra
A Zebra 8 kun oldin
maybe we shouldn't be teaching kids it's okay to accept gum (or anything) from strangers
Ryan Xu
Ryan Xu 8 kun oldin
7:05 remember, dont trust adults who play with balls
Braden Powell
Braden Powell 9 kun oldin
Footboy #2 looks like Gus.
PlayedTooMuch 9 kun oldin
while these are good, boys beware is infinitely more funny than any of these
zein obeid
zein obeid 9 kun oldin
if his friends were not there, corny would be at the back of a milk carton or a rape victim on newspapers
Alexis Corriveau
Alexis Corriveau 9 kun oldin
Corny lives in Sudden Valley
KAYLEE Smith 9 kun oldin
The backwards shuffle at 4:11 was so smooth
Elish 9 kun oldin
Damn a Hug?. Bro
skagen33 9 kun oldin
yeah nerd what are you looking at go to the next comment nerd
Trash Pandaa
Trash Pandaa 9 kun oldin
Corny came to us, that means he is from an interstellar species far more advanced than us. How they have managed to survive, I have no idea
Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi
Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi 9 kun oldin
2:24 thats not the bully's friend, its just a random person who was like "that looks fun, i'll join"
Tim Burlingame
Tim Burlingame 10 kun oldin
We watched the Corny video! I thought it was a fever dream!
Aurora Matthews
Aurora Matthews 10 kun oldin
Matthew Stratford
Matthew Stratford 10 kun oldin
this alien is stupid
Aidan Lieb
Aidan Lieb 10 kun oldin
i just had an epiphany. the legend of zelda majora's mask is a ripoff of the alien one. the strangers are the moon/skull kid/majora, the watch is the song of time, and corny is in a loop, resetting over and over again, gaining the skills he needs to not get kidnapped, or defeat majora. majora's mask came out in 2001 i believe, so it is a ripoff.
Jude Castro
Jude Castro 10 kun oldin
Me in intro" wath"
Rashad Nagi
Rashad Nagi 10 kun oldin
I still love Richard Horwitz. Fun to see he's played an alien besides Zim
Gabi forqueta
Gabi forqueta 10 kun oldin
I love this dude. He acts like his drunk most of the time and the rest of the time he is drunk. You know you've found a quality, long-lasting channel when the dude making the videos is in no time already corrupted by the internet XD With all honesty, give me more, pls
joshua coldwel
joshua coldwel 11 kun oldin
I remember watching some movies as a kid I remember there was also a cigarette one we're teachers used to not smoke cigarettes and it was in CG so it looks pretty ugly
Lenna R
Lenna R 11 kun oldin
Really weird roguelike that aliens in
Revenant Cascade
Revenant Cascade 11 kun oldin
Eddy is the New Jontron, change my mind
furry flex
furry flex 11 kun oldin
2:41 im going to get ricrold
Steven Jarreau
Steven Jarreau 11 kun oldin
2:35 the kid walking by is a jackass telling kids not to get bullied as he watches a kid get bullied
The Pez Dispenser
The Pez Dispenser 11 kun oldin
We need JJ Bittenbinder to teach you kids a few things about Street Smarts considering these tapes did jack shit
Freakie Weegie
Freakie Weegie 11 kun oldin
A alien getting abducted by humans...what a twist
The_One_Titan 12 kun oldin
I was never bullied, mainly because I was the tallest in all my grades so they were scared Though I weak af
AvoSmash 12 kun oldin
that abduction montage is like a hilarious cruel humored joke from American Dad or something
Zoie Martinez
Zoie Martinez 12 kun oldin
I was late for the bus once you when I was a kid, somone came up to me in their car and asked "hey do you need a ride?" And my dumb 11 year old ass said yes and hopped in the car. They drove me to the next bus stop, and I got out and went into the bus. I didn't die. I was fine.
Lord_Alex12 12 kun oldin
0:30 sounds like you need to find games that that don't suck (my apologies to anyone who actually likes those games)
LBJFKKK LBJFKKK 12 kun oldin
Ive been looking for this forever! Out of all the dumb 90s educational movies we were forced to watch growing up this one stood out. Everytime i tried asking one of my friends if they remembered the stranger danger movie where this kid with a teleporter almost gets abducted every 5 minutes they always said no. I didn't remember him being an alien though.
x0nl 12 kun oldin
STRANGER: Aww wittwle kiddie wana play some ps2 games? KID: Aww wittwle stranger, wana eat a knuckle sandwitch?
Pingapong 12 kun oldin
"Have you ever been bullied then someone bigger and stronger than you?" 𝘓𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘸𝘢𝘭𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘸𝘢𝘺 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘢 𝘬𝘪𝘥 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘣𝘶𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘥
Max of the Toad Brigade
Max of the Toad Brigade 13 kun oldin
2:39 yes, more than the average human, actually, is there something conceptually wrong with me? If so, what is wrong with me? And more importantly, what can I do to improve?
King Glitchez
King Glitchez 13 kun oldin
i feel insulted by corny... i'm a capi
The MARIO Masher
The MARIO Masher 13 kun oldin
3:50 pre-teen freddy kruger
Wakko 13 kun oldin
Stranger:you want some candy? Me:nah I’m more of a savory person Stranger:how about a PS5? Me:listen don’t want anything unless you have a machine that can bring cartoon husbandos to life I don’t want anything,goodbye. Stranger:Damn nvm that girls weird
Kori Simmons
Kori Simmons 13 kun oldin
I do remember having a code word with my mom when I was really young. I pretty sure she’s forgotten about it but I’ve always remembered it.
Now im scared
Mal0 13 kun oldin
*To teach the kids how to make the world a safer place* “ok kids! What do you do when a stranger offers you candy? That’s right, Lucy. You pull out the gat and tell him to get his/her degenerate ass out of town before you turn their bitch ass into Swiss cheese.”
kingoftherats 13 kun oldin
street smarts with jj bittenbinder
Thevirtualpug 13 kun oldin
throughout this whole video I was imagining John Mulaney jump wile saying "Tip number one STREET SMARTS!".
Phillip Nolen
Phillip Nolen 13 kun oldin
I like ur content i think i will sub
Retro Renator
Retro Renator 13 kun oldin
Hey im a capricorn 10:12
The Noname Household
The Noname Household 14 kun oldin
My approach to teaching kids about the topic was frowned upon by everyone for being "a violation of human rights" as if sex offenders had ANY rights at all! I mean, do they... at that point? ~Tucker
Rossachacj Liam
Rossachacj Liam 14 kun oldin
In the most Alabama accent "you already know a bout strangers dressing up in uniforms".
flufy_duck 14 kun oldin
Wait that was a pick up truck they put corny in and the stupid girl closes the pick ups door and corny should have jumped out
-Joker- UwU
-Joker- UwU 14 kun oldin
bloxboy919 14 kun oldin
am i an idiot for thinking this was a stranger things video
Crushelnast 14 kun oldin
“Hello child, want free WiFi?” *”Sure”*
mr manatee
mr manatee 14 kun oldin
Freddie Kruger is real
mr manatee
mr manatee 14 kun oldin
13:19 that's Hollywood baby
mr manatee
mr manatee 14 kun oldin
What am I looking at that ugly ass shirt
Ava tale
Ava tale 14 kun oldin
They was probably taking him to some secret government lab to be examined
D's vidz
D's vidz 14 kun oldin
I don't care if it is a possible danger, its Over the Hedge and Madagascar 2! on the *PS2!*
Shroudysquid 14 kun oldin
Remember mcgruff he be like here we little Sally and now she got in the car we never see her again
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