People Keep Stealing Our Merch

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Eddy Burback

9 oy oldin

the yikes shop -
yikes instagram -
my twitch -
Instagram - eddyburback
Twitter - eddyburback

Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 9 oy oldin
I'm streaming later today I think on
Cat Fish
Cat Fish 20 kun oldin
@pringle bro wtf what is that supposed to mean
MeAndMyBabyBro68 Oy oldin
I bought the pin of your website
Good Old Dantae
Good Old Dantae Oy oldin
it's at the top now
Dino Nuggies Official
Dino Nuggies Official 2 oy oldin
Austin Dickey Wears your merch, I’m a huge metalhead
Conrad Morgan
Conrad Morgan 3 oy oldin
I googled Eddy burback merch and was first
Femo Memo
Femo Memo 10 daqiqa oldin
moriah elizabeth appearing for half a second was amazing
PessimisticDiabetic Kun oldin
Dude I hate so much when people steal shit like this
Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi
Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi Kun oldin
"they say "hey you cant do this" but they dont enforce it" roblox: its a good thing i wouldnt do something like that.
zamuel Arts
zamuel Arts 2 kun oldin
good news! the actual yikes shop now shows up as the first result when you search "yikes merch shop"
Dylan Gadzala
Dylan Gadzala 2 kun oldin
Eyyyy it's at the top now!
Sarah 3 kun oldin
its cuz eddy is so cool
Dr.Mantis Tobogan
Dr.Mantis Tobogan 3 kun oldin
He seems like a shithead millennial ,lol
Mr. Brick
Mr. Brick 4 kun oldin
I support Trump and Pence, but why the hall was that stamp on the ripoff merch? That is awful.
xblowsmokex 4 kun oldin
This could have been somewhat avoided if Leighton didn’t post the image to IG
Justin Watson
Justin Watson 4 kun oldin
A bunch of creators should file a class-action lawsuit against red bubble.
Okuyashoe Official
Okuyashoe Official 5 kun oldin
Finally, the collab of the century
Hesitant User
Hesitant User 6 kun oldin
Once Redbubble removed one of my designs which was a picture I drew of Steve and Peggy from Endgame lol
Panda Lovett
Panda Lovett 7 kun oldin
This is why i always use links directly from the creators
Avanora 7 kun oldin
i sure WORK hope it AHEAD DOES
Toyon95 7 kun oldin
No you don't- but it only works if they took the picture, which they didn't.
Vedika 7 kun oldin
Imagine if Drew ever takes it to court and they just have to play the vine lol
Cookie 9 kun oldin
im sure think it did
ChewingGumStuckUnderATable 9 kun oldin
eddy has gone where no man has gone before. *_page 2 of google._*
Diego Prieto
Diego Prieto 9 kun oldin
That’s a sad story but also having yikes on a shirt is pretty cringe
Root Beer
Root Beer 9 kun oldin
1:35 I feel, like he’s basically Dissing on Nakey Jakey without even meaning too do it
White to Gold
White to Gold 11 kun oldin
yikes yikes
M C 11 kun oldin
👁👁 👃🏻 🛹🥾 👄
Dustin Malpass
Dustin Malpass 12 kun oldin
13:25 I never finished this video and when I came back it was on the Drew segment. Half way through I had forgot this was an Eddy Burback video and had a weird moment when he said thanks to Eddy.
Mel 13 kun oldin
Happy to report yikesshop is now the top result for Eddy Burback merch
mrmcthiccc 14 kun oldin
anyone els spam click the link to the yikes shop
Cat Fish
Cat Fish 20 kun oldin
Dude I lost it when the part of “FRUCK YOU DREW” I absolutely LOST it
Jedi Minecraft
Jedi Minecraft 21 kun oldin
please someone comment the song for the intro that shit hits hard :D
Tapestry 21 kun oldin
I love how Eddy is just like 🥸
Battery Ram
Battery Ram 23 kun oldin
yr at the top eddy B]
Rae 25 kun oldin
I can't unsee that. Eddy's face is now permanently the disguise glasses.
Eh Goon
Eh Goon 25 kun oldin
Yeah same
AwkardPortal Oy oldin
wow i didnt know danny gonzalez knew eddy burback
Scooter rat
Scooter rat Oy oldin
My grandpa likes your hoodie eddy :)
Yodas AirPods
Yodas AirPods Oy oldin
The kissing the air bit was smooth
Septimussheep 777
Septimussheep 777 Oy oldin
It sucks how automation can just screw people over
Bobby B
Bobby B Oy oldin
Doctor: What hurts Eddy: Spaghetti
some guy
some guy Oy oldin
you should call your merch yikes like yikees
Jack Cahill
Jack Cahill Oy oldin
Eddy's been banished to the dark and forbidden land of page 2 on google? Blasphemy
Svndwich Oy oldin
You don’t own the copyright of your own face. Chris Hansen ran into that with some episodes of to catch a predator. He uploaded the ones UZpost didn’t take down but some he didn’t have rights to just because he was the star. I’m high but sum like that
Fartro Mystory
Fartro Mystory Oy oldin
You should get some Yikes stickers, I would love to get some of those cause I don't have a lot of money to spend but I really want one and I think it would be cool.
Seth Macklin
Seth Macklin Oy oldin
I still think Eddy just made an effect in after effects to take off the glasses. That shit didn't come off
Gfusion400 Oy oldin
Yikes 😬
Emily Oy oldin
Drew Gooden absolutely has legal right to go after people who use his name or likeness to make merchandise. Everyone has "rights of publicity" which basically amounts to the right to commercialize and itellectually own things that derive from your identity as a person. This includes your name, your photographic likeness, your signature and other things!
DaCracker Oy oldin
I read the title as "please keep stealing our merch"
Keyshawn Benson
Keyshawn Benson Oy oldin
Good Old Dantae
Good Old Dantae Oy oldin
it's at the top now
Digitus Medius
Digitus Medius Oy oldin
i refreshed the link 300 times so we should be good now
dieduh737 Oy oldin
I know I'm late to the party, but it's the top link right now. Good thing to see you have your fans behind you
Dina S
Dina S Oy oldin
Ben and Cristine from Simply Nailogical mentioned you in their last 5-10 minutes of podcast on copyright vs trademark laws and how they handle similar situations.
Ty Francis
Ty Francis Oy oldin
I’ve been trying to legally buy a Yikes hoodie for over 3 months now lol.
Alexander Jackson
Alexander Jackson Oy oldin
Someone elses (very boring) art of a meme that you didn't create? Sorry bud. Do something creative.
Remoc 15 kun oldin
wow alexander you really showed him
Cut a Nut
Cut a Nut Oy oldin
wow alexander you really showed him
ez Oy oldin
wow alexander you really showed him
Griffin Oy oldin
Why did edsu take of his face in the beginning
just okay
just okay Oy oldin
You look like your wearing a fake nose a glasses but your not and I'm fucking dying
Demolition Coalition
Demolition Coalition Oy oldin
It’s the top search now! Good job folks!
Buttery Tomatoes
Buttery Tomatoes Oy oldin
I would get drew’s merch but for some reason the shipping is like 17 dollars to ship to canada and it goes up to $50 for a toque
Video Game Philosopher
Video Game Philosopher Oy oldin
Can I sell "I'm sure think it did" on REDBUBBLE?
sunchild -
sunchild - Oy oldin
is his mic supposed to look like a dickhead????
Cassidy Fought
Cassidy Fought Oy oldin
"see me kissing the air? that means i care" absolute bars
Ella Sophia
Ella Sophia Oy oldin
I checked out your shop and you have some really cool prints on there. Like I wanna buy one now that shits cool as fuck. Keep it up man.
Braeden Irvine
Braeden Irvine 2 oy oldin
Since it's our merch where's my cut Edward?
oliviart 2 oy oldin
I saw a kid in my class wearing the hoodie and I thought it was sick; then I started watching you 👁👄👁 so I guess you succeeded
Benjamin Fraeyman
Benjamin Fraeyman 2 oy oldin
I wonder why you need your shipping adress on a site that you are buying stuff from :/ :p
TK Wingz
TK Wingz 2 oy oldin
youtube video
Sovietkitkat 2 oy oldin
Hey copyright your stuff and sew them I know that sucks for them but also SCREW THEM.
Austin Sweeney
Austin Sweeney 2 oy oldin
"good soldiers follow orders"
Jason 2 oy oldin
Just checked, its the first link!!!!
a san
a san 2 oy oldin
Fubu 333
Fubu 333 2 oy oldin
This video is the epitome of yikes
Abi B
Abi B 2 oy oldin
Yikes masks would be cool😮
Doggo 2 oy oldin
I'm happy to see that now if you search "Eddy Burback merch" you find the original shop as the first result and if you go on the shopping page you find.. Iron Maiden merch (the Iron Maiden mascot's name is Eddy)
Daniel Caballero
Daniel Caballero 2 oy oldin
So Keem is shitting on this guy? Mans really going out swinging huh?
David Lafaye
David Lafaye 2 oy oldin
So I could of possibly bought a "YIKES!" Hoodie from the wrong creator..that sux man
bailey claire
bailey claire 2 oy oldin
4:20 moriah elizabeth?
Ramen 2 oy oldin
Seebas 2 oy oldin
it’s the first result now :D
arrowkrueger 2 oy oldin
It’s really disappointing to see that about redbubble. I knew they had some copyrighted material on it but I didn’t realize the extent of it. I use redbubble as an art student and post my original work. I don’t make a ton of money on there but I guarantee I’d make more sales if the site would remove all of the stolen content littering the site. I don’t know, it’s making me seriously consider taking my work off the site. People are so ready to scam money into their own pockets and take away from the original, small artists that are genuinely using the site as it’s intended....
arrowkrueger 2 oy oldin
You should definitely sue. I actually took a copyright class in college recently, as an art student, and this looks a lot like some of the case studies we covered. If you win, which you would have a pretty strong case, they would have to pay you your lost revenue due to them selling your copyrighted material. Meaning all the profit they made plus the estimated lost sales of the original merchandise. As an artist/graphic designer it really bothers me to see people stealing your brand/design and It could genuinely make a difference, maybe even set a precedence for future copyright cases.
Deep Blue
Deep Blue 2 oy oldin
I bought a shirt after watching this, just out of spite towards the people ripping you off
Bronwyn Edwards
Bronwyn Edwards 2 oy oldin
Ngl the joke of rating an Italian restaurant and just saying “spaghetti” is fucking hysterical
Red Army
Red Army 2 oy oldin
well your number 1 on results now so that's a start.
benanderson89 2 oy oldin
It's bots that scour the internet for images to put on print-to-order sites hence why the titles are always weird rips from sentences or advertisements. People found something similar with twitter, where a bot would search for "I want that on a shirt" or similar regularly, then automatically take the image from the twitter post and upload it to a site like redbubble, linking the person who originally said "I want it on a shirt" to the fake item. Happy ending with that one though: a bunch of people uploaded copyrighted Disney images (or images designed to piss off Disney) and then said "I want this on a shirt" immediately in the replies - Disney had fun bringing the hammer down. Bots are also why some designs appear weirdly small or blurry from low resolution/compression.
Kerry Faler
Kerry Faler 2 oy oldin
I’ve had my artwork stolen too - I know it feels. I wish there was a way to stop it. I’m off to visit your shop!
Shane Threlfall
Shane Threlfall 2 oy oldin
This is a guy that’s never been to Turkey, dude fake shit everywhere, good luck Policing it
Anthony Bahena
Anthony Bahena 2 oy oldin
that mic looks like a bbc not gonna lie
JackCarregan 2 oy oldin
his mic holder looks like a little man holding a giant tube.
Matt Finnigan
Matt Finnigan 2 oy oldin
Sylvester Addams
Sylvester Addams 2 oy oldin
I’m so sad I’m too late to get the wasted summer T-shirt 😭
Frankie G
Frankie G 2 oy oldin
I bought one off of teespring like a week before this vid came out and now im sad and want his new Kerch :(
T CH 2 oy oldin
you calling drew a big brother feels weird considering you look like his uncle
Unknown Player
Unknown Player 2 oy oldin
Identity theft is not a joke Jim
Vilesentry 2 oy oldin
Your mustache tickles my soul.
Angeleana Braley
Angeleana Braley 2 oy oldin
This is kinda frightening because I'm about to launch my own bran
Elliot Rentz
Elliot Rentz 2 oy oldin
Evan Farrell
Evan Farrell 3 oy oldin
Jaxon Hunt
Jaxon Hunt 3 oy oldin
I will definitely pick some yikes merch when my sweatshirt I have now gets either ripped, gross, or shrinked from the washing machine
Stephen Boeddeker
Stephen Boeddeker 3 oy oldin
Nevermind, I found it in the link w/ my dumb ass😅 imma rep the brand hard bro. Keep it up
Stephen Boeddeker
Stephen Boeddeker 3 oy oldin
Yo I LOVE your content and I'd really like to support the OG brand that you've built🤙🏾Is the original merch still available?
First Last
First Last 3 oy oldin
that trump/pence website is obviously fake by the way.
Sarah 3 oy oldin
"See me kissing the air? That means I care." words to live by
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