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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 yil oldin
merch links are in the description and if you don’t want know i carry, right?
l1m3light 4 kun oldin
whys everyone gotta sound off on eddy? he makes opinion based videos every single time yet nobody argues unless their political views are at stake...whys everyone so quick to defend themselves against criticism when all said "criticism" is saying this person is kinda annoying to me?
Jaden 213
Jaden 213 7 kun oldin
Simulation Jake
Simulation Jake 8 kun oldin
Can I get a name for research purposes
Spit Oy oldin
@Joshua Broussard I love you. 😏
Pyro Shrimp
Pyro Shrimp Oy oldin
Hey can i have the sunglasses I have one video up with like 2 views
alisha orenchuk
alisha orenchuk 10 soat oldin
The one political comment you made was really awesome man. It’s so true. Much respect my friend.
mizer451 14 soat oldin
HAHA You removed the BETA HYPOCRITE comment bahahahahahahahahahahhaha
mizer451 Soat oldin
@Space marine Community pool ? Watch the video that's my pool BOY, maybe when you grow up into a man you might have something like this it all starts with you getting out of your liberal basement and being somebody
Space marine
Space marine Soat oldin
@mizer451 A community pool?
mizer451 Soat oldin
@Space marine Check out the Blastoise Video with my pool 👀 see how I'm living down here in Florida we don't have basements here but we do have in ground pools! 😉 Why don't you make a video and show your place off ???
Space marine
Space marine 2 soat oldin
@mizer451 Holy shit your actually living in a basement making pokemon card videos.
Space marine
Space marine 2 soat oldin
​@mizer451You don't know slang? Holy shit you really are living in a basement.
mizer451 17 soat oldin
You look like an idiot and no one wants your lousy shirts 🙄 make a video where you show how many people DIDNT buy your ugly merchandise
notmypasswor amazingman
notmypasswor amazingman 15 soat oldin
No need to get salty cause ppl calling out ur crush for being shitty
mizer451 17 soat oldin
I think her guns are awesome!!! And it would be fun to hangout and shoot guns with her, love it!
Zero-Six 19 soat oldin
It’s very confusing to see a woman celebrating not having rights by shooting pumpkins
Peter Giordano
Peter Giordano 19 soat oldin
“Fuck you still but you’re in front of me now” LMAO
Ella Powell
Ella Powell Kun oldin
Love how Eddy whispers gun and then turns around and points one directly at the camera
Madisen Kornele
Madisen Kornele Kun oldin
"You know I carry right?" I'm from Texas. I'm not suprised she have a gun. That guy over there has a gun, my mom has a gun, the grocery store cashier has a gun, that baby has one, that dog has one. She's not that special.
Paul The pew pew guy
Paul The pew pew guy Kun oldin
Yeah I like guns but do not scare people or threaten people that is the worst for gun advocates.
Butcher Beaver
Butcher Beaver Kun oldin
Bruh. That shotgun is unloaded at 3:08
Lily Walker
Lily Walker Kun oldin
I love her
Jerry Witmer
Jerry Witmer Kun oldin
The really extremely annoying people are college students who get mad and offended by EVERYTHING oh and fuck feminists lol
Jerry Witmer
Jerry Witmer Kun oldin
Shes awesome!!!! Does anyone in here need some more soy lol I better leave since testicles aren't welcome here lol
Josh tyler
Josh tyler Kun oldin
yeah he said most of his demographic is female so your not wrong
Forine Kun oldin
Taking a picture of you with a gun is like taking a picture of you half naked with a big fish.
T Guthrie
T Guthrie 2 kun oldin
3:20 "your fruit killing skills are remarkable"
REALITYobservationalist 2 kun oldin
Lost a lot of respect for Eddy with this one...
LePPMan 13 soat oldin
1. ignorance isn’t a factor in telling if someone isn’t a good person if for example I see someone shoot a kid I don’t need to know their back story to know they’re a horrible person. 2. What exactly is the importance of her work and why are people like her so important right now? 3. I think eddy has a fine grasp on guns, while I can’t speak for him, it seems he understands enough to it see the issue. 4. What constant attack on the first amendment? 5. “Attack” is a bad word to use for the situation with the second amendment, its come to realize that a right for any person to own a gun without control is incredibly dangerous and leads to so many disgusting wastes of human life 6. If anything universities are bringing attention to the modern day issues involving guns, like I said previously it’s incredibly dangerous, guns are quite literally war killing machines designed to kill as many people as fast and efficiently as possible. 7. And you called him ignorant lol, you just said he doesn’t have a grasp on the modern politics and culture with you having no knowledge of him as a person, you know him from his videos alone how do you know he doesn’t know more than you? 8. At his age? So I presume you can’t handle change in social constructs? 9. When in the flying fuck did he talk about any socialism? You just made up complete bullshit to try and make yourself seem correct. 10. I think a wonderful world/utopia couldn’t exist, but a step in the right direction maybe gun control? Stopping horrible school shootings? Awful massacres? General waste of human life? Those aren’t ideals... those are goals that are incredibly reachable if people like you gave up their pride and let people do what’s right. But you can’t do that you can’t let the “damn liberals” win can you? Even if it would save thousands upon millions of lives. 11. Finally, Eddy should stay out of politics? I’m sure he should, he would get too much support and he could help too many people. My final point is, I’m not saying guns should be banned, I’m just saying it would save countless lives for them to be controlled
REALITYobservationalist 14 soat oldin
@LePPMan , because overall I really like Eddy. But like 99% of all those that attack people like Kaitlin, they do so from a position of complete ignorance. He obviously doesn't know anything about her, her story, her background, the importance of her work and why she does it, and specifically why she chose college campuses to do most of her earlier interviews/vids. In general he doesn't seem to understand the overall reason why people like her are so important right now. Eddy obviously doesn't know anything about guns. I think it's safe to say he doesn't understand the degree of constant assault on 1A & 2A our nation is constantly battling. He clearly doesn't understand the cultural damage our universities are causing. Overall, he doesn't have a good grasp on the political and cultural war we are in right now. Ordinarily I wouldn't say anything because I was exactly like this at that age. Most of us are.. But then we grow up, experience the real world and our socialist utopian ideals usually disappear, as they should. But against his own advice he chose to enter the arena, so any criticism he receives should be expected. This is why people in "entertainment" like Eddy should stay out of politics completely. It never serves them well.
LePPMan 15 soat oldin
Because he called an attention seeking bitch annoying?
AJ Martinez
AJ Martinez 2 kun oldin
She’s a nazi too lol
Lyric 2 kun oldin
if you ask most people who went to kent state, they'll tell you that they hate her and she made the school look like shit. you don't even need to go there, her reputation proceeds her
Shawn Skinner
Shawn Skinner 3 kun oldin
As a gun owner and a gun smith. I agree with you on most of your points. She’s making so much money at this that its ridiculous. I own a LOT of guns. But I rarely show them off. I think she’s ridiculous.
Angel Regan
Angel Regan 3 kun oldin
She takes her beliefs way too far. I believe people can and should own a gun, but any gun out side of pistols shotguns, and maybe sniper rifles( I know people use snipers for hunting so I’m iffy on that one). There is no need to own an AR 15 or any guns like that. It’s a danger, because those guns are made specifically for war, and you can’t use it to hunt like the other ones.
Space marine
Space marine 12 soat oldin
@LePPMan The pepper spray.
LePPMan 13 soat oldin
@Space marine ?
Space marine
Space marine 14 soat oldin
@LePPMan Has she forgot about mace
LePPMan 15 soat oldin
I agree with you partly, and you made some good points but there are some greater issues. First off, a lot of her arguement and points are that guns are defensive tools and the gun control is bad, guns are not defensive tools and were never made to be, they were made for war and fighting. She likes to make a point that she needs a gun to protect herself and there shouldn’t be gun control so she can’t do that, 1 if the was gun control she wouldn’t need to protect herself with a gun and 2 if she is only using it to protect herself then she should be fine with gun control. I guess my point is, is that guns are killing machines and they’re designed that way.
Aiden Locastro
Aiden Locastro 3 kun oldin
i myself am a supporter of the freedom to own your own firearms. i live in the south, i shoot guns a lot. ive been around guns my whole life. this girl is why so many people think that guns are a problem and arent safe. she brought a gun to graduation. as an enthusiast of guns i proudly say, DONT FUCKING BRING GUNS TO SCHOOLS. or anywhere inappropriate for that matter. the only reason i can think of bringing a gun in public is if you are going to a pawn shop to sell it or to a gun range.
LePPMan 15 soat oldin
But dude... guns aren’t safe though they’re literally killing machines designed for war. The point of a gun is to take out as many human lives as easily and as quick as possible.
Wyatt Buckner
Wyatt Buckner 4 kun oldin
This girl is Fucking insane
AJW 4 kun oldin
**whispers the word gun to avoid demonitization** **plays video of someone saying the word gun loudly**
Excludos 5 kun oldin
Did she say she was celebrating the destruction of feminism..? She does know that she's a girl... right? Right?! Does she want to go back to being a housewife, not allowed to vote, have no say in society, and generally being treated like dirt? You think you'll be allowed to shoot guns after "destroying feminism"? Graduate college? Drive a car?!
Innes Liddle
Innes Liddle 5 kun oldin
Brooo you have the same gaming headset as me 😂
Chris Buffo
Chris Buffo 5 kun oldin
Your all a bunch of Sissies! That's what I see and hear!
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 4 kun oldin
Yeah right wingers are sissies who have to rely on guns instead of using their strength. Guess its because theyre all 100 lbs overweight
The Hatchet Harrison
The Hatchet Harrison 5 kun oldin
So many Beta pussies in this comment section lol. She has a different opinion get over it.
The Hatchet Harrison
The Hatchet Harrison 2 soat oldin
@LePPMan Well she might eat the 🎤 you never know with those fatties! What I find hilarious is that the left plunder and murder through there "peacefull" riots and March screaming there brains out uncontrollably and when someone from a different view there's comes up to them they simply cannot handle it 🤣 She tried to take the mic, she left herself vulnerable to a bit of verbal and then she came at her with the crowd there and you know full well that if Katlin didn't say that she carried there would have been a very different outcome. But you're totally ok with that aren't you. She shouldn't be there should she so she deserves to be killed for opinion right? You don't even see how sick your mindset is do you.......
LePPMan 2 soat oldin
@The Hatchet Harrison you also contradicted yourself, if you’re saying she did that because liberals can “do what they want” but you also said that I need to learn that liberals can’t do what they want, evidently saying she did that for no reason which is true. She went up to a person who happens to be overweight, kaitlin said that the girl was going to eat the mic implying that she’s fat and then when the girl was mad (rightfully so) kaitlin threatened to shoot her
LePPMan 2 soat oldin
@The Hatchet Harrison literally no on ever said or implied that, and even if the did that’s complete bullshit. Rightists nor leftists can “do whatever they want” and what “life’s lesson”? You seem to just be pulling shit out of your ass and you sound incredibly ignorant.
The Hatchet Harrison
The Hatchet Harrison 4 soat oldin
@LePPMan "Bruhh" hahahahaha bruh lol yeah because the left can do what they like and everyone must comply!!!! Nah "bruh" you need to learn life's lesson's bruh.......
LePPMan 4 soat oldin
@The Hatchet Harrison bruhh... she’s the one threading to shoot people and getting in other people business
LiamYTT 6 kun oldin
It’s funny how people on both sides hate her
Krombopulous Michael
Krombopulous Michael 6 kun oldin
Lotta libtards in the comments....
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 4 kun oldin
Damn bro your so funy hahahahsjjsjahah libtards hahahahahahahha
Leland Unruh
Leland Unruh 6 kun oldin
I'm about as close to a Second Amendment absolutist as you'll ever meet. I've literally never once met anyone who likes Kaitlin Bennett or thinks she's good for gun rights advocacy. If I were into conspiracy theories, I would swear she was a plant by the folks at Brady!
Patch Hearn
Patch Hearn 6 kun oldin
does she not realize that having guns in of itself is not part of the second amendment, it’s the right to bear arms within a militia, which she is not. anyone could take away her only personality trait and theres nothing she could do about it
MoneyDog Animation
MoneyDog Animation 7 kun oldin
Booboo bennett seems like the one person who shouldn’t have a gun
Randuski 7 kun oldin
Did that pumpkin say fake r*pe alligators? The fug is that
Ryan Gustin
Ryan Gustin 7 kun oldin
She even had a 40 rd magazine. I love gun bunnies as much as the next guy but that there is a crazy bitch. Don’t let people like that represent the pro gun community
Nick Champagne
Nick Champagne 7 kun oldin
I bet I’m better at skeet shooting than her. There’s no way anyone will ever prove it or deny it but I could be the universe champion of shotgun shooting
Sweet Tart Tartin ass
Sweet Tart Tartin ass 7 kun oldin
She won't do shit, I love that she got her ass beat.
Sweet Tart Tartin ass
Sweet Tart Tartin ass 7 kun oldin
Yea shes a shitty person, like actually in real life.
Toothpaste 8 kun oldin
if anyone on earth has a "catch phrase" then you should *not* be with them
Eli Smith
Eli Smith 8 kun oldin
She talks to all the people like I talk to my 6 year old cousins
Another_loser69 8 kun oldin
Poo poo bennet kinda sucks, she transphobic as hell and is just an asshole
Nenad Grbic
Nenad Grbic 8 kun oldin
I mean showing off guns in public is ok, but open carrying an AR stayed rifle to a graduation is kinda wrong. But I am 100% against any further gun control or ban in the US, but I am in Serbia sooooooo my opinion kinda doesn't matter.
Oi Josuke
Oi Josuke 9 kun oldin
I honestly think she is cute if she wasn't annoying and begging for attention all the time
2bfrank_art 9 kun oldin
*She hates feminism but theres no way in hell she'd be acting like she is without the societal evolution the movement caused and does cause*
Daddy Derek
Daddy Derek 9 kun oldin
She’s a Nazi
baba waimarama
baba waimarama 9 kun oldin
All butt hurt and scared of a girl having an opinion.
baba waimarama
baba waimarama 3 kun oldin
20 hours still waiting for a new itemized opinion
baba waimarama
baba waimarama 3 kun oldin
@Shark Pog 13 hours pinko . You got nothing ?
baba waimarama
baba waimarama 3 kun oldin
@Shark Pog you should explain to the 30 000000 dead that starlin killed ang and the 10000000 million dead the beloved leader maew of China had killed and the thousands of dead killed in Vietnam. How communism isn't a bad thing. And no not all developed countries have freedom of speech, I live in New Zealand where we don't have freedom of speech, we don't have freedom of the press we have government censorship. Where reporters can be arrested for reporting on certain issues. As an example I could be jail for watching footage on last years mosque shootings. I can be arrested for saying I disagree with what certain cultures living in my country are doing here in nz . Or complaining about the 1000000 acres of land confiscated from my people the Mauri. Taken in one confiscation by the socialist government party that is still in power here. And as for her being a nazi your wrong . The left in the USA groups like blm and antifa are using the exact same tactics as the nazi and fascist mobile mosileni governments leading up to ww2 . shirts an brown shirts of the era. Destruction of property. Intimadation And the killing of people that don't agree with their ideology. All under the guise Of making it better for their citizens. And your capitalism question hell yes . Everyone should be able raise themselves up by hard work and capital gain . Employers should be able to offset their investment risk with profit . No one would have a job without Employers. My question to you is name one instance where communism had been successful in the world ? Or one communism based country that is not oppressing the population that those at the to are profiting off . Just one . Your deluded in your view.
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 4 kun oldin
@baba waimarama wow thats a lot of bs 1) im not a communist 2) communism isnt bad 3) so, capitilism? 4) Youre advocating that people should only profit off of people that agree with them politically. Yikes 5) no one is 'slaging' the constitution, buddy 6) contrary to righties belief, every developed nation has freedom of speech. Usa is the only "developed" nation without healthcare, though! 7) wanting the usa to be a better country is not traitorous. Being a nazi like kaitlyn bennet is
baba waimarama
baba waimarama 4 kun oldin
@Shark Pog sounds like any other leftist comi to me . You know the ones making money off people they disagree with .pretending their not capitalist while slaging the constitution of a country that gives them the freedom to speal their traitorist rhetoric. So no your not right
Deino07 9 kun oldin
I have a nerf gun, Soooo "YoU kNoW i CaRrY rIgHt"
Totally_Not_Skyler 10 kun oldin
She acts like owning a gun is a personality traits.
Femo Memo
Femo Memo 10 kun oldin
if i had her in front of me there are not many things that i wouldn't say
Michael Crisp
Michael Crisp 10 kun oldin
I’m a gun guy and she’s an idiot. Her firing into the sky “dragon breath” shells or not is bad and will eventually come down and has been know to kill people and come through ceilings.
Keanna Laulhere
Keanna Laulhere 10 kun oldin
Someone afraid of guns is just as cringe as statist republicans.
Tomás 12 kun oldin
Caitlin is also an unironic monarchist, probably the least American thing one could be, so I find it hilarious that supposed patriotic American Conservatives defend her
Lucid Lagomorph
Lucid Lagomorph 12 kun oldin
this guy talks too much speaks but doesn't say much
Brodie Hall
Brodie Hall 13 kun oldin
My only question is if she even has a license
Tanner Boyle
Tanner Boyle 14 kun oldin
I use guns to hunt sometimes (only during legal hunting seasons where the deer population needs to be regulated to prevent an imbalance in the food chain so don't get mad) but I don't dedicate all my social media to guns and hunting.
Kansas 16 kun oldin
Wait eddy 2 years ago we had the exact same phone and case this is so cool can we be friends
Gingy games
Gingy games 16 kun oldin
Guns are for pussies, all my homies use beyblades
Karzikann 7 kun oldin
Crathion 10 kun oldin
My man
Logan Walters
Logan Walters 16 kun oldin
Lord. I hate her generation. I would be considered "left" to a degree and I carry too. And I guarantee my draw is quicker than hers. She obviously doesn't know gun laws, which is funny, her being a "gun supporting republican" If you tell somebody something like "your fat, you know i carry, right?" That is a threat. You can only fire on someone if you are feeling threatened (yes I know there is more to the law then that, I'm trying to cut to the chase) AND let them know they are a threat ensures (especially on camera) that they know you don't want them around you, and will shoot. If the threat is outright, you don't need to say anything. I would consider her talking shit, to anger someone, then saying "you know I carry" is a threat if I've seen one. I would have said "I carry too" and then I she said one more word I you ask her "is that a threat?" If she doesn't say no, draw, dump on her, and end her life. That would be a dream for me. And again I already know my draw is quicker than hers. So i know I'd hit her probably before she could even get her hand around her holster buckle. Idiot. You young people man. You need to learn that in America you never know who has a gun and will is having a bad day and will drop you. Yet young stupid woman honk, drive crazy, flip people off, scream in public at strangers. Then when someone turns around and claps them, "she was the sweetest person ever she didn't deserve this!" Teach your kids to not be entitled little a holes and maybe people will stop killing them. No sympathy for any of them. Even if they are 13. BE PARENTS
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 4 kun oldin
I can see from this speech alone you are not left whatsoever
Putin doesn't like you
Putin doesn't like you 7 kun oldin
Dude...that’s not how to end this. Victims of school shootings were children, they were still growing and developing. School shooters usually do not know the kids, and even if they did, there are very few reasons to end someone’s life. Most shooters are mentally challenged as well, so they should’ve never been in possession of a gun. The way guns are so easily handed out is the problem, not the victims, who were actual children who hadn’t properly gotten to live...
Caitlin Snowfrost
Caitlin Snowfrost 16 kun oldin
I'm not gonna get political, and I hate this word, but she comes across as *very* cringey. And I feel like even right-leaning people would find her cringey.
EvangelionUnit666 16 kun oldin
Kansas 16 kun oldin
Send me a link to the couch you bought so I can buy a similar one to put in my room please and thanks
Ian Cody
Ian Cody 17 kun oldin
It's crazy you say she's out to get a reaction because that's exactly what she does to show that the left are a bunch of horrible people
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 4 kun oldin
Damn leftists, always helping the enviroment. What a bunch of terribel people
Melwin Pernefors
Melwin Pernefors 17 kun oldin
Pewdepie watching this be like:🥲
corbin benjamin
corbin benjamin 19 kun oldin
I'm pro gun and even i think that showing off guns like this is dumb as hell
George Rominski
George Rominski 20 kun oldin
Well eddy is definitely a liberal
George Rominski
George Rominski 7 kun oldin
Karzikann no
Karzikann 7 kun oldin
@George Rominski And...? Is that bad?
Duda Scaletsky
Duda Scaletsky 8 kun oldin
Cause he is a good person
Fflawed 20 kun oldin
Not that I'm hoping for it, but I genuinely wouldn't be surprised to hear in the future that she used one of her guns on herself, or someone else (but as the aggressor, not someone defending themselves).
Burger King
Burger King 20 kun oldin
Imagine her getting into an argument with her boyfriend " You know I'll shoot you in the fing face" right😂😂. How does she even communicate with people when she just trys to piss them off for attention.
Mr. Brick
Mr. Brick 22 kun oldin
I’m a conservative, like she clearly is, and I condemn her.
The Real OJ Simpson
The Real OJ Simpson 22 kun oldin
It’s so fun to see egotistical losers lose all confidence.
Charles Detorie
Charles Detorie 23 kun oldin
i like guns guns are fun they are fun to shoot and im 12
Crathion 10 kun oldin
@Charles Detorie ok that’s fine, as long as your responsible and you use thin in legal settings.
Charles Detorie
Charles Detorie 10 kun oldin
@Crathiongod no im not dumb
Charles Detorie
Charles Detorie 10 kun oldin
@Crathion god no. I'm responsible with any type of guns
Crathion 10 kun oldin
But would you bring a gun to a graduation.
Noah Deibler
Noah Deibler 23 kun oldin
Wonder how that Red Wave turned out lol
lil' Azoidoid
lil' Azoidoid 23 kun oldin
Her shooting the feminism pumpkin is r/leopardsatemyface material.
Yaboi Yung Depresso
Yaboi Yung Depresso 23 kun oldin
Update: Kaitlin Bennet is a Nazi like unironically is a Nazi dude
Daddy Derek
Daddy Derek 9 kun oldin
Yep. I’ve seen the leaked screenshots. Not surprised
richard polygamy
richard polygamy 10 kun oldin
How suprising
ADHDeveloper 24 kun oldin
She is the most irresponsible gun owner to ever exist.
Frog Man
Frog Man 24 kun oldin
I’m a conservative and I find her annoying
MEVO Drawings
MEVO Drawings 28 kun oldin
Please make a political version 🙏 💙 😅sorry
Gabestew 28 kun oldin
Oy, im getting second hand embarrassment from this. Please know the the firearm community doesnt support people like this, not to mention how unsafe she is being by firing directly upwards and bringing a firearm to a crowded area.
Randal Vela
Randal Vela 28 kun oldin
What a simp!
Putin doesn't like you
Putin doesn't like you 7 kun oldin
@Karzikann *a gun to a school in the USA, which has had the most school shootings ever Like that dude said, we need proper context.
Karzikann 7 kun oldin
@Randal Vela you... Would bring... a GUN... To a school?
Crathion 10 kun oldin
@Randal Vela personally I think there are far more affective ways to protest.
Randal Vela
Randal Vela 10 kun oldin
@Crathion Yes. To make a point like she was making. You have to understand context of someone’s actions. Is the 2nd amendment not worth standing up for?
Crathion 10 kun oldin
@Randal Vela so you would take a gun to a graduation
Lane Reynolds
Lane Reynolds 29 kun oldin
a gun and a sword are diff and she is showing the 2nd amendment don't be a lib
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 4 kun oldin
Theyre both weapons. Dont be a braindead conservative
Crathion 10 kun oldin
So your saying that I can bring a rifle to a social event.
Woolly Pidgeon
Woolly Pidgeon 27 kun oldin
@Lane Reynolds She is a walking argument for gun control
Annoying Gamez
Annoying Gamez 28 kun oldin
@Lane Reynolds why are you @ing me?
Lane Reynolds
Lane Reynolds 28 kun oldin
@Annoying Gamez no they are not you trying to take my gun rights away is stupid. Bad people will still have guns because they do not follow the law so go suck it.
Sad pile of gunk
Sad pile of gunk Oy oldin
I write a lot of comments. BUT... I only ever post them when I’m to sleep deprived or depressed to not care that they suck.
Delaney Anderson
Delaney Anderson 22 kun oldin
This is a big mood
Tyrin Hayslett
Tyrin Hayslett Oy oldin
as a pro-gun person this was to much
Jerico Wells
Jerico Wells Oy oldin
Pls don't so politics 😃
Jerico Wells
Jerico Wells 17 kun oldin
@Natalie F idiot he said he wasnt so i was just making sure
quaker47 Oy oldin
I see the classic "haha im joking you're a dumbass" on twitter at least 2 times a day
moist Oy oldin
Look at her channel “Liberty Hangout” it’s full of awful content like this😂
TacoSffeep Oy oldin
"get ready for the red wave this november"
Skermigleflop Oy oldin
im a youtuber give me those glasses right fricking now (actually i dont think i count as a "youtuber" yet...)
Skermigleflop Oy oldin
@SoLongSidekick thanks
SoLongSidekick Oy oldin
No, you absolutely don't and based on what you've uploaded so far you never will.
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer Oy oldin
I love the "WE'VE BEEN COMPROMISED!" guy.
Mark Chase
Mark Chase Oy oldin
Go Kaitlin, you have dems running scared!
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 4 kun oldin
Shes literally a nazi
Karzikann 7 kun oldin
Are you being ironic or...?
Amaturus Rex
Amaturus Rex Oy oldin
Lol an now she's a monarchist and wants to install trump as king of America
LMS 661
LMS 661 Oy oldin
Imagine strapping your degree to you ar 15 and letting of celebration rounds
Adri Oy oldin
The handwriting in the background looks like guy handwriting but like when they try
Crathion 10 kun oldin
@Adri oh ok.
Adri 10 kun oldin
@Crathion I was refering to the hand drawn posters in the background. This is was before I knew about the Sons of Burback logo. 😅
Crathion 10 kun oldin
Where did this come from?
Alden Crane
Alden Crane Oy oldin
Shit pants bennit is the queen of not knowing to edit out things that obviously make booboo look bad
Alden Crane
Alden Crane Oy oldin
@SoLongSidekick she shit her pants at a party a little while ago
SoLongSidekick Oy oldin
What in the fuck is this nightmare posing as english supposed to mean?
The Skeptic Pirate
The Skeptic Pirate Oy oldin
Look, I'm pro-gun/2nd amendment. Kaitlin, there's a time and place to take out your guns. Your graduation is not one of them. This is called basic responsibility, something Kaitlin clearly fails.
MutantCreeper Oy oldin
I support the second amendment but I don’t appreciate people like her. Also don’t bring a fucking gun to a school that had a shooting or any school at all.
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill Oy oldin
"I get a bunch of death threats" is a weird thing to focus on for someone who's catchphrase is essentially "I will shoot you." Like, yeah, of course you're getting death threats, you literally threaten to kill every person who challenges you on your terrible behavior and personality!
baby groot
baby groot Oy oldin
ok *never* fire a bullet into the sky have yall heard the ballad of samantha? 😭
空白 Oy oldin
I am also fat, and if she called me fat to my face, I would've flipped my sh*t. You dont need a gun to hurt somebody, hunny. :) (Plus, I aint afraid to die.) (I'm not usually this violent/b*tchy, but this girl only brings out the worst in people)
Official Colors
Official Colors Oy oldin
I like her
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 4 kun oldin
@Karzikann well, shes a nazi. Thats one thing righties love
Karzikann 7 kun oldin
Rachel Bronke
Rachel Bronke Oy oldin
Her: You know I carry. Me: Try carrying a logical argument. Who knows, you might even feel less threatened.
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries Oy oldin
As a strong supporter of the constitutional rights to own off button delivery devices, I don't support that kids moronic messaging.
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