I Think This Dude Wants to Kill Me

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Eddy Burback

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Ash 3 soat oldin
The people that still support this guy should just be shipped to the moon.
bndz 18 soat oldin
if I didn't kno who that guy was I would prolly throw hands on him for doin shit like that
Sepi Chao
Sepi Chao Kun oldin
2:39 i swear i only laughed at that cuz of his neckrolls
Sydney hedges
Sydney hedges Kun oldin
If you ever encounter people like this just don’t talk to them all they look for is reactions if you don’t talk to them they leave you alone if you don’t talk to them there is zero content
Punkclown 6 soat oldin
assholes who harass for fun like this will pry a lot to get a reaction though, thats the worst part, if you ignore them they just see it as a challenge and basically poke you with a stick until you react. I'm glad the Baltimore Police Department ended up arresting him
Lawrence Ludwig IV
Lawrence Ludwig IV Kun oldin
Death threats pog!
Xcesive Kun oldin
I’d invoke panic rights and plug him
Okhaide Ohiwerei
Okhaide Ohiwerei 2 kun oldin
Just started to binge your videos and come to find out I stumbled upon YIKES best video ever!!!!!!!
Laura Dunn
Laura Dunn 2 kun oldin
This was a beautiful video. Thank you for handling it with such maturity and grace. Was truly inspired and impressed.
Davi Alves
Davi Alves 2 kun oldin
Dude in the restaurant was an absolute chad. I wish I could call shitty people out as good as him.
Theseus 2 kun oldin
Don't body shame. That shit hurts people.
Conor Dignum
Conor Dignum 3 kun oldin
The merch is born
Pickleridge 3 kun oldin
10:53 this man is my personal hero
Guard #3
Guard #3 3 kun oldin
In March of 2019 he plead guilty to 8 charges of harassment and trespassing (out of 26 counts of these and one count of second degree assault)
Tom Sheehan
Tom Sheehan 2 kun oldin
What sentence did he get?
Guard #3
Guard #3 3 kun oldin
Thank you for not making me go watch another video to watch this one, Eddy. You are a hero and a friend to the masses.
스티븐스아름 3 kun oldin
I travel back to this vid and forget that this was what started his merch lmao
Up Dog
Up Dog 3 kun oldin
God this plainpotatoes guy is an asshole
Adri James
Adri James 3 kun oldin
you know, they say you dream about the last thing you thought about before falling asleep.
TNA9 4 kun oldin
he's just a awful person and needs to stop being terrible
Mister Mango man
Mister Mango man 4 kun oldin
$14 for fucking sharpies?
Benny 4 kun oldin
It's painful to admit that his clips in this video did make me laugh, but after the laugh i just think, wow this guy has got to be so fucking annoying at parties
Arce Silveira
Arce Silveira 4 kun oldin
Clayton Flowers
Clayton Flowers 4 kun oldin
Ok I only thought the kung fu panda joke
pezzy is back again
pezzy is back again 4 kun oldin
the origin of yikes
Los Santos international airport
Los Santos international airport 4 kun oldin
roast: @plainpotatoes looks like the black default guy from fortnite
SGR 4 kun oldin
I would have asked this guy to leave once before I lost my mind. I respect the people that kept their cool.
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 5 kun oldin
I usually just cringe at pranksters, but this dude legitimately enrages me.
Gustav Lindberg
Gustav Lindberg 6 kun oldin
Hi. i dont think he is gonna see this, this vid is 1.5yrs old and maybe he is different, so im gonna turn this to anyone else reading the comments thinking what this guy does is a good idea. I have been suffering from depression, anxiety, sucidal thoughts and to some extent attention seeking my entire life. Getting attention when u feel down is nice, i get it, but the attention you get from this is not good, im self destructive too, but i would never dream of actively going out my way to make others feel bad for me to feel good. when you go to sleep at night, do you ever think about your life? how u impact other pepole? imagine yourself being one of those pepole and then someone like u comes along, would that feel good? no obviously, and this is a cliche but its true, in the long run you will not feel better by making others feel bad, if u have a soul you will regret it ALOT... trust me. and if u dont have a soul and ur a complete sociopath... i mean go burn a boatload of money i guess, but even THE bad guy didnt go around harrasing people, bullying them just for the fuck of it, he had a purpose. So in a way ur worse than the joker. and not in a good way. ok byeee
George Pantello
George Pantello 7 kun oldin
(Code §3-803) Harassment incurs a fine of $900 and up to 90 days in jail (in baltimore). He has made, lets say, at least maybe 100 videos. This man is going to have to be fined $90000 and serve 9000 days in prison.
Totally_Not_Skyler 7 kun oldin
Sexual assault, haha so funny! 🙄😫🤮 This dude is so gross! Dude would probably make me have a breakdown.
Sin Talento Producciones
Sin Talento Producciones 7 kun oldin
the n word was invented for guys like this
Frenchyboy 4 kun oldin
@Sin Talento Producciones racist dipshit
Sin Talento Producciones
Sin Talento Producciones 4 kun oldin
@Frenchyboy not as much as a black person
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
You're kinda dumb
the mini owl
the mini owl 7 kun oldin
Thank you eddy
Grayson Leavitt
Grayson Leavitt 8 kun oldin
There should be a neighborhood watch for this guy. Or everyone should have the police on speed dial and then just go “Oh, hey john, yeah the guy is harassing me again.”
Eh Achilles
Eh Achilles 8 kun oldin
this guy is all over tik tok now
Ryandoesstuff 8 kun oldin
The dislike ratio deeply worries me.
Enzo Garcia
Enzo Garcia 8 kun oldin
hes on tiktok now
Broken Umbrella
Broken Umbrella 8 kun oldin
Pretty sure He’s still doing this
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
Hes in jail
Ashes x2
Ashes x2 9 kun oldin
Late showin up but if he’s really depressed then his videos are a form of self harm. You hurt others so they’ll hurt you back. It’s a very sad thing to see someone go through but at the same time, he deserves zero sympathy. Never, ever forget that mental illness is not an excuse to be bullied or to be a bully.
The Mannequin
The Mannequin 9 kun oldin
I am amazed by all those people who have so good patiens. I would just simply kick him or something if he approached
sarah 9 kun oldin
i would say his depression isnt an excuse, but it is an explanation. i have clinical depression and attention issues and i dont harass people in public. but also watching this dude's videos its rlly clear to me that this is truthful and he rlly needs help considering this is how he copes. it's not the correct, normal, or excusable way to cope. he still needs to be called out. but im glad eddy ended this the way he did and didnt just delegitimize this guy's struggle. props to you bud.
Carlos 9 kun oldin
If he did this where I live he would already be dead
OGpillow08 9 kun oldin
he said it! he said the thing!
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
@OGpillow08 ah, ok.
OGpillow08 6 kun oldin
@Frenchyboy yes
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
Acid Pain
Acid Pain 10 kun oldin
These are the sort of people I can’t stand zero regard for social norms or boundaries and some weird better than you attitude
big smeller
big smeller 11 kun oldin
dude that asian guy actually looks kinda jacked if he was mad he wouldve clapped that guys ass
Grayson Bedford
Grayson Bedford 11 kun oldin
no to get him to go away just don't say anything and act like you were before he was there then he has no content to post
I’m a person
I’m a person 11 kun oldin
Time to buy a gun...
kingwingding 11 kun oldin
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
No dude. That guy is a piece of shit.
Webster111 10 kun oldin
but why
Gidget Claws
Gidget Claws 11 kun oldin
He's literally a middle school bully wtf
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
Hes so childish
PILLZHERE 234 13 kun oldin
Hey! He's Tha annoying kid in school that wouldn't leave me alone!
Summer The Loser
Summer The Loser 13 kun oldin
this guy makes me want to break some kneecaps
Micah Lind
Micah Lind 13 kun oldin
wait so when he went physical with some people and the cops came he didn’t get sued or just taken to court in someway, shouldn’t posting the video without people’s permission enough to get him sued
Eddie 14 kun oldin
In this bizz we call that ✨sexual assault ✨
Logan Walters
Logan Walters 15 kun oldin
Lmao i can't post like. Anything before UZpost deletes it. And it's not even bad. You know today's liberals, even constructive criticism is mean and something-ist. You are ruining our country Ps. This is not too the maker of this video, I love your videos bro!
James A. Garfield
James A. Garfield 4 kun oldin
The first amendment protects you from legal repercussions not from a youtuber deleting your comment. You're one of the people who think the U.S ranks number 1 in democracy and is the only country with free speech.
MothMan Maniac
MothMan Maniac 5 kun oldin
acquire therapy
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
Please shut the fuck up. This isn't about politics or "liberals". Its also very disgusting that you're a furry.
Yusuf Wahab
Yusuf Wahab 10 kun oldin
Ok furry.
Logan Walters
Logan Walters 15 kun oldin
How dare you want someone you love to get healthy
Fort King
Fort King 15 kun oldin
he sounds like a gay Tyler the creator
Fort King
Fort King 12 kun oldin
@Bad_Script yes but gayer
Bad_Script 12 kun oldin
haha so like, igor?
Noxicity 16 kun oldin
Who chopped off this mans frontal lobe holy shit
ALLA EY 17 kun oldin
It's kinda funny, but really not
Sam Bain
Sam Bain 17 kun oldin
When he went to the store I was hopeping he’d get a gun
Sam Bain
Sam Bain 17 kun oldin
I spelt it wrong
TheAp397 17 kun oldin
well that was sad
Austin S.
Austin S. 17 kun oldin
When are people going to realize that Instagram is pure trash
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
Reddit moment (For legal reasons thats a joke)
Parker the Shark
Parker the Shark 19 kun oldin
God bless that guy in the flannel shirt. He is truly kind, and standing up to bullies is very important
streety301 20 kun oldin
bruh you were the first karen #freeplainpotatoes
Webster111 7 kun oldin
@When When sorry, wrong country, I would if I could lol
When When
When When 7 kun oldin
@Webster111 please run for the president of the United States in 2024, I beg you
MuddyBuddy 9 kun oldin
Go do your homework
Webster111 10 kun oldin
so he gave valid criticism to someone harassing others, unoriginally insulting random people and doing the Shane Dawson cop-out of 'I was in a dark place', and you have the audacity to call eddy a karen? you might as well say that, if someone was calling out a predator, that they were a 'karen'. your point is so redundant.
kingwingding 11 kun oldin
Luke Saltiboi
Luke Saltiboi 20 kun oldin
He lives in Baltimore. I used to live there and now I live close to Baltimore. Fuck him. I recognize some of those places.
Haydin The Cowardly
Haydin The Cowardly 21 kun oldin
That man has the potential to put someone in danger I mean imagine If someone was a part of witness protection and him filming them could get them killed or if they are suicidal and him doing that shit could be the final straw I think this shit is dangerous and immature
Ibalegend _
Ibalegend _ 21 kun oldin
The Yikes joke is one of the best gags in a UZpost vid
Hebah Khalid
Hebah Khalid 21 kun oldin
He seriously in need of help. I hope things change for the better for him.
Riley Lemire
Riley Lemire 23 kun oldin
I don’t know how he doesn’t have a million subs yet.
Ethan Bieri
Ethan Bieri 24 kun oldin
He a dark chocolate bar
Ethan Bieri
Ethan Bieri 24 kun oldin
He a dark chocolate bar
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
Jake Steinhaus
Jake Steinhaus 25 kun oldin
I feel like the line on what’s a good joke and being a jerk is really hard to see. Look at raccooneggs, a lot of times he would make jokes that could be taken as insulting but it’s clear it’s a joke. This guy is just bothering people and acting like their overreacting when they get mad
Sketch Junior
Sketch Junior 25 kun oldin
This is literally what the guys who shout “snowflake” think theybare
Victoria Good
Victoria Good 25 kun oldin
I actually like your eyebrows I was subconsciously saying, “damn they fineeeeeee”
GigglingGoose GG
GigglingGoose GG 26 kun oldin
The goose is disappointed that about a year ago I thought this was funny
Frenchyboy 6 kun oldin
Grady Allen
Grady Allen 27 kun oldin
This guy reminds me of this kid I used to go to school with and he did the same shit bruh, and wut he used to do to me specifically was he would try to trip me by like doing all these evasive moves so I finally decided to stop moving when he did that so he would be the that would fall over. He stopped doing that to me after the frat couple of times 😂😂😂
Annoying Gamez
Annoying Gamez 28 kun oldin
I was wondering why there was a christmas tree on the zodiac poster but then I realised it was a reflection XD
RAT ATTACK GAMER 28 kun oldin
shober 28 kun oldin
Apollyon 28 kun oldin
18:10 sorry late that’s what everyone feels
The Tin Pilot
The Tin Pilot Oy oldin
I feel like if Eddie was made into food he would be called the, “burbyback ribs”
Anne Thrax
Anne Thrax Oy oldin
I've never been depressed and thought "it's cool to be racist"
Grand Master Yoda
Grand Master Yoda Oy oldin
Isn’t it illegal to impersonate a doctor? He said “I’m a dentist.” It’s clearly a joke but holy shit. Don’t do that
PILLZHERE 234 Oy oldin
He was practically hiding behind the excuse "i have depression". I don't like when people do that shit
Edgar Allan Pooh
Edgar Allan Pooh Oy oldin
Just like a wise person once said, "Trolling is not a hobby... *It's an art*"
Straw_ Go
Straw_ Go Oy oldin
At least we got merch tho
3rdBallSam Oy oldin
Watching this video, even if it's from years ago, is really upsetting tbh
Benis Wenis
Benis Wenis Oy oldin
Looking in the comments for a plainpotato supporter 🙋
Hunni Boba
Hunni Boba Oy oldin
if anyone out there is struggling like this guy was please get help. i understand it can be difficult when every day feels like the one before. he was obviously harassing people like this because he needed some form of excitement or change in his everyday life. if you want to break the cycle of living the same day over and over again please try smaller things. what helped me when i was struggling were things like wearing a piece of clothing inside out for the day. it was a small change but it worked. i encourage you to try less extreme things because theres a good chance youll regret big things later. maybe try going for a walk, if you already go for walks try staying at home and cooking your favorite food instead. you could try new arts and crafts, maybe start a diary. being a dick is not going to help you feel better i promise. whats going to help is breaking the cycle a little bit at a time and getting in contact with someone who can help you. remember to drink water, eat 3 meals a day even if their small you deserve food, if you have meds make sure you remember to take them today
jolle engkvist
jolle engkvist Oy oldin
He seems like the guy that moaning in the middle of class is the peak of humor lol
No No
No No Oy oldin
Idea: break his nose so he can’t smell our “bad breath”
No No
No No Oy oldin
Screw this guy Honestly, screw this guy
el dorito
el dorito Oy oldin
people use to act like this in 1st-grade bro it's like he is still back in elementary school
Garf Oy oldin
People who disliked thought that disliking this video would dislike the bad guy
xdeadmeatx Oy oldin
Editing out those words does nothing.
Webster111 10 kun oldin
it means that we can get the point but he wont get demonetised because youtube says no to anything that could be mildly conceived as bad from creators generally
IceyPino Oy oldin
Dude straight up deconstructs his character in front of him
Robin E
Robin E Oy oldin
this is my favourite video on your channel. it is so compelling and full of drama and justice, and also the music in between Chapters is honestly pretty sick
quaker47 Oy oldin
I had someone come up to me and start recording and harrasing me at a trampoline park when i was like 11
quaker47 Oy oldin
this guy acts like a 6th grader on twitter but the fact that its in real life makes it 75x worse
ShitRocker Oy oldin
Potato would make a great camera-man tho.
Anna Oy oldin
holy fuck im not even gonna lie i think the guy in the flannel that picked him apart like that in the restaurant was my old music teacher, like istg, im from baltimore, my teacher taught there and there’s tons of nice restaurants in the city so i legitimately think that may have been my old teacher wtf
Khadyja Diop
Khadyja Diop 3 kun oldin
You had a great teacher
Anna Oy oldin
it wasn’t until that lady said “you own baltimore city” that i realized he was from my fucking area (like CLOSE by where i live and have been, wtf) oh my god
Flora Oy oldin
Thank you for not showing the cashier who sold you the Sharpie. As a cashier, I'm always worried I'll end up in someone's video on social media without my consent and I appreciate you respecting that person's privacy.
Anarcho Comrade
Anarcho Comrade Oy oldin
so is roasting someone the same as calling them the n word spitting on them and pulling a knife then following them outside the store
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