I Paid for a Women's Kissing Class (Review)

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 yil oldin
hey guys i didn't die! for more of me not dying, follow me on twitter and instagram @eddyburback
davi strapasson
davi strapasson Oy oldin
I realy like your t-shirt
Luis Sosa Perez
Luis Sosa Perez 3 oy oldin
I dont think I saw an ad bröther. Don't tell me this video isn't monetized
funky35791 5 oy oldin
This hits different now
school sucks
school sucks 9 oy oldin
get a discord
Jonah Jonah
Jonah Jonah 9 oy oldin
You Jk
softmocha 18 soat oldin
i keep getting these ads smh
Punit Daga
Punit Daga 2 kun oldin
Hahahahahaha, this online class intro has aged so terribly well!
Theseus 2 kun oldin
Micheal looks like a mannequin and a 5 year old combined
Lizzy Rose
Lizzy Rose 2 kun oldin
Came for the course. Stayed for the katana commercials :P
Zenertia 6 kun oldin
holy _shit_ dude... I knew these things were a scam, but all of those upgrade signs Xux
The Little Seamstress
The Little Seamstress 7 kun oldin
Your... toes... curl???
Martian 8 kun oldin
Do a Sky High video.
E 9 kun oldin
I will bet my inheritance that Michael has a fedora and writes erotic novels, while having exactly 0% experience and knowledge of women and women’s anatomy.
Objective: Survive
Objective: Survive 10 kun oldin
22:37 Yes. Yes it is.
Theanonymous Girl
Theanonymous Girl 14 kun oldin
I initially skipped the ad, but when l heard the male voice l immediately assumed this was an ad targeted towards gay guys instead of women.
Logan Walters
Logan Walters 14 kun oldin
I almost spit out my drink when you said you don't want to learn to force someone to love you lmao
bigantdud3 14 kun oldin
0:14 or stuck in quarantine
Who Knows
Who Knows 15 kun oldin
He kisses his grandma on the lips?
Trisha Lennex
Trisha Lennex 8 kun oldin
A lot of people do/did
Elijah 15 kun oldin
Bruh if you're gonna do asmr at least turn off the music 🎶
Just now rub my belleeyyy
Just now rub my belleeyyy 16 kun oldin
Magnificloud 17 kun oldin
So, fun story that no one will see When I was about 10, I came across one of these ads somehow, and because I was a bored little homeschooled kid I watched the whole thing. It did not cure my boredom. I was like "Dang, that's really expensive! It sounds kind of weird. I wonder if it's magic. Nah, that's stupid. Hm, let's hope it never comes to this. Maybe I'll come back to this if I end up old and lonely." And then I found this video from Eddy Burback as a bored little quaranteen, and I was like "holy shit man that sounds mad familiar!" And then I found the gold mine that was Eddy's channel, and I've now binged all of it in the past couple days. So yes, something good did come out of this really creepy guy ✨ I found Eddy! Woohoo
The LaserbeamXperience
The LaserbeamXperience 19 kun oldin
....I really fucking want a Katana now
Solomon M
Solomon M 23 kun oldin
“You could just say all this by buying your man a katana” had me dead af bro oml
Cherry Princess
Cherry Princess 24 kun oldin
Ha, jokes on this guy! I’m a lesbian! There is no man in my life!
Sloan Eisenbart
Sloan Eisenbart 26 kun oldin
i want to kiss you eddy
Sloan Eisenbart
Sloan Eisenbart 26 kun oldin
you put under the sea over this. ? can i subscribe twice?
Sloan Eisenbart
Sloan Eisenbart 26 kun oldin
to answer your intro, its the shirt.
Jordan k
Jordan k 27 kun oldin
Michael would be a good romance novelist rather than a relationship expert.
Jordan Pina
Jordan Pina 27 kun oldin
dang it, my shields are down, how if she only use one word
Krobus Koffee
Krobus Koffee Oy oldin
bru ive gotten that ad tf
Ian Awesum
Ian Awesum Oy oldin
I can’t be the only one who thinks the guy looks like a Great Value Jeff Bezos
roxy picasso
roxy picasso Oy oldin
me about to pinch my lip when eddy told me to: 👁 👄 👁 👌
Conner Oy oldin
What’s the song at 12:28?
Zero 2 Deniro
Zero 2 Deniro Oy oldin
Please upload something new you bit---- beautiful man...
thatclikkieinthecorner Oy oldin
Does anyone know what the song that plays at 12:28 is called?
Dip Oy oldin
They have the same type of trash for "miracle weight loss secrets". 11 year old me once listened to an hour long story about this former military guy who saved lives by giving some 200 lbs lady named Amy the secret to life. Keep in mind this video was on a sketchy ass website with no indication for how long it was, no way to skip through, and no video description. Somehow they got through the whole thing without mentioning anything about what they actually did and then ended with something like "so click here to learn the ancient secret that will solve all your problems", along with a click in the next 5 hours and we'll give you 130 dollars off. Suffice it to say, I learned nothing but did develop a deep hatred of advertisements.
Ayns H.
Ayns H. Oy oldin
Every kiss begins with K(rumbling self esteem)
William Davis
William Davis Oy oldin
10:15 soooooo, I guess Gus owes me a sword?
Bologna Biscuits
Bologna Biscuits Oy oldin
I can't get over that only half of his arm is hairy
FadedFlame Oy oldin
The hottest thing a lady could do, is giving verbal or recorded consent. That is so hot
PianoMan Oy oldin
Yes indeed we are all the same guy
Digitus Medius
Digitus Medius Oy oldin
a small loan of a million dollars
evilhealer Oy oldin
All these names for the kisses sound like abilities you'd find in some shitty RPG, like the "Mirror Universe Kiss" sounds like the ultimate move you'd use against the final boss
Robin Fellblood
Robin Fellblood Oy oldin
Power of love baby; seduce the final boss
straw bunni
straw bunni Oy oldin
Sweetheart listen to me, if every first kiss with someone has got you thinking youre gonna marry him, get your priorities straight. You dont need a bum ass man to make you happy. And thats on periodt
Notfine Oy oldin
This is like those ads about hypnotizing women into liking you Eughhhhh
Dana Guenette
Dana Guenette Oy oldin
I got this UZpost ad and got SO PISSED I wrote a rant about it like 3 years ago
The Bob Good Show
The Bob Good Show Oy oldin
Ok heres a great trick. FRENCH!!!!! Boom free advice right there
First Dyad
First Dyad Oy oldin
“Buy your man a katana” -Eddy Yes buy us katanas
DeaconFlash Oy oldin
My girl actually got me a katana for Christmas.
Derek Gooding
Derek Gooding Oy oldin
Jesus Christ! You cracked it! I was wondering what my marriage was missing and I realize now, it was a Katana. You've saved my marriage and you've also helped me start a new career as a body guard. I've never felt more badass. Thank you. But like... is there a specific way I should kiss my Katana so it doesn't leave me?
Śnom Oy oldin
Michael straight up looks like bald Anthony from that one smosh video
John Kuira
John Kuira Oy oldin
1800-Katana 😂
KlatschEI Oy oldin
Damn, this is so dramatic...
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin Oy oldin
So Michael definitely has a girl handcuffed in the basement with just a bucket to pee in right??? That man has a whole vibe of " I will not be ignored!"
Gamen Snootdroop
Gamen Snootdroop Oy oldin
The website infuriates me, no joke.
ItsShrouze Oy oldin
"Are you tired of being friendzoned? There is a magical f word thats hardwired on female brains that makes them immideatly want to sleep with you. And no, its not the vulgar f word that you're thinking of-" These types of ads make me want to fucking punch my phone.
Awsomeman 323
Awsomeman 323 Oy oldin
There's a wide smile carved across my face Because I'm a pumpkin!
sunchild -
sunchild - Oy oldin
he reminds me of that one dude from that movie split holy fuck
shaggy doo
shaggy doo 2 oy oldin
Remove the word kiss from those kisses and they sound like Pokémon move
shaggy doo
shaggy doo 2 oy oldin
Is that asMattr
Lia Hamilton
Lia Hamilton 2 oy oldin
I followed the directions exactly and accidentally pushed my boyfriend out of the moving car. I want my 97$ back
MagsPie 2 oy oldin
As someone who absolutely hates kissing this video is 10x as strange to me
Valkry X825
Valkry X825 2 oy oldin
Tbh wikihow articles gives better info and absolutely free
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez 2 oy oldin
I thought that the eye lid kiss was gonna be a couple blinking together and touching eye lashes
Garbage Trash
Garbage Trash 2 oy oldin
I don't care if she's interesting, attractive, has aspirations, her political views, her values, her personality. Nah, fuck that. I only want her if she kisses good.
MrBananaChips 2 oy oldin
"You feel your toes curl."
Ireallyneedabettername 2 oy oldin
I too caress my phone when I'm unsatisfied with someone's kisses
DauntlessFPV 2 oy oldin
Taking notes
Nunchaku Dude
Nunchaku Dude 2 oy oldin
15:44-17:50 The lego set of the millenium falcon had less steps/instructions than all of what Eddy just went through. What a trooper.
Anna 2 oy oldin
I want a katana now
Zephyr H
Zephyr H 2 oy oldin
really wishing i could having a love expert steven universe kiss bald man eddy burback kissing class on zoom for quarantine
izzy chan Nyan Cat
izzy chan Nyan Cat 2 oy oldin
I remember getting an ad from him and I was tempted to click it as a joke but I decided not to and I'm so glad I didnt
thecooldog12345678 2 oy oldin
michael feori should be arrested for fraud ngl
Becky Campbell
Becky Campbell 2 oy oldin
The name Michael Fury is giving me pornhub vibes Edit: just realized it was Fiore and not Fury
Luke Lanides
Luke Lanides 2 oy oldin
Fun fact: "love" was not a thing for ancient animals, love is seen as intimacy and as a connection but before civilization and relationships were a thing love was just an instinct to mate. Love is not something made by nature but it's a concept made by us that helps us and is technically true. Just like time, it's a concept but it also is a law of physics just like love. So if you see someone saying that love is primal and that everything feels love, say to them "say that to the insects that kill their mates" and don't fall for some dating class that costs five hundred dollars.
Mel C
Mel C 2 oy oldin
Is this man Bruno mars? "She had her eyes wide open. WHY WERE THEY OPEN!!"
Chandler Whitchurch
Chandler Whitchurch 2 oy oldin
Hopefully you make your $40 back in ad revenue.... unless this gets a strike for copyright infringement 🤷‍♀️
Julia Maria
Julia Maria 2 oy oldin
dont ask me why i know this, but im pretty sure this guy also has a class on blowjob techniques (theres a story where the dude cheats on his gf bc his coworker was good at blowjobs, but ofc its the womans fault lol)
Funny Minecraft Man
Funny Minecraft Man 2 oy oldin
People: How are you kids doing school these days Me: 0:03
TFG Television
TFG Television 2 oy oldin
I thought it was a women who made a kissing class not a kissing class for women.
Suzy Schindler
Suzy Schindler 2 oy oldin
I got a UZpost add of this guy yesterday
Christina I Of the Royal House of Nowell
Christina I Of the Royal House of Nowell 2 oy oldin
vonadams76 2 oy oldin
Nosebleed de Groselha
Nosebleed de Groselha 2 oy oldin
I once got an ad by this guy, but it was about “4 words that you should never say to a man”, talking about these damn 4 words that make a man want to run away from you. I clicked the link to find out. It started playing an audio with no progression bar and that it couldn’t be paused, muted and obviously not skipped forward. So if you wanted to know the 4 words, you would have to listen to everything. This woman was talking about how her perfect relationship was falling apart and gave very very very uncomfortable details about how they used to have awesome sex. Honestly it would’ve been less cringy if she described the sex scenes in detail like an erotic audiobook. She just... talked about how many times they fucked and how good it was each time. I got impatient and tried to find out what the 4 words were by people who bought the course. I then found out that this audio has 29 FUCKING MINUTES and you could only buy the course after it was over. And by the end of the course, it was never clear what 4 words were those. They assumed it was “do you love me?” bur they weren’t really sure.
Maya Johnson
Maya Johnson 2 oy oldin
I’m literally a lesbian, but I want to watch this dude learn how to kiss men as a lady.
DismalWolf 2 oy oldin
"Hey.. Wanna force men to fall in love with you and have a relationship with you? ...Buy my merch."
Matthew Laird
Matthew Laird 2 oy oldin
Not gonna lie, Sky High is awesome
That 1 Guy
That 1 Guy 2 oy oldin
I have a way to force someone to love you: *Blackmail*
izzy 2 oy oldin
I've gotten this ad but for kissing ladies I haven't paid for it..... yet
Shelly Genevieve
Shelly Genevieve 2 oy oldin
As the great Dua Lipa once said, “One kiss is all it takes. Falling in love with me. Possibilities.”
PerderPlayz 2 oy oldin
Micheal looks like the human version of squidward
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson 3 oy oldin
Im no kissing expert but I stg if my boyfriend fucking tried to kiss my eyes i would ask him what the fuck
Austin O'Connell
Austin O'Connell 3 oy oldin
I don't think that any guy in the history of the universe has said no to a woman asking " can you slap my ass a little bit more?"
Hayden Parks
Hayden Parks 3 oy oldin
Who kisses their grandma on their lips
First Last
First Last 3 oy oldin
this is an interactive watpad that you have to pay for.
MR Farina
MR Farina 3 oy oldin
i have gotten that ad and I'm a lesbian
Della 3 oy oldin
Look it's the Prince of Persuasia, but for women!
Dancer& Actress
Dancer& Actress 3 oy oldin
Lol I saw one of these ads when I just got into my relationship and I was like “Google thinks I’m failing already?” 😂
Merel Bunders
Merel Bunders 3 oy oldin
This has a big rthestraightsokay vibe
Isabel Bimberg
Isabel Bimberg 3 oy oldin
why does michael have the dreamworks brows
K chertelf
K chertelf 3 oy oldin
No offense to straight people but are y'all okay
Scarlet Roses
Scarlet Roses 3 oy oldin
Why do I get these ads... WHAT THE HECK DID I GOOGLE
Brandon 3 oy oldin
Its always a shiny bald guy. Same with the Pokemon card scammer
M E 3 oy oldin
"is that sexy?!?!?" had me fucking crying
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