Spy High: The Most 2000's Movie of All Time

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Eddy Burback

4 oy oldin

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 oy oldin
happy to be back making fun shit again! if you want to follow me on instagram and twitch @eddyburback that would be sicko mode
Kiwo Oy oldin
This would be the perfect vpn sponsor :(
jay duh
jay duh Oy oldin
I love hearing people talking about crap movies. Almost as much as watching them. You sir have a new scrub. Great stuff dude.
Matt Fairthorne
Matt Fairthorne 3 oy oldin
We had video chat and could transfer games and files in 2000 lol It may have been tame but it was outstanding at the time
George Burchett
George Burchett 3 oy oldin
guess who's back, back again, eddy's back! tell a friend, ( i cant tho have no friends)
DaKermitFrog 3 oy oldin
Hey buddy, hey guy.. my friend.. Eddy, you should do a video acknowledging the "over the top, over zealous" paid "plants/staff" in the audience of shows like Colbert, kimmel, fallon, meyers, etc. These people get paid to laugh out loud at jokes, to trick the audience into laughing/on queue. Sup with this. -P.s Thanks pal.
Punkclown 5 soat oldin
this video is really hacking into my mainframe
Ashley Tolfo
Ashley Tolfo 5 soat oldin
NOOOO TWISTERRRRR!!!!!! Edit: Oh.... jumped the gun on this comment...
Joshiejandro23 Kun oldin
12:01 your taxes in use
Ethan Cox
Ethan Cox Kun oldin
15:22 Gus
Sky Ravens
Sky Ravens 2 kun oldin
Eddy all you have to do is look up Nicolas cage and you'll find dozens of movies that fall into the eddy zoon smh
Chelsey Olalde
Chelsey Olalde 2 kun oldin
If they have face morphing tech why did they need the kids.
Davi Alves
Davi Alves 2 kun oldin
This movie goes from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK.
Clulessidiot OwO
Clulessidiot OwO 2 kun oldin
You seriously need to do a review of Monster Squad, it's a terrible 80's movie that I watched with my dad. It's so amazingly bad, please watch it.
Melibond 64
Melibond 64 3 kun oldin
13:56 You didn't have to apologize, it was clearly a joke. Don't let cancel culture get to you man.
Lucas from Sinnoh
Lucas from Sinnoh 3 kun oldin
Not to be confused with Sky High, which is basically the exact same thing but with superheroes.
Ross in a Pail
Ross in a Pail 3 kun oldin
Alternative title- andrews pc can’t run cyberpunk so he try’s to use GeForce experience and accidentally becomes a spy
Jenny Wechter
Jenny Wechter 4 kun oldin
The emotional manipulation of late 90s and early 2000s movies where they pull the 'kill the most innocent character and bring them back to life' trope
Punit Daga
Punit Daga 4 kun oldin
Ah, this is where Christopher Nolan got the idea to play the music super loud on tenet from
goodsirbear -
goodsirbear - 4 kun oldin
as an Andrew I take EXTREME offense
midnight_purple 5 kun oldin
Are you mailbox shaming???
Trey McCurdy
Trey McCurdy 6 kun oldin
What a crazy twist....... er
Parker Isles
Parker Isles 7 kun oldin
Why is Andrew giving me Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder vibes?
Gucci Steak
Gucci Steak 7 kun oldin
17:40 it involves peanut butter
Gucci Steak
Gucci Steak 7 kun oldin
Andrew, the first Vtuber
JPK 7 kun oldin
Nice try Eddy, you thought I wouldn’t notice it that the “ghost” of RayJay was just a Hologram?
Jazz Rockur
Jazz Rockur 7 kun oldin
The editing of the music over the villan speaking 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 prisoner like "WTF?" 😂😂😂
Anthon Hax
Anthon Hax 7 kun oldin
You are a genius burback, i watched it 2 times and still am laughing my ass off
yohanes feta
yohanes feta 7 kun oldin
Andrew look like Jim Carrey deep faked to Ryan Reynolds.
spacehummus 8 kun oldin
I feel like whoever wrote this movie had heard the title of the movie “War Games,” didn’t ever actually watch it, and just thought that was a neat idea and ran with it
Alex Coal
Alex Coal 9 kun oldin
As described, the Eddy Zone is the G Spot
Squidwardo productions
Squidwardo productions 9 kun oldin
the real most 2000's movie of all time was the fast and the furious
earth spirit
earth spirit 10 kun oldin
idk what a mainframe is lol
Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker 10 kun oldin
Please please please watch "Clockstoppers". I loves that movie so much as a kid but like wow I know it has to be so cringe
Sophia Nílsson
Sophia Nílsson 10 kun oldin
Why are his bullies 35 years old?
Fantastic Mr. Foot
Fantastic Mr. Foot 10 kun oldin
the scientist looks a lot like Gus
David Sitter
David Sitter 10 kun oldin
That movie needed 900% more rocky
Jordan Aldrich
Jordan Aldrich 11 kun oldin
I just looked through the comments and didn't see anyone mention this, so I think I'm alone in this but. This movie just seems like an absolute rip-off of the 1983 movie, War Games. War Games is about a kid who accidentally hacks the U.S. government while trying to play this new video game. But the game he downloads is a WWIII simulator, and he almost single-handedly starts WWIII. It might sound like a bad movie, but It's actually super good, unlike this garbage ripoff.
lil lasagna
lil lasagna 11 kun oldin
This movie was unironically one of my favorites as a kid.
A L O N E 11 kun oldin
7:40 Really did a Mission Impossible
vampirechick1159 12 kun oldin
So you just skipped right over Spy Kids 3 huh
Anthony Zanoni
Anthony Zanoni 12 kun oldin
What about birdemic? The incredible bulk? Also you watched spykids 1 and 2, wanted to watch another spy child film and you didnt watch spykids 3D?! SHAME
Bobby Eding
Bobby Eding 12 kun oldin
Me about to get mad because I thought I was sky high
Caswillsaveme 14 kun oldin
Why does this movie look bomb as fuck
asher comes
asher comes 14 kun oldin
Though it said sky high, and I got really excited.
Jenn Sinkey
Jenn Sinkey 14 kun oldin
Sky high was better
Tyler Conley
Tyler Conley 17 kun oldin
Dude broke into their house and poured a whole glass of milk and no one even questioned it
Tyler Conley
Tyler Conley 17 kun oldin
A full glass of milk!
Tyler Conley
Tyler Conley 17 kun oldin
Why was he holding a full glass of milk?
Tyler Conley
Tyler Conley 17 kun oldin
Damn Twister had his report and everything? What an epic movie
Kenneth Chung
Kenneth Chung 17 kun oldin
Wouldn’t twister be dead by now?
Foolish Infant
Foolish Infant 18 kun oldin
Drip floppa
Paxton Goldston
Paxton Goldston 19 kun oldin
I love these videos man I absolutely adore them hope you fine more to your liking I recommend rubber it's funny as hell man
Toothbrush cat
Toothbrush cat 19 kun oldin
the soundtrack though
Austin S.
Austin S. 19 kun oldin
Where can I watch this masterpiece?
Clarke K
Clarke K 17 kun oldin
It’s on Tubi and Amazon Prime. I just watched it and it is the perfect example of a movie that is “so bad it’s good”
Fflawed 20 kun oldin
Why does a studio named "Pulsepounders Productions" make movies for children?
Nathan Schoepp
Nathan Schoepp 21 kun oldin
When he said spy high i honestly thought he said sky high
ShadowWolf_Ops 21 kun oldin
Lol my little kid brain watched this and thought, oh yea this makes total sense
Luke Saltiboi
Luke Saltiboi 21 kun oldin
They watched Austin powers and thought it was popular because it was a good movie.
High Street Animations
High Street Animations 21 kun oldin
Wait. You have a shirt for uncut jems. You really are like my dad! Eddy Never change!
Octo B
Octo B 23 kun oldin
Twister is good boy
Noah Deibler
Noah Deibler 24 kun oldin
I think the guy was supposed to be 18, still weird but legal
Goktan Keles
Goktan Keles 25 kun oldin
I thought you called Sky High a bad movie for a sec and I was about to flip my shit
You cant beat K
You cant beat K 26 kun oldin
Why does it matter if he's an adult and she's a child when they're only probably like a couple years apart? Hell you can be in high school and be an adult you know.
Leo Meaker
Leo Meaker 27 kun oldin
Do super Mario bros
Amal D
Amal D 27 kun oldin
liked this video for the Eddy Zone joke alone lmao
You cant beat K
You cant beat K 27 kun oldin
Twister is probably dead.
You cant beat K
You cant beat K 27 kun oldin
The tech in this film is oddly predictive.
Charlie Dawson
Charlie Dawson 28 kun oldin
*googles life expectancy of a dog*
KCRambler 28 kun oldin
Jaws 3-D is the perfect bad good movie
Lauren 29 kun oldin
Eddy "Said do the dishes!" and my ad said "You're not a dish."
David Hayward
David Hayward Oy oldin
Can't believe Andrew's discord admin groomer GF was a fucking fed the whole time. shaking my smh...
Ethan Oy oldin
When you hack into a government computer just to play a video game
OB2Kenobi Oy oldin
11:51 When she said "Let me show you what a woman can do. Gentlemen, to the window" for a sec I thought she was gonna prank send nudes to the government computer
Shane Oy oldin
This feels like I'm showing my dad something, except he finds it on his own and he's not my dad
Lola Critchlow
Lola Critchlow Oy oldin
This is a rip off of WarGames...
KOMO Oy oldin
"im just not gonna say anything. oops i said something"
Spreets Oy oldin
18:36 is the best screen ever.
👋I'm just gonna wave I'm not gonna comment anything. Oh no
That's Fire
That's Fire Oy oldin
Enders game, meets spy kids, meets hackers, meets an extra chromosome.
That's Fire
That's Fire Oy oldin
Speaking if awesomely bad. I rewatched Samurai Cop about a month ago. Classic.
Jack Cahill
Jack Cahill Oy oldin
Eddy: His style is impeccable Also Eddy: Wearing the same shirt with a slightly different pattern
Tristan Willis
Tristan Willis Oy oldin
Andrew is the 2000's version of Chad.
Tristan Willis
Tristan Willis Oy oldin
Plot Twist: Its called "Spy High" because all the teenagers are secretly high on weed, which is why they are such bad actors.
Leaders Tech
Leaders Tech Oy oldin
Uno Ptoono
Uno Ptoono Oy oldin
18:19 cool tv
baybee obama
baybee obama Oy oldin
Zippy Oy oldin
Everyone who worked on this must be dead with embarrassment by now.
Kari Greyd
Kari Greyd Oy oldin
That dog is adorable 😍😍😍😍
Akmal Nisar
Akmal Nisar Oy oldin
Why does the protagonist look like a young brain dead version of Ryan Reynolds
ImmortalBroken Oy oldin
Thad Luckinbill (blond guy) is the only one here I know from other stuff. He's actually a decent actor, but he tends to play either good guy hero or popular douche. Him trying to be the funny sidekick was playing against type and really didn't work out. Then again, I don't know if anyone could have made that script (intentionally) funny.
SeeShu Oy oldin
who else thought it was "Sky High"
yokingcarrot456 Oy oldin
That's it
Anime Child
Anime Child Oy oldin
Katherine looks like danielle bregoli lmao
Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan Oy oldin
I think the laser show is what they thought strong wifi wifi would do
Crathion Oy oldin
Hey rockstar love read dead 2 but I don’t think my computer is powerful enough to run it. Can you get me into a really hot mainframe
Leaders Tech
Leaders Tech Oy oldin
Kemeeestry Oy oldin
The scientist with the ice cream reaalllly looks like Gus, especially at 15:22
Ria Oy oldin
Eddy, your good man. The joke about how easy it is to become a spy, freaking hilarious. My son's and I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, and don't worry...I totally don't blame you at all for my 14 and 15 year old son's, who are also in high school, now dating(online of course) two grown women in college who also happen to be CIA agents. However, if my son's become high school spies, that is where I will cross the line. I will be promptly sending a strongly, worded letter to Gus Johnson informing him of your actions. Good day sir🎩
The Bob Good Show
The Bob Good Show Oy oldin
Yes twister was 54
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer Oy oldin
17:50 Who's are they holding though?
Liam McDermott
Liam McDermott Oy oldin
Twister is 54?
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer Oy oldin
Gotta say... Twister really "Rocky'd" it... I'm sorry, I truly am...
The Mouse in the House
The Mouse in the House Oy oldin
These are the least highschool looking high schoolers
Jame S
Jame S Oy oldin
Do the dirt bike kid pls
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Oy oldin
i can't be the only one who thinks the main guy looks like ryan reynolds
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