Please Don't Tell My Mom I Watched This

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Eddy Burback

2 yil oldin

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 yil oldin
woah pilgrim eddy just called me and said he wants you to follow me on twitter - thanks for the shoutout pilgrim eddy that’s so generous!
Thomas Dickson
Thomas Dickson 5 kun oldin
@KillerJellyFish I love grammar too!
Ranga 096
Ranga 096 23 kun oldin
Eddy you probably don't know this but youtube dosent care what you say after the three minute mark in your video
Tenelum 4 oy oldin
Mr Turtle
Mr Turtle 6 oy oldin
I’m gonna ttell ur momm
TheEndlessG G
TheEndlessG G 6 oy oldin
@KillerJellyFish if you look at it the 'blood' is just food coloring
Wike Mazowski
Wike Mazowski Kun oldin
I'm telling
aiden riggs
aiden riggs Kun oldin
Wait flamingo homocide? Is that on the DARK WEB
Max Egan
Max Egan 2 kun oldin
They have horse theft on the dark web 😩
fungus the 3rd
fungus the 3rd 3 kun oldin
David Rail
David Rail 4 kun oldin
The way they do "commentary" is the same way I try to socialize "oh look is nice a cloudy rn, this morning it was so nice😅"😂
FBI Agent 160597
FBI Agent 160597 4 kun oldin
Tbh I think that they think that dentists glove are made of Kevlar
Nathan B
Nathan B 4 kun oldin
The guy using a VPN and going to a McDonalds to avoid being traced actually makes no sense if it’s actually a proper dark web site. The dark web operates on onion sites over Tor, which makes it essentially impossible to be tracked. Also, if the connection were to be reversed, because he purchased something at the McDonalds, his credit card and thus identity is now linked to the McDonalds at that time. Overall, that video is extremely stupid.
Mel 4 kun oldin
My boss found out at age 29 that he was actually 28. This is not remotely relevant to this video, I just remembered that fact and felt an overwhelming need to share it. I might make this my default comment when I want to comment on a video in order to help out algorithmically but I don't know what else to say. Only time will tell. I'm not sober currently.
Jovania George
Jovania George 2 kun oldin
His whole life was a life
Justin Watson
Justin Watson 4 kun oldin
There are adults who believe demons are real and interact with humans; the kids probably wouldn’t believe in demons unless their parents taught them
Clown Pal
Clown Pal 4 kun oldin
That comment of “they can’t trace it back to us” and then going to a public place is so dumb. If this was real: 1) going to a public place would be arguably MORE risky as people can easily look over your shoulder 2) you just used a VPN! Your location can’t be tracked
Carl Slime
Carl Slime 5 kun oldin
"Thank god I got gloves on. To protect me from the blood. Not that that's going to protect me from the weirdo I gave my home address to who just sent me a murder weapon in the post, but, y'know. At least I don't got icky sticky on my fingies."
JSPR shots
JSPR shots 5 kun oldin
Omg I use to watch the second guy when he was a small channel. He didn't use to make actual youtube videos lol mainly just drinking a ton of coke or something and throwing up but it's better than what he's become now
RealEliteDrago 5 kun oldin
*think of a crime* Me: Lemon eye contact
sonikku956 6 kun oldin
The English guy looks like a chav, sketchy Caddicarus
Ryan 7 kun oldin
It’s also embarrassing how you and they don’t seem to even know what the “dark web” is....
George Pantello
George Pantello 7 kun oldin
“Think of any crime” Drunk and disorderly? ITS ON THE DARK WEB
Dr.Mantis Tobogan
Dr.Mantis Tobogan 7 kun oldin
Its like those people who think they are awesome roasters , wannabes lol
John deere Lover
John deere Lover 7 kun oldin
That 2nd dude was such a dumbass
The Passenger
The Passenger 8 kun oldin
U mean to tell me, that I can have someone j-walk in the street on the dark web. But that's illegal eddie!
Riksan Reaper
Riksan Reaper 8 kun oldin
Part of me was really hoping that when they opened the flashdrive, it was Hamster Dance.
scrabble with Cheeto breath
scrabble with Cheeto breath 9 kun oldin
this dude just put random crap in his house in a big box
Waynon Scheu
Waynon Scheu 9 kun oldin
You should be Bubbles from TPB for Halloween.
lil lasagna
lil lasagna 9 kun oldin
The second one had some effort put into it at least. I can appreciate that
Gromit 9 kun oldin
I can get someone to go over the speed limit on the dark web? Dope.
Brittany Bertolin
Brittany Bertolin 10 kun oldin
Brock Cornette
Brock Cornette 10 kun oldin
Maybe the bloody tire was packed as soon as the youtubers committed the murder
Lia Hamilton
Lia Hamilton 10 kun oldin
Some not so fun facts about the Dark Web. The Dark Web is a part of the Deep Web. Basically The Dark Web is that part of The Deep Web that is where illegal activities happen like CP (which should be punishable by immediate death imho) drug deal, torture etc happens. Going onto Dark Websites is illegal in itself. going onto the Deep Web technically isn’t illegal but if you access anything or buy anything illegal then you have an issue. Dark websites like The Silk Road are the most common things people use on the dark web. The website got shut down a few years back but you could get drugs and stuff on there and god knows what else. There are rumours of things called Red Rooms which are not true fortunately. 99% of those found on the dark web videos like the Soup video or that shaving cream torture one are art projects. However there are definitely things like snuff films and r*pe, murders, kidnappings, human trafficking, things like that. Next, typically the way the Deep Web is accessed is through Tor. The web that can be accessed by regular browsers only makes up about 1% of the internet. Hacking into it isn’t that complicated, Using Tor and a VPN. .onion is the domain name for Deep Websites. Overall, I think that promoting the Dark Web as some sort of game is super irresponsible because it is incredibly dangerous. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to do simple hacking.
Lia Hamilton
Lia Hamilton 10 kun oldin
That’s some WAB wet ass blood
Lia Hamilton
Lia Hamilton 10 kun oldin
Every UZpostr who makes those kinda videos say “guys” at least 150 times in their videos
palmer smith
palmer smith 15 kun oldin
My tummys not empty
mellow melowdy
mellow melowdy 15 kun oldin
this reminds me of the time I watched a dark web unboxing video and it felt really eery but I didnt beleive it was real so I was joking about it . there was a map with a spot marked on it and I looked it up and it was in the middle of a forest in canada that apparently used to be like a place for university students to do different expirements and science stuff and one day they kind of just abandones it and its like at least 20 miles away from any civilization it sounds fake lol but the stuff in the box was like a key and the map. at like 2 in the morning I got a call and they kept calling but I was obviously asleep bc I had like 7 melatonin that night lol I tried to call them back and ot said that the number never existed or was out of order so I looked up the area code and it was fwcking canada 🐡😃
Mr. D
Mr. D 16 kun oldin
Love the part where he said, i already think this is fake, or they're just stupid, lmao
Logan Walters
Logan Walters 16 kun oldin
Lmao it should be called 3 Moe's, sparkly as fairies, trying, TRYING, very hard, but failing miserably at making a scary video. Sparkly Moe's are not scary... "Omgosh oh no! Ew omgosh. So gross! Eww! This is NOT fabulous guys"
John McFadin
John McFadin 20 kun oldin
Small nitpick - it wouldn't be police showing up at his house, but instead Postal Inspectors, which are infinitely scarier than the police.
Jared Somthing somthing
Jared Somthing somthing 21 kun oldin
At 7:45 is my new wallpaper
Thomas Vigil
Thomas Vigil 21 kun oldin
Im so glad hes here saying what we all think of these dumb videos
Bryce Archambault
Bryce Archambault 21 kun oldin
1:14 Jaywalking?
lil' Azoidoid
lil' Azoidoid 22 kun oldin
"what is that, I've never seen it before" okay buddy.
floop floopian
floop floopian 23 kun oldin
the box does not have any shipping papers on it
Reagan Wiedenfeld
Reagan Wiedenfeld 24 kun oldin
Lookielookie mywookie
Lookielookie mywookie 25 kun oldin
Off to the dark web! Maybe I can find Hitler there.
Idalia May
Idalia May 26 kun oldin
I have a feeling more than just kids would believe this stupidity......... I mean...... fucking Qanon exists..
KOMO 27 kun oldin
shes already been told.
senk 27 kun oldin
Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy 28 kun oldin
I guess he's gonna have to call doom guy.
Tenelum 28 kun oldin
Imagine these guys actually went on the dark web and saw their information being sold and being like 😐
Andrew Ballantyne
Andrew Ballantyne 28 kun oldin
You can handle fish is suspicious circumstances on the dark web
ImmortalGamer Oy oldin
I think the fact that he put a bunch of inappropriate jokes in the vid that only kids without a brain would believe is really weird
Mr Tortoise
Mr Tortoise Oy oldin
Eddy thinks the deep web is riddled with like pedophiles and stuff.. haha that’s just wrong
CooksNH Oy oldin
eddy i love you, you near sighted fuck ;)
protostar Oy oldin
Think about a crime! Jaywalking You can do it on the dark web
Tuesday aka Glitch
Tuesday aka Glitch Oy oldin
Kids can actually go to the dark web pretty easily. In 6th grade, there was this kid who got on no problemo.
kingskill 4567
kingskill 4567 Oy oldin
its funny because mail companies search or make you state what's in the box especially if its big
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill Oy oldin
Man pulled the spare tire out of his car, threw it in a box with a bunch of crap he had in his garage and then went *oOoOOOH SPooooooKY*
RoboNator Oy oldin
slight annoyance here, but if it is a mystery box then technically it wouldnt be illegal. So long as you have no idea as to what is in the box, even if something illegal is put in there it technically wouldnt be your fault so long as you report it. It would be the paying someone to deliver "something" to your front lawn, and it happens to be a dead body; the item was never defined, so that "something" could have been a lawnmower or something perfectly legal. So unless where ever you are has some truly bloody draconian purchasing laws, it would technically be legal, so long as you reported it quickly and never knew what would be inside of it before opening.
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill Oy oldin
You mean to tell me I can avoid paying my taxes on the Dark Web?
Falinkss Oy oldin
“Demon in a box” *scared Nezuko noises*
Meme Dumpster
Meme Dumpster Oy oldin
Just want to mention: The deep web/dark web is (mostly) not illegal. 99% of the stuff you can find IS legal, and a lot of the illegal stuff is just dake drugs or FBI honeypots.
bass hed-pe
bass hed-pe Oy oldin
Looks like one of the clip art pics that comes with a frame. Oooo spooky.
OB2Kenobi Oy oldin
10:55 UZpost man: "I've just found out about this thing called the 'Dark Web'" (Literally 8 seconds later) UZpost man: "I've known about it, like everybody else"
DM Histories
DM Histories Oy oldin
Now kids can buy anything because in my country kids even get money from government and they have their own creddit carda registered by their parents acces
XD Oy oldin
The second guy: "You need a thing called a VPN" My brain: This video is sponsored by Nord VPN...
Mihail Cholakov
Mihail Cholakov Oy oldin
Fun fact: the dark web is a part of the deep web. Access both is not illegal as long as the content your accessing is legal. The deep web (T.O.R. network) has been used for legal reasons and it's still being used for stuff like journalism, leaking of the documents by snowden and those like him, it's used by activists in countries like china which censor free speech as well as the surface web and other legal uses.
diablo. exe
diablo. exe Oy oldin
Gotta watch some @someordinarygamer he goes into detail to educate what the darkweb actually is.
Lonestar Oy oldin
at 2:28 i couldn't tell what he was saying at first but my immediate thought was "rats" lmao
Turtle Master
Turtle Master Oy oldin
I sarbd I warn mor baners
burt bacarach
burt bacarach Oy oldin
"Is it fake or are they stupid?"-Probably both??
The Weekly Dose Of Gaming
The Weekly Dose Of Gaming Oy oldin
I can loiter on the dark web? Whoo wee!
Trixie Oy oldin
the only thing that would be on a dark web flash drive would be a virus that kills your computer, snuff, or cp.
Bryn Oy oldin
13:45 what was to stop the evil dark web person who made the mystery box from just typing out a message instead of painstakingly cutting it out from magazines purely for the spooky factor
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers Oy oldin
Speaking from experience, the post office would absolutely have called them about that package before delivering it due to the stuff in it.
Sonicopi Oy oldin
The videos featured here are so misleading about the deepweb it’s honestly amazing how UZpost hasn’t taken them down. Literally every aspect of them
Jar Jar
Jar Jar Oy oldin
Jesus Christ it's incredibly easy to get on the dark web. I tried and it took me less than 20 minutes.
Well Dressed Bird
Well Dressed Bird Oy oldin
Second dude genuinely does not sound like he’s reading from a script, which immediately is a lot
Well Dressed Bird
Well Dressed Bird 2 kun oldin
Guys if we get to 100K likes I’ll run up and punch this mimic as hard as I can
Well Dressed Bird
Well Dressed Bird 2 kun oldin
When quarantines over can we all get together and get blasted to open a box we just closed up
Johnathan Jasper
Johnathan Jasper Oy oldin
Ms12369 Oy oldin
Imma just say what we're all thinking Eddy has very kissable cheeks
CheeZbred Oy oldin
Lesson to you dark web noobies. Don't use a fucking McDonalds wifi. Public wifi is less secure and you can get your personal information stolen way easier if you use a public network.
CheeZbred Oy oldin
A dybbuk box is a box with items from the dead. The items are supposed to have some demon that latched itself on to the items. When you open the box, the demon can escape. I am not superstitious though, so I don't believe that is true.
The Narrator
The Narrator Oy oldin
Eddy, it’s because he container has the label and it tells the camera what the drug is...
sunchild -
sunchild - 2 oy oldin
i bet you killers just send their clothes and other objects that link them to crimes into those mystery boxes. odds are it’s definitely been done before, even if it’s just one time. so someone.. somewhere out there.. has shit that unknowingly links them to a murder.
Bee Itsme
Bee Itsme 2 oy oldin
pilgrIm eDdy? Pilgrim Eddy. Pilgrim Eddy! Pilgrim Eddy!! Pilgrim Eddy!!!
Turtle Master
Turtle Master 2 oy oldin
Nooooo Myke donnt open it You will dieee!!!!!!!!! Im sven
Homemadeduck102 2 oy oldin
A 2 year old video reminded me I had a taco bell gift card so ima buy taco bell
Bucketbrain 2 oy oldin
Wtf is a pilgrim I’m not American help
ROBLOX COOL_true 2 oy oldin
oh no old new blood
veg TT
veg TT 2 oy oldin
My answer to 4:23 : teeth
Epic Rhino Films
Epic Rhino Films 2 oy oldin
How did they fit an entire tire and a car seat in that box? I know it’s a pretty big box but considering how much packing they have pulled out of it it doesn’t make sense that they would be able to fit a tire and a car seat inside the box at the same time.
Xavier Gildon
Xavier Gildon 2 oy oldin
fellas im headin' to the dark web to do some tax fraud
KOMO 2 oy oldin
Eddys mom, your son has watch this and it has done extensive amounts of brain damage. I am sorry you had to hear this news but it was necessary.
Drake Grissom
Drake Grissom 2 oy oldin
Eddy: think of a crime Me:* in London it is illegal to carry a salmon in a suspicious manner* Eddy:you can do that on the dark web Me Ohhhhh
Birch Pictures
Birch Pictures 2 oy oldin
I choked on a tic tac when you said “invented the turkey”
Dre Wasn’t Here
Dre Wasn’t Here 2 oy oldin
The crime I thought of was taking over the entire planet and obtaining world domination. Someone get me on the dark web please
Logan Sarver
Logan Sarver 2 oy oldin
My immediate thought when he said think of a crime was tax fraud
Pepsicola Pepsicola
Pepsicola Pepsicola 2 oy oldin
“Think of a crime right now” Me: jaywalking “You can do that” Me:😈😈😈
Karolin 2 oy oldin
Hahah the blood broke me, they're not even trying
Argonian Obsessed
Argonian Obsessed 2 oy oldin
Demon boxes have thing belonging to the demon when they were still alive, like a picture or toy or.. a marble i guess.. why would a demon want that?
SomethingGraphic 2 oy oldin
It is like surprisingly easy to access the dark web, I was able to do it when I was like twelve and I was, and very much still am, an absolute dumbass
Sexy cat
Sexy cat 2 oy oldin
I can use the dark web to commit genocide.
MrMilkyMilkz 2 oy oldin
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