Remember When Microsoft Lied to Us?

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Eddy Burback

Yil oldin

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Sarah Woodlief
Sarah Woodlief 3 soat oldin
Fezee 11 soat oldin
I never realised that these were BS... I was around 6-7 years old went over my cousins house and played this game, it didn't function properly but I thought I was doing something wrong... I have lived a lie for over a decade and I had no idea of this bullshit
Fezee 12 soat oldin
Free my homie Milo
Vincent Kun oldin
kinects are only useful for weird tech nerds who program bugs into their scripts all day long
Frisky Django
Frisky Django Kun oldin
This video was edited so well. Imagine me doing one of those Italian chef kisses they do with their fingers; that’s what this video is.
davi commie
davi commie Kun oldin
kinect adventures was real!!!???? i had it!!! i played it at my cousins house???
Mr Dog :3
Mr Dog :3 2 kun oldin
I'm liking the halo music eddy
BG 360
BG 360 2 kun oldin
6:51 I love how the programer is wearing Sony headphones but is working for Xbox, it's just so ironic
OctoBrain 2 kun oldin
I legit had this as a kid and NEVER once thought why It was so fucking ass or anything and was bought Kinect Adventures and finding out about this is pretty fucking weird.
dude siri is voice acted
Alex10_0 2 kun oldin
16:46 pretty much the entire video summarised
Jerry 2 kun oldin
kinect adventures was genuinely good
123 3 kun oldin
Loving the 90s mustache
the mini owl
the mini owl 3 kun oldin
No I do not remember
crazyblake Shenanigans
crazyblake Shenanigans 3 kun oldin
shadow of the colossus music in the start
Noah Meyer
Noah Meyer 3 kun oldin
Dude I had the same experience with being fooled by the advertising growing up. The crazy thing is, the technology of the kinect *sensor* was incredibly advanced, they just couldn't figure out how to realistically apply it to a videogame.
Jellyroll Jellyjinks
Jellyroll Jellyjinks 3 kun oldin
I had Kinect adventures and it was so freaking fun
Gingerneer 3 kun oldin
Tony Lombardino
Tony Lombardino 4 kun oldin
Haven't watched the video yet but something I think about constantly Back when the Xbox S.A.D edition was announced, I heard about being able to turn your physical games into a gamestop or other retailers to convert them into download codes, but after like 2 months they scrubbed the internet of it and I haven't heard about it since. Did I make that up? Was it a dream? Idk man I think that would've made the S.A.D edition more profitable if they followed through with that claim
Nicholas Fedeli
Nicholas Fedeli 4 kun oldin
My friends name is Milo so take that information as you will.
Will Haupt
Will Haupt 4 kun oldin
Wait but Kinectimals came out tho
Ashton Wing
Ashton Wing 5 kun oldin
My family bought a Kinect, and Kinect adventures was actually pretty fun
midnight_purple 5 kun oldin
I got a ps3 when it came out lol
Tyrannosaurus Cow
Tyrannosaurus Cow 5 kun oldin
I have a Kinect. I had no Kinect games. By the time I wanted to use it, it was discontinued.
R00B 6 kun oldin
Playstation throughout the intro: Now what if we do what xbox is doing... but better?
Lubdy 7 kun oldin
The ps2 did have itoy tho
Hyndergogen9 8 kun oldin
Fun "Fuck Bill Gates" related fact: The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation have gotten people killed by strong arming the developers of the AstraZeneca vaccine into selling them the patent, instead of making the vaccine open source.
Martha S
Martha S 8 kun oldin
....I never knew the kinectimals didn’t actually happen.
SA ST 8 kun oldin
Kinect adventured works for me very good
Cookie 8 kun oldin
i just remember messing with my friends Xbox by waving my hands in front of it while he was playing
Cookie 8 kun oldin
you forgot falsehoods
Am-bush gaming
Am-bush gaming 9 kun oldin
The Kinect was great! The motion tracking was garbage, but so much nostalgia
Arthur Flowers
Arthur Flowers 9 kun oldin
Imagine not being able to play your Xbox for like 2 hours because the fake boy inside doesn’t want to do his homework
Spine Bones
Spine Bones 10 kun oldin
my grandma had a Kinect and we used to rent that cat game from family video. I thought it was a blast when I was like 7.
XXXCLXVT 44 10 kun oldin
Man Xbox down bad
Valhalla 10 kun oldin
You can thank don mattrick for all of this It wasn't phil Spencer it was don mattrick
tess carney
tess carney 10 kun oldin
kinect. adventures fucks sorry eddy
Can'O Whoopass
Can'O Whoopass 12 kun oldin
Im so FUCKING glad i bought a PS3.
Sir. Admin
Sir. Admin 13 kun oldin
dont buy raycons, the story he tells about him using them for months and loving them is a lie, everyone says this and its just not true, they are a garbage product, watch any review on them that isnt sponsored by RAYCON THEMSELVES and you will see what I mean...
Marco Acosta
Marco Acosta 14 kun oldin
Watch it come out on 2022
IM2OFU 15 kun oldin
Tony looks like Eddie but also Dunkey
BraydenM 15 kun oldin
Today is Feb 17th. I'ma watch this again tomorrow
All All
All All 16 kun oldin
I have a connect
Lench 2400
Lench 2400 17 kun oldin
Yo You set that story up SO well
Lench 2400
Lench 2400 17 kun oldin
You fucking killed me with that “you know, my prime” line
Tyler Conley
Tyler Conley 17 kun oldin
Eddy: "this video includes little people in cowboy outfits, talk show hosts covered in raw meat and old musicians air humping before Ralph Nader deemed it sexual"
Natty Felleke
Natty Felleke 17 kun oldin
I feel so crazy because I had a perfect experience with my kinect. I still use it sometimes today.
Fish Boi 2000
Fish Boi 2000 17 kun oldin
Holy sh*t Microsoft. Everyone's going wild over the robot boy you created that can fix broken marriages. Oh wait? It can bring back grandpa from the F*cking dead? Omg I have to get this now.
The art wolf
The art wolf 18 kun oldin
Kinect adventures slapped
Kunisake 19 kun oldin
2009... what a weird year
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 20 kun oldin
Ummm you're a wicked Nerd Eddy. Just letting you know
SkyNinja 21 kun oldin
WHY is there no Skylanders in there. Wtf man.
CJP 22 kun oldin
I *loved* Kinect Adventures
Elijah 23 kun oldin
Wrongies XD
Seanoldio Sweatio
Seanoldio Sweatio 24 kun oldin
I liked controlling Netflix and Skyrim with my voice, it was fun. I will say, that it was overhyped and straight up exaggerated.
Joshua Nathan
Joshua Nathan 25 kun oldin
err i use arch
mcdonalds 022
mcdonalds 022 26 kun oldin
already hate xbox playstation #1
rise8604 27 kun oldin
You forgot Left 4 dead on the best xbox games conversation
M3MZ4DAYZ BOI 28 kun oldin
I remember playing Kinect adventures and sports
Golden Zen
Golden Zen 29 kun oldin
Voice actor must say every word that ever existed
scottishrob13 29 kun oldin
Hmm. Weird. Dunno if it's cause I was a bit older and new how to set it up, but I loved the Kinect. Like, that Macy's demo wasn't in the right lighting conditions at all, which is also why some of these "live" stage demos couldn't actually be live. Everything I tried worked as advertised. I didn't get into the advertising though, so I dunno everything about game concepts that were presented and then canned. Project Milo was always going to fail though, that one I remember. Peter Molyneux is kind of a liar mcliarpants who really likes to try and push blame onto the easiest target, usually "the tech". He's done some visionary stuff, but he's really dishonest. I miss the Kinect.
Apollyon 29 kun oldin
Shut up Kinect adventures was perfection
Apollyon 20 kun oldin
@Dutch I have fond memories
Little Blue Blob
Little Blue Blob 29 kun oldin
but i 100%ed kinect adventures
Well Dressed Bird
Well Dressed Bird 29 kun oldin
Eddy and Ray J leaning against each other has the energy of “my boyfriend said he could handle drinking an espresso after 5pm but he CAN’T”
pug_master 1234
pug_master 1234 29 kun oldin
The wink means it’s alcoholic
Average Po
Average Po Oy oldin
One time when I was in 6th grade a freshman punched me in the gonads for talking about playstation move with a friend at a football game. He out of nowhere overheard us, walked up, said "Kinect is better why would I use wii remotes on a gaystation?" then proceeded to punch a 12 year old. Ahhh to be a kid again. (His older sister later bribed me with a $5 bill to not tell the cops)
Mr Tortoise
Mr Tortoise Oy oldin
If someone actually was able to make milo actually like the way it was advertised, that would be dope too bad that would take forever
I'm bad at blender
I'm bad at blender Oy oldin
Cyberpunk in a nutshell
Owen McDaniel
Owen McDaniel Oy oldin
i got one with my xbox
TaiTaiPlayz Oy oldin
I got the ps3 1 month before the announcemet of the ps4
Jacooblay Oy oldin
Heh heh, this was my birthday Dislike if you agree
Kiezly Oy oldin
i actually enjoyed kinect.... guess im a minority
Adri Oy oldin
This must be a really good video since its on Eddie's "Best" playlist twice.
Asher Adams
Asher Adams Oy oldin
kinectamles and kinect adventures were amazing it might be because i was really young but remember it being amazing
Devin Neiwert
Devin Neiwert Oy oldin
i will stand by my belief that the best use of the kinect was in that one paranormal activity movie where u can see the ghost in the sensor lights
Colin Sugimura
Colin Sugimura Oy oldin
Deceit and lies,Micheal you there
Derpo Gaming
Derpo Gaming Oy oldin
Anyone else remember Gunslinger for the kinect?
Toothpaste Oy oldin
"best selling console of all time" you mean that generation because then the wii commited murder
Milo Whitley
Milo Whitley Oy oldin
Jackaloper Oy oldin
i played a version of kinectables, back in like, 2010, i had this fucking tiger and it was like, the fucking best, you could clean it, feed it, i was mad obsessed
Lauren McMichael
Lauren McMichael Oy oldin
I remember the biggest reason I wanted the Kinect was the sole purpose of the Kinectables. I distinctly remember looking through the main menu of the console and wondering where the hell that game was. Eventually gave up, and just figured I did something wrong while setting it up. This is weirdly comforting. hahahah
TheRosieGhost Gaming
TheRosieGhost Gaming Oy oldin
I actually remember my parents bought me a kinect and that one game kinectimals and it worked for like 1 week then just froze and we couldnt fix it
Furiousnick Oy oldin
Eddy: Remember when Microsoft lied to us? Me: Which time?
Conner Oy oldin
I grew up with the Xbox 360. I didn’t know how much better other consoles were. It’s odd. Kinect Adventures was my Wii Sports; it’s very nostalgic to me. I played it all the time.
Catfishtoast Oy oldin
Eyetoy has been forgotten
Svndwich Oy oldin
PlayStation 3 had free online. Good times
Joe Cola
Joe Cola Oy oldin
Here after Microsoft back offed on making Xbox Gold $120 a year
MajorJordan Oy oldin
Here after Microsoft announced that Xbox Gold is now $120 a year
Caleb Bartlett
Caleb Bartlett Oy oldin
My kinect came with my xbox so i got to play shitty games for free
Daxos Nessus
Daxos Nessus Oy oldin
Wow. Big company? Lie? Noooooo WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyyyyy
Marissa Cable
Marissa Cable Oy oldin
I actually have kinectamals and kinet adventures
zilonette verified
zilonette verified Oy oldin
milo is dead
Zach Smith
Zach Smith Oy oldin
12:26 This footage is very eery. Could someone tell me where it's from?
J.T. Illingworth
J.T. Illingworth Oy oldin
Nice cup
Frits Wijnen
Frits Wijnen Oy oldin
Lol i hate microsoft they ruined minecraft PE
NoName ForMe
NoName ForMe Oy oldin
no I actually didn't remember.
Little_Wip Oy oldin
When I look at him I get hello neighbor vibes
curtie Oy oldin
the uncharted theme
Kasie Ruiz
Kasie Ruiz Oy oldin
Ah yes, mistrues and wrongies.
Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen Oy oldin
The Kinect worked -- you just didn't like it -- people still use them for VR body tracking, and 3D scanning regularly... and even apparently for art heists (seriously, a huge art heist just got pulled off in Berlin last year, where they took a really good quality 3D scan of some statues or something -- it's considered theft because they don't allow people to even take pictures, let alone 3D scans -- the people doing the scan like had do a lot of really extensive planning, like hide the Kinect under a coat, and planned the movements of the security guards out and everything...).
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