Oh My God This Movie is the Worst

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Eddy Burback

Yil oldin

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softmocha Kun oldin
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat Kun oldin
Oh yeah iv heard of this monstrosity of a movie a lot, it’s just so bad...
Erin Cinico
Erin Cinico Kun oldin
Me: (watching the Daddy part) I don't like being attacked like this
Serena Noline
Serena Noline Kun oldin
Omg you should watch “Invaders from Mars” the 1986 version. Very entertaining. 🔥
Cly Marin
Cly Marin 2 kun oldin
A time traveler 100% went to the writing room just to put 13:25 in.
Peyton Wisdom
Peyton Wisdom 4 kun oldin
Was he joking or did he not notice nilbog was goblin backwards the first time he heard it😂 I can't tell
banshee90 4 kun oldin
his sister had that corn on the cob in her mouth. Dude gave his whole family a golden shower.
Random crap daily Ayy!
Random crap daily Ayy! 4 kun oldin
Eddie: I see the devil in you boy. Me: silently posing my pants trying not to wake my parents
Elliott Ward
Elliott Ward 4 kun oldin
My name is Elliott and 6:20 really caught me off guard, I had a very visceral reaction lmao
Parker Clark
Parker Clark 5 kun oldin
hi I live in namuh
Tara King
Tara King 5 kun oldin
You gotta appreciate that the boys all coordinated in their primary colors.
Ashton Wing
Ashton Wing 5 kun oldin
Is no one gonna talk about the stolen “grandpa reads to kid in bed” scene from the Princess Bride
Andre Klugel
Andre Klugel 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one who noticed that "Nilbog" (the name of the town), is Goblin spelled backwards?
Andre Klugel
Andre Klugel 5 kun oldin
Holy fuck! Yes, I wrote that in the beginning of the video, lol.
Nicholas Fedeli
Nicholas Fedeli 5 kun oldin
Please cover Leprechaun 4 in Space
Ben Perez
Ben Perez 5 kun oldin
matt watson? from charleston south carolina?
Imagine Kudryavka
Imagine Kudryavka 6 kun oldin
I can't get over "Glasses fuckboy talks for 20 minutes". There's no way the video can get better from that. In fact, I think the whole universe is done. It's been fun but there's just nothing left to achieve in life.
Rafalafel M
Rafalafel M 6 kun oldin
Eddy I know you’re not gonna see this but fuck you I did notice that nilbog is goblin backwards, I noticed the second they arrived you piece of shit
WhiteNinja42 6 kun oldin
Not going to lie, that ending is pretty creepy. Very glad I did not watch this as a kid (as I got scared very easily and this would have potentially caused me to only eat meat for a while [and I don't really like meat aside from chicken and fish]).
Eridium Rat
Eridium Rat 6 kun oldin
Wait is nilbog just goblin backwards Edit: I AM THOTH GOD OD KNOWLEDGE
Sandric Bendiksen
Sandric Bendiksen 6 kun oldin
16:35 so THAT's where that sound effect came from
NutBurg 6 kun oldin
I'm sorry Eddy, but the actual worst movie is Birdemic
Unlikely Specimen
Unlikely Specimen 7 kun oldin
Ah yes, the second most iconic ‘oh my god’ in meme history
SonicAndMario 7 kun oldin
Grandpa Seth: Josh the accident wasn't your fault.
Cole Wilson
Cole Wilson 7 kun oldin
I've gotta say reading about the behind the scenes of this movie, that could be a video of its own
Izzy Cloe
Izzy Cloe 7 kun oldin
"Chlorophyll green: The color of the Goblins" wait, so you mean to tell me that Goblins are actually plants? No fucking way
djangoDakoti 7 kun oldin
abby Martinez
abby Martinez 7 kun oldin
this movies got to be TROLLING....ha get it becouse....trolls..😑
Abraxis729 7 kun oldin
Uncle Seth can possess people AND use The World to freeze time. He isn't only a ghost he is a stand using ghost!
SpaceMaze 7 kun oldin
Eddy looks like tesco’s Jon Jafari
This is a meme
This is a meme 7 kun oldin
I totally thought the dad was gonna piss on the kid
Lai Fowlkes
Lai Fowlkes 8 kun oldin
"We could've waited 15 minutes! I'm sure he would have come" my dumbass "That's what she said "
Brooke 8 kun oldin
this movie is just nsfw goosebumps
L.A. Hauer
L.A. Hauer 9 kun oldin
Um excuse me. Did you fail to mention the popcorn sex scene?
EverydayChemistry 9 kun oldin
I only realized 20 minutes in when it told me that Nilbog is goblin backwards
1nsaneMc 9 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that Joshua was maul grabbing his skateboard at 19:34?
Wilf Dagless
Wilf Dagless 9 kun oldin
That's some newb PSA stuff, anyone versed in garbage cinema shouldn't worry about seeing the first film before watching the second. See Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 and Crazy Fat Ethel 2 for reference.
Be4stSie 9 kun oldin
I actually did think about nilbog spelled backwards, fuck you eddy No hate
OGpillow08 10 kun oldin
Acid Pain
Acid Pain 10 kun oldin
Why is the sister a worse actress than the little brother?
Femo Memo
Femo Memo 10 kun oldin
the goblins: Look at this pretty girl :) dont you wanna kiss'er and eat her food? me, gay: no thanks! :D i'd eat HIS food doe ;)
Jonathon Rodriguez Thomas
Jonathon Rodriguez Thomas 11 kun oldin
The one movie that has the lowest score on Cinema Sins I think
The laggiest gamer
The laggiest gamer 14 kun oldin
I thought the dad was gonna piss on him
August T
August T 15 kun oldin
dude, what about the popcorn scene?! and the fly on boy 2? haaha
Zachary Bowen
Zachary Bowen 15 kun oldin
You may be a man now eddy, but you still lookiNg hella cute
Mad Du
Mad Du 16 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks Joshua looks like Lindsay Lohan?
master of avocados129
master of avocados129 16 kun oldin
Oh My gooooooooooood
Cooper Barich
Cooper Barich 16 kun oldin
Adam Cichuttek
Adam Cichuttek 16 kun oldin
OHMYGOD ive loved this movie for almost 10 years, and nobody EVER knows what it is. i am ELATED RN! i just found eddy like two days, and i was already loving his channel. now i know i love him too lmao
Kunisake 16 kun oldin
The acting in this film rivals that of a Nolan flick
Natalie F
Natalie F 17 kun oldin
Dis be my comfort video
Uninspirational Lizard
Uninspirational Lizard 18 kun oldin
24:19 What is that song
panzer blitz YT!!
panzer blitz YT!! 18 kun oldin
The dad looks like the dad from the twisted sister music video
Heavy In the Tree
Heavy In the Tree 19 kun oldin
2:49 thats the kid i subbed too, now that your a "man" i never watch your videos
teddyotto 20 kun oldin
i rly need to know the sponser time song
Greeny 20 kun oldin
i saw this as a kid
MooMoo Cat
MooMoo Cat 20 kun oldin
I'm ashamed to admit how long it took me to realise nilbog was just goblin backwards
Just a Fat civvie
Just a Fat civvie 20 kun oldin
Your e inspiring me to do a comedy cooking channel lol
EminemIsBetterThan You
EminemIsBetterThan You 21 kun oldin
That boy is an exorcist
Stella Lum
Stella Lum 22 kun oldin
Thank u skill share :^)
Cole Hewett
Cole Hewett 22 kun oldin
Namuh is my favorite town
Bralynn Peterson
Bralynn Peterson 22 kun oldin
10000 90000
Russian Tinky Winky
Russian Tinky Winky 23 kun oldin
hi welcome to my town its called "a sad lonely fuck that watch's youtube to fill my endless void of boredom and sadness", have a lovely stay!
LoserBoy Productions
LoserBoy Productions 24 kun oldin
I mean the girl in the start DID have freckles, so yeah.
River Miles
River Miles 24 kun oldin
Why can't I possess people WHATS THE POINT OF BEING A GHOST
milchB0X 26 kun oldin
My therapist told me about this movie and its so much better with your commentary
GreyDimen 27 kun oldin
so...so this is movie they made the she music video by tyler the creator. yeah just got it.
Henry Chapman
Henry Chapman 27 kun oldin
Ok but we not gonna talk about how this girl is using a lifting belt for bench press and only has like 35 pounds on the bar?
max H
max H 27 kun oldin
Mmm glasses fuc Boi yummy
Via Jones
Via Jones 28 kun oldin
Is Boy #2’s bellow of “oh my gooooooooooooooooood” reminiscent of Rich Evans? Yes yes yes
Aurelia Hill
Aurelia Hill 28 kun oldin
not joshua mallgrabbing ✋😭
Steuts 29 kun oldin
4:10 those freckles are fake as hell
SmelliotPace22 29 kun oldin
Crazy how My name is Elliot as well and i already hate the "Elliot" in the movie when I'm only 6 minutes in the video.
CorgiLover109 29 kun oldin
this movie is like a bad sketch of goosebumps
KCRambler Oy oldin
Let us all be honest. We have all have danced in the mirror before
Turt the weeb
Turt the weeb Oy oldin
My Sweaty Balls ?!?!?!?!?!?!
Acid_snake_fire 64
Acid_snake_fire 64 Oy oldin
Nicolas Jameson
Nicolas Jameson Oy oldin
Friend of producer of the movie: hey remember you made one of the worst movies ever. Producer: ....yeah.
Ghetto Gothics
Ghetto Gothics Oy oldin
They need to remake this movie.
OB2Kenobi Oy oldin
16:35 "There's a fly crawling on my forehead! OH MY _GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!_ "
scottishrob13 Oy oldin
So, I *wouldn't* have thought about Nilbog as Goblin spelt backwards... but you highlighted that the movie was supposed to be called Goblin. I'm not a liar, you're just good at setting things up!
Austin Persing Plays
Austin Persing Plays Oy oldin
To be fair to the goblins though, I’m grossed out by the Double Decker Bologna sandwich.
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw Oy oldin
"we've got lust" *shows the what are you gonna do to me daddy scene*
Gdog 007
Gdog 007 Oy oldin
Him- "I'm a man! Me at home screaming-"Im a maaan!!!!!
Bruh Oy oldin
I live in a town called “namuh”.
broly_ gaming149
broly_ gaming149 Oy oldin
Oh the line oh his face god why did they make that kid do that scene like that jesus
Toothpaste Oy oldin
ok, who DIDN'T notice that nilbog is goblin spelled backwards. He says i lie, i'm not, how did you not put 2 and 2 together and realize OH HEY THAT DUMBASS NAME ACTUALLY ISN'T TOTAL NONSENSE
Ry Fh
Ry Fh Oy oldin
Thanks skilshar
Q,BERT Oy oldin
Jacksepticry 123
Jacksepticry 123 Oy oldin
Elliot sounds likes she reading the lines of a screen as they go
Ari Anatako
Ari Anatako Oy oldin
Dude when he went to “tighten his belt to prevent hunger pains“ I dead ass thought he was going to Piss on his son
CookieCrusader 420
CookieCrusader 420 Oy oldin
Question: can you define “the boys” for me?
Music and Books and Other Stuff
Music and Books and Other Stuff Oy oldin
I love how Josh has a moment of hesitation before he bites into that abomination of a sandwich. Like he's thinking if he should do it or just let the goblins eat him
Master Markus
Master Markus Oy oldin
I always remembered the "YOU DON'T PISS ON HOSPITALITY" line but I couldn't remember what it was from!
Dude Why
Dude Why Oy oldin
Dude on 11:07 there is a cat for some reason
Himark Oy oldin
I'm so mad because the I figured out that Nilbog is frickin Goblin backwards
Corra Gem
Corra Gem Oy oldin
This family dumb as hell
nerdtendo guy
nerdtendo guy Oy oldin
have you done the mario movie?
Xx_Scotty_21_xX Oy oldin
You remind me of my uncle
baybee obama
baybee obama Oy oldin
Y-you can't just take away the boys!?
BatTo Bat
BatTo Bat Oy oldin
Dakota Dad
Dakota Dad Oy oldin
Why ya mad dawg? Stop yelling at me!! 😭
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