Late Night TV Needs to Change

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback Yil oldin
me: im doing the main network hosts on air to narrow it down you guys: you forgot this host that isn’t on a network or isn’t on the air!!!
signifi delica
signifi delica 2 soat oldin
nice of you to do the word from the sponsor at the end, and all of your opinions were correct. I saw that video with Theo and Bill, Theo freaked Bill out because he is really in touch with his emotions and feminine side, which Bill isn't heh
Darren Rory
Darren Rory 22 soat oldin
@Marcos Keanu i will try it out right now. Looks good so far.
Marcos Keanu
Marcos Keanu 22 soat oldin
Dunno if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal password hacker ;)
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast Kun oldin
None of these people are funny
@Jintrovert that was good
LM Soat oldin
Conan and Graham Norton are the best talk show hosts.
Jonathen Lester
Jonathen Lester 6 soat oldin
I think people forget that Conan is currently in his later years, and he's still so good.
Jonathen Lester
Jonathen Lester 6 soat oldin
Jack Parr
Jonathen Lester
Jonathen Lester 6 soat oldin
Fallon is the worst.
farlon muentes
farlon muentes 21 soat oldin
im a bit conflicted about conan being the "realest" late talk show ever. you are forgetting craig ferguson was the most chaotic and genuine late talk show. he just throws away random question at the guest. he even admits to the guest that he doesn't know their work and who even thought of using a robot skeleton and a fake horse as sidekicks ever? i like conan but it has been shown that it was well rehearsed while craig ferguson is just winging it. he was the one already changing the late night format even before conan was moved to another network.
greg blackwell
greg blackwell Kun oldin
2,069,999 i feel so bad
Kyle Miske
Kyle Miske Kun oldin
Conan's leaving in the summer for good unfortunately, maybe andy will take over probably not : (
Zachary Faulkner
Zachary Faulkner Kun oldin
Craig Ferguson > Everyone else
Ruizu Kun oldin
Conan is also my bias. ✨
Sam Bain
Sam Bain Kun oldin
Opening was on point
Moviebuff Shatto
Moviebuff Shatto Kun oldin
Conan O’Brien is the Peak Late Night Host
Kieran H.
Kieran H. 2 kun oldin
Man I wish the Colbert Report was still around
Fazlay R. Raju
Fazlay R. Raju 2 kun oldin
When he said he doesn't care about bill mahr I was sold!!
M S 2 kun oldin
"The only one who is willing to change the format is Conan" Kid, don't embarrass yourself. go watch some Craig Ferguson :))))
Chris Grab
Chris Grab 2 kun oldin
Conan Colbert Kimmel Fallon Seth 50 feet of shit Corden. (Conans the only one actually worth watching anyway)
lindsey 2 kun oldin
i think jimmy fallon does have a genuine laugh, but he should tone it down and stop cutting off guests
Mrpatrickstar [GD]
Mrpatrickstar [GD] 2 kun oldin
Corden Is a chunky version of chris hemsworth
Mike the Eye Films
Mike the Eye Films 2 kun oldin
As a 30 something year old boomer, I can say that Letterman was 100% the best in the late night format. But you pretty much nailed everything else in this video.
Bernardo Santos
Bernardo Santos 3 kun oldin
To me, John Oliver and Conan O’Brien is the epitome of Late Night TV
TheSnoozeFox 3 kun oldin
No mention of Craig Furgeson?
C C93
C C93 3 kun oldin
As a Brit, I was so glad Corden went to the USA. Can't stand him.
the_true_king_of_sarcasm 9 soat oldin
@Mn M well the solution to justin bieber is send him to Venezuela and if they want to start an annoying people war, we made reality tv I think we will win
Mn M
Mn M 9 soat oldin
@the_true_king_of_sarcasm Are you sure you want to anger the Canadians? Justin Bieber was a warning shot, they can send there annoying people.
the_true_king_of_sarcasm 3 kun oldin
We don't want him either, can we mutually agree to send him to Canada
Foxy 3 kun oldin
Craig Furgeson the best and my all-time fav host, was underrated back then and still is now, James Corden took over and its just not the same
11th_defender 3 kun oldin
Jimmy kimmel did blackface
SHREYA SINGH 3 kun oldin
Conan my 💘
Von C
Von C 4 kun oldin
I can't stand James Corden I know its not really related to the video, but it kinda is I guess he's just annoying and unfunny. Also Jay Leno is a horrible person for what he did to Conan
Wire2904 4 kun oldin
Oh man, that Singh monologue is cringe as all hell
cloud4an 4 kun oldin
James Corden was absolutely hilarious on Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012.
Abhijeet Sharma
Abhijeet Sharma 4 kun oldin
Love it conan fan frm india.
Eduardo Oceguera
Eduardo Oceguera 4 kun oldin
Conan > The rest of the hosts I'd say Graham Norton is a close second though
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 4 kun oldin
The pic of Ariana and Fallon is gold
Callum Tinant
Callum Tinant 5 kun oldin
Conan is great, but Graham Norton is personally my favourite. And I was rooting for Singh until she basically told me I was racist and terrified because of my skin colour and sex
Nicole Osborn Vlogs
Nicole Osborn Vlogs 5 kun oldin
Jimmy kimmel is just an asshole. I get people like him but I just don’t like him
Mr. Conservatarian
Mr. Conservatarian 5 kun oldin
They all suck.
thatKONNORguy 5 kun oldin
I still think Craig Ferguson is the best Late Night host! Quite literally ripping up his notes and throwing them to the wind every time a guest came on. His sidekick was an actual gay robot with a mohawk, I mean that's gold!
James Gentry
James Gentry 6 kun oldin
Meyers sucks and anyone who goes super political sucks
James Gentry
James Gentry 6 kun oldin
You left out a key point. Conan's ratings tanked when he took over the tonight show
SarcastiCat 6 kun oldin
Bro I can't believe you left out Craig Ferguson his show was a clear deconstruction of the late night TV tropes and a brilliant era.
Leon Samolkin
Leon Samolkin 6 kun oldin
All dislikes were jay leno fans
Harry Stanford
Harry Stanford 7 kun oldin
Graham Norton
Shonok Rohan
Shonok Rohan 7 kun oldin
Colbert is the finest of them all Kimmel &Trevor are entertaining Corden & Conan is goofy Norton & Seth does okay depends on your mood who you watch are just irrelevant & I would very much love to see Neil Patrick Harris to get a show of his own
Metro Shift
Metro Shift 7 kun oldin
"orange man bad"
Mighty Quester
Mighty Quester 7 kun oldin
Appreciate the Conan love in this environment.
Ella Tamny
Ella Tamny 7 kun oldin
I adore Conan’s travel pieces, John Oliver, love a closer look, and the Colbert report. Colbert was so much better prior I miss him when he had something more like last week tonight
walter hank
walter hank 7 kun oldin
corden is the worst people alive
walter hank
walter hank 7 kun oldin
late night with letterman IS JUST ANOTHER SHOW compared to colbert he knew that the show itself was boring so he was funny 100% of the time
Electize 7 kun oldin
Conan is untouchable!
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 8 kun oldin
Conan is the only good late night tv host
McGraw 8 kun oldin
Evan Swart
Evan Swart 8 kun oldin
dot dot
Antonio Moraga
Antonio Moraga 7 kun oldin
David Morse
David Morse 8 kun oldin
Simple solution: convince Craig Ferguson to come back. Late night TV solved.
BambiHimself 9 kun oldin
Two words: Graham Norton
Maura Leardi
Maura Leardi 9 kun oldin
Okay David letterman is such a creep ewwweww
Vuribo 9 kun oldin
Just leave trump alone
parsa dolat
parsa dolat 9 kun oldin
john oliver and conan
Lily A
Lily A 9 kun oldin
As a representative of people named Lily, we do not claim her.
Christian Mirza
Christian Mirza 9 kun oldin
Eddy do you know about time suck???? I think the children of Burback would get along with the space lizards.
Phospholipid bilayer
Phospholipid bilayer 9 kun oldin
Dude! Colbert is a great interviewer!
Brandon Kehoe
Brandon Kehoe 9 kun oldin
like i actually watch conans yt travel vids and they mad funny
Brandon Kehoe
Brandon Kehoe 9 kun oldin
facts Conan is the goat nobody will change my mind
Brandon Kehoe
Brandon Kehoe 9 kun oldin
fallon is a good soul ik that
sentez Le
sentez Le 9 kun oldin
Nobody's home since Craig Furgerson keft late night.
Jaded Wonderland
Jaded Wonderland 10 kun oldin
Revisting this video in the year of our lord Covid. Everyone but Seth and Conan have proven how desperately they NEED an audience. Colbert literally pauses for a nonexistent applause/laugh. It's so cringy.
Trinity Thames
Trinity Thames 10 kun oldin
That blue solo cup looks like a port a potty.
Bookworm 10 kun oldin
Conan, Graham Norton and Jimmy Fallon are the good ones. And worst is Colbert, when I watch Colbert I feel like watching the news instead because they are equally boring and depressing. And the most fun is Craig Ferguson.
Anthony Sorendino
Anthony Sorendino 10 kun oldin
The nap / sleep question wasn’t that stupid. Fallon just didn’t explain that he meant a nap vs. a full sleep.
Diego Meringer
Diego Meringer 10 kun oldin
Britain has already sent Piers Morgan and James Corden, to us, the failures of their society. Will then send Boris Johnson next? Who knows?
Tom Millington
Tom Millington 11 kun oldin
I've said it before and I'll say it again. British late night talk shows are the best. Graham Norton, Johnathan Ross, Mo Gillian. Amazing. They listen to there guests. Have like 5 guest sitting together riffing off each other. And the weekly shows work better than daily
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 10 kun oldin
@Tom Millington clearly
Tom Millington
Tom Millington 10 kun oldin
@TheReal Doge are we tho
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 10 kun oldin
jesus british people are so full of themselves
Inversed Egg Yolk
Inversed Egg Yolk 11 kun oldin
While Colbert may not be the best with interviewing celebrities, you gotta admit that he's one graceful and classy guy.
Anthony Zanoni
Anthony Zanoni 12 kun oldin
Man conan is my least favorite lol
A.O. Skurtt
A.O. Skurtt 12 kun oldin
I've barely ever seen any of these but I'm about to watch the next one too lol
Haley D
Haley D 12 kun oldin
man jimmy doesn't stay out of politics, he's bootlicked so many far right politicians, including sarah palin, ted cruz, and obviously donald trump. i can't stand him. having to resort to party games because he doesn't know how to interview even though that's his damn job 🙄the day he got the tonight show and conan got knocked off was the day i realized meritocracy doesn't exist 😒
Dan 1031
Dan 1031 13 kun oldin
Yes, Conan the GOAT
Liam 13 kun oldin
It’s interesting because those SNL bits that he put on there for Jimmy Fallon are some of my favorite ones. I love it when people break out in laughter during a bit
Annual Leopard
Annual Leopard 14 kun oldin
The only reason I like Jimmy Fallon is because he fought in World War 2
Bad At Games
Bad At Games 14 kun oldin
Me listening to the ad read with my raycons: Hmmm. Interesting.
Prick Cheney
Prick Cheney 15 kun oldin
the best late night show was the daily show with jon stewart
Denise Nicole Servañez
Denise Nicole Servañez 15 kun oldin
Fallon is like the big bang theory of laugh tracks
armin38822 15 kun oldin
I really don't understand how people get weird around Bill when he gets into the full Bill Burr mode.
Phone Guy
Phone Guy 15 kun oldin
This man should have hit a million subscribers a long time ago. At least he’s gained over 400k subs since I last checked.
Emily Kipp
Emily Kipp 15 kun oldin
Yeah that Tom Cruise thing hits different when you take Sea Org into consideration
Cooper Barich
Cooper Barich 15 kun oldin
Deelon Musk
Deelon Musk 15 kun oldin
Dat dat dat dat dat dat
Deelon Musk
Deelon Musk 15 kun oldin
Sleep is the ultimate nap
Barry Scott
Barry Scott 16 kun oldin
I like jay leno I like him on the tonight show and I love his show jay leno's garage but I admit that's a dickhead move what he did to conan
Gamerof Canada
Gamerof Canada 16 kun oldin
jimmy kimmel is better
Antonio Moraga
Antonio Moraga 7 kun oldin
He’s so unlikable. I don’t enjoy seeing him at all.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 10 kun oldin
lmfao no
Diaramamond 16 kun oldin
I can't see why Trevor Noah isn't mentioned anywhere?? Is he not on late enough?
Austin S.
Austin S. 16 kun oldin
I actually used to watch Conan at night on TBS when I lived at home and we had cable.
Nathan Nissim
Nathan Nissim 16 kun oldin
Conan is Cing, I mean King dot dot dot dot dot dot
Loaf_III 17 kun oldin
What about Trevor Noah
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 18 kun oldin
My personal rankings as an outsider brit Conan - good interviewer Colbert - good monologues, got a bit stale but also good on interviews. I think the stalling in interviews isn't as big an issue. Meyers - funny sometimes Kimmel - oh boy, I can't find anything good Fallon - ... Corden - he left British tv for a reason
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 10 kun oldin
@TheReal Doge I'm not an egotistical moron, if I'd made a mistake I'd have said "oh, thank you" and corrected it. Not all of us are 14 year olds who can't acknowledge their own fuck ups like you.
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 10 kun oldin
@TheReal Doge I literally fucking didn't. I swear every conversation I've ever had with an Eddy fan has been the most mind-numbing thing possible. Why does he attract such idiots?
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 10 kun oldin
@Angus Noble naa dude lmao u edited that part saying "for a reason" sounds stupid to just not say it instead
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 10 kun oldin
@TheReal Doge Mate, I edited it about a second after I made the comment to fix an autocorrect error. Engage your brain for a second and think, does "he left for no good reason" make sense? No, obviously he was after more money and he wasn't getting millions in the UK because we can't stand the arsehole. Now grow up and realise you were wrong.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 10 kun oldin
@Angus Noble no lmao u edited it i can literally see it and not to brag but i have really good memory
Tandy Candy
Tandy Candy 18 kun oldin
Oh shit it’s Adam Kovics little brother
Wayward Mind
Wayward Mind 18 kun oldin
Corden having a few guests on the couch, though, is something Conan would sometimes do and is what both of them do terribly compared to Graham Norton, one of the best late night hosts. I assume Corden is borrowing from Norton, given the brit connection.
Kunisake 19 kun oldin
My laugh isn't that great, either. Sometimes, when something is funny, I find it hilarious and I either end up wheezing, laughing too hard, laughing too long, laughing too loudly, sounding like a dummy, or the jackpot: all of the above
Pierce Law
Pierce Law 19 kun oldin
I’ve got to say, I’ve only seen Conan play the Witcher, jimmy never has
Panda Lovett
Panda Lovett 23 kun oldin
Eddy needs to watch some Craig Ferguson stat
Antonio Cordua
Antonio Cordua 23 kun oldin
I feel like podcasts especially video podcasts will become the new talkshow just with a more relaxing environment
Drip Shameless
Drip Shameless 23 kun oldin
Lucas Carstensen
Lucas Carstensen 24 kun oldin
As soon as the podcast music started playing I half expected to see the podcast intro start playing and it was weird not seeing that
Jose Medina
Jose Medina 24 kun oldin
The abashed closet practically bury because statistic simplistically settle towards a murky shadow. debonair, cagey sundial
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