I Found the Greatest Animated Video of All Time

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Eddy Burback

2 yil oldin

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yikes 44 daqiqa oldin
What's scaring me the most about that is that if this was a gen one pokemon episode where sonic was misty and baldi was ash this whole thing would make so much more sense
Idiotic infinity Stones
Idiotic infinity Stones 17 soat oldin
I swear this is the crap my cousin watched when camping and called it real...
Siena jaylynn
Siena jaylynn 18 soat oldin
its sad to know baldi's voice does actually sound like that in the game, maybe worse.
Celeste Chan
Celeste Chan Kun oldin
hey eddy can you tell me what band/song is playing during the ad read?
Sad Worm Boi
Sad Worm Boi Kun oldin
this video brought back unpleasant memories of futuristic hub
Kaeolski Novak
Kaeolski Novak 2 kun oldin
We need a part 2 eddy please
SwissSauce 2 kun oldin
i didn't realize this was futuristichub until like 5 minutes in, when he popped up on screen, no wonder this is what it is. and yeah it was 100% percent unironic.
george is no
george is no 3 kun oldin
Baldi is a pre-existing character dummy smh
FadedFlame 3 kun oldin
Every zoom in on baldi is just so unsettling
Samara 4 kun oldin
you look like my dad when he shaved his beard for a week
All This Dwarvish Racket
All This Dwarvish Racket 4 kun oldin
A) Do you realize Sonic is always nude, Eddy? If he has a safe full of nude photos, it would just look like his normal self, except without the socks and shoes. B) Granny sounds like Dr. Doofenshmirtz
nijohn12 5 kun oldin
This is my comfort video
Little Blue Blob
Little Blue Blob 6 kun oldin
dont let the algorithm be mean to you your amazing knees slay
Miki Kuhl
Miki Kuhl 9 kun oldin
Those are the exact lamps I have in my room. They're very neat lamps and my cats love to sit under them.
Some guy
Some guy 9 kun oldin
Yet I still play granny vs baldy and sonic challenge Minecraft game update
🥚 12 kun oldin
i appreciate his lamps
Marss 13 kun oldin
i'm cackling at the way he doesn't know who baldi is
Kat Noney
Kat Noney 13 kun oldin
Bruh, they were literally mixing like 5 different games just so they could avertise them to the algorithm. That was totally just Granny but in Minecraft. lmao
Dripleaf gaming
Dripleaf gaming 15 kun oldin
are u a moth? because your bright like *L A M P*
jeff bones
jeff bones 16 kun oldin
this is intentional i fucking swear
Steuts 17 kun oldin
If this was a passion project by an 8 year old I’d be very impressed. But it’s not. So I’m not.
Parker the Shark
Parker the Shark 18 kun oldin
Yo, I read frankenstein, and thought the same thing. There needs to be an accurate movie
god of demolition
god of demolition 19 kun oldin
They literally just take random stuff they didn't even make and slap it all together to make garbage
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 20 kun oldin
I mean i know im really late but they're really close to centered
The Duck King
The Duck King 20 kun oldin
Baldi was a thing two years ago i feel old but i know im not
Noah Deibler
Noah Deibler 23 kun oldin
FuturisticHub wasn’t always bad. Aaaactually yes it was, yes it was.
Fire light
Fire light 25 kun oldin
If you get caught to much she cuts ur head off and then eats u
why_we_cant_afford_nice_ things
why_we_cant_afford_nice_ things 28 kun oldin
Idk if it would be better or worst if Eddy had context on what Baldi and Granny is
Little Blue Blob
Little Blue Blob 28 kun oldin
i've played on that minecraft map... janky as hell and easily cheesed..
Noemi Z
Noemi Z 29 kun oldin
90% of the people I've met who like baldis basics in education (it's a game for those who don't know) are absolute asshats so I can see where this video is coming from
A R Oy oldin
A R Oy oldin
Didly Master
Didly Master Oy oldin
I'd rather swap over to pornhub if my parents came in my room than having them see this.
Reese Holmes
Reese Holmes Oy oldin
At 10:06 I glanced at the video and it looked like Sonic got punted.
Akamu ManoKit
Akamu ManoKit Oy oldin
Why is every popular youtuber here
Michael #5679
Michael #5679 Oy oldin
It's the guy from the h3h3 Minecraft video?! Ewwwww.
Popcorn bag69
Popcorn bag69 Oy oldin
Yes this is great I love it
BatTo Bat
BatTo Bat Oy oldin
The toilet angle was perfect tho
Vaaxy Oy oldin
l a m p s
Jeremy Caulk
Jeremy Caulk Oy oldin
I’m watching this at 1am and I’m legit a little irked
NO IQ Oy oldin
ok, baldi is a indie game, and in the game the character baldi actually sounds like that, and looks like that, same with the granny person, and the stuff they are doing is in the actual game, and she sounds like that to
Emily smith
Emily smith Oy oldin
this was the first time out of the many years i’ve been watching youtube, that i actually used the sponsorship because it was literally so easy lol.
David Littlefair
David Littlefair Oy oldin
I feel like nobody in the comments realises this is a recreation of a game called 'Granny' where you have to escape a house while being hunted by that granny.
straw bunni
straw bunni Oy oldin
Its problamatic how hard I laughat this every time I cant breathe
SkyroAaron Oy oldin
Wait wasnt that the dude that managed to pass the minecraft smex video through the youtube algorithm that one time?
destroy0 Oy oldin
10:18 what the heck happened to his mouth?
yeeterson yeet
yeeterson yeet Oy oldin
Does eddy know who baldi is?
Everett Hair
Everett Hair Oy oldin
Me ready to end it all: I'll watch this to make me laugh and change my mind! Me 3 minutes in: I'm making the right choice *BANG*
My humor is dead
Balloon Boy
Balloon Boy Oy oldin
I used to watch him back when this look nice in like 2013
TheRighteousBeaver Oy oldin
Bruh the fact that I’ve seen this animation before but barely remember it is weird because I remember the lines they say next before they say them and can act out the whole thing
Ryan Rasmusson
Ryan Rasmusson Oy oldin
the voice of baldy is fran from the nanny pitched down
Hoey _
Hoey _ Oy oldin
Is that audible deal still going on? It sounds pretty good.
Amir Mokrane
Amir Mokrane Oy oldin
I believe this is based off the game Granny something
gaemr Oy oldin
Did eddy not know baldi already sounded like that
HeyItzJenine Oy oldin
This reminds me of sonic zombie adventures lol
CryingPlatypus 2 oy oldin
me, a guy who knows that the engine in a beetle is in the rear, is very mad, and also even if the engine was up in front where is it and how can stupid baldi know that there's no fuel in the car?
XeroPulse 2 oy oldin
_ CJEMM5D _ 2 oy oldin
This video is literally Sonic and Baldi playing the Granny game in a shitty minecraft recreation of the map....
Byte5 2 oy oldin
hey i have that lamp
First Last
First Last 2 oy oldin
sounds like that rat dissecting guy from h3h3. disturbing. this is why you don't let your children on the internet.
Ivanovich 2 oy oldin
This animation feels like one of my seizures
FakedFrames514 2 oy oldin
I know this video is like 2 years old, but humor me. Her saying, “Do you want to play hide and seek” is the direct audio file from the game. In the game, the weapons key is used to unlock a cabinet that has a crossbow with tranquilizers in it. The crossbow can be used to knock granny out for a minute or two in the game, but it doesn’t work on the spider. Also in the game you can feed the spider to distract it for a minute, or you can shoot it with a shotgun that you build to kill it. The shotgun only knocks out granny like the crossbow. Don’t get me wrong, the animation is still shit.
Son of A Dead Meme
Son of A Dead Meme 2 oy oldin
10:41 "They took my fucking eyes" - Baldi
Son of A Dead Meme
Son of A Dead Meme 2 oy oldin
so we are going to talk about the floating granny but not the t-posing slender man clipping through the floor and wall
WeirdShelf 2 oy oldin
Aaris Howton
Aaris Howton 2 oy oldin
Why do I feel like eddy made this having absolutely no knowledge of either of the horror games involved here
J 2 oy oldin
Can you make part 2?
Rexxer 2 oy oldin
looks like someone opened gmod and threw around a few base models with the physics
BroBot 2 oy oldin
I feel an INTENSE NEED to say that Baldi's voice makes me feel genuinely sick
Michael Russell
Michael Russell 3 oy oldin
Eddy hasn't heard about any of these games lol. But i dont blame him theyre dumb.
Ben Parseghian
Ben Parseghian 3 oy oldin
What’s a craft video?
EJ Cy 3 oy oldin
I thought my recommended was fucked...
Cookie Mail
Cookie Mail 3 oy oldin
Baldi sounds like Urkle from the show "Family Matters"
John Powers
John Powers 3 oy oldin
"sonic, go choke on a chili dog" WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA-
Sorceral 3 oy oldin
Xavier renegade angel lookin kinda weird...
Sarah MacDonald
Sarah MacDonald 3 oy oldin
eddie im just watching this video now but my cousin was baldy for halloween last year and I really.... did not know who that was until now and I, am not impressed
Dominique Hicks
Dominique Hicks 3 oy oldin
I think that’s supposed to be dantdm
Lizzie Drucker
Lizzie Drucker 3 oy oldin
This is Adult Swim at 4am
Stripes and jay
Stripes and jay 3 oy oldin
4:02 I dont Fukien know gay squidward
Stripes and jay
Stripes and jay 3 oy oldin
No offense against gays btw
Rat Cam
Rat Cam 3 oy oldin
I love LA Eddy
I_Am_A_Weird0 3 oy oldin
Please more. I’m so confused
The Lead Innovator
The Lead Innovator 3 oy oldin
That video was disrespectful to both Sonic and Slenderman. Dunno what I expected from a Granny Simulator vid including Baldi, Slenderman, Sonic, & Granny taking place in Minecraft.
0ptik 3 oy oldin
everyone sounds like they have bronchitis
chris boyle
chris boyle 3 oy oldin
Dude, if I was a kid I would LOVE this ahit
A F O O Z 3 oy oldin
My little sisters used to leave youtube playing on our tv playing dumb kids videos and once I found them watching this video.
Noah Deibler
Noah Deibler 3 oy oldin
Why could I immediately tell that this was FuturisticHub. They kind of went down the crapper in 2011.
Theo Solomon
Theo Solomon 3 oy oldin
This was the best animation ever
Kenny Tomko
Kenny Tomko 3 oy oldin
Rosemary Kaye
Rosemary Kaye 3 oy oldin
Baldi is from a horror game called Baldis Basics In Education. Granny is from a horror game called Granny 1. He really sounds like that in the game. Granny looks a LOT better there. The real one is hideous. And not know good way. She's just straight up ugly and not entertainment friendly. They're both hideous looking characters. BBIE is a horrible game. It's a pseudo educational game in a 90s style cgi. It looks hideous. Granny is terrifying. But it's no fun. She really does knock you out and move you. Till she kills you. The video is actually true to Granny 1.
ame 3 oy oldin
guys he got lamps
TheKale 3 oy oldin
Edited version: "the narrator was SO -cut- good." Unedited: "the narrator was SO BAD DUDE oh wait I'm supposed to say he's good.... oh alright I'll just fix it in post..... good." @13:57
Flan Durham
Flan Durham 3 oy oldin
I know it’s random but I had an almost identical experience with Frankenstein. It was amazing.
Mr. Onion
Mr. Onion 4 oy oldin
is it just me or is sonic scarier than granny?
Jayzu maki
Jayzu maki 4 oy oldin
Couldn't Sonic have run around the whole house ib three seconds cuz, u know, he's the FASTEST THING ALIVE!? And Baldi, he always has his ruler in a secure 2 hand position, he wouldn't just be flailing it around. Sonic could've found the items needed to leave the house, reported to Baldi, and then left, in about five mins!
Nathan Bizzle
Nathan Bizzle 4 oy oldin
so I.. um ...I don't know whats happening to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ashley Loyola
Ashley Loyola 4 oy oldin
I always come back to this video
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 4 oy oldin
Absolutely fuck this granny I’m terrified as fuck
Ian S
Ian S 4 oy oldin
That's a real game minus sonic and baldi and baldi has a game
Snatched N' Patched
Snatched N' Patched 4 oy oldin
Why does baldy sound like mason from Hannibal when his face gets fucked?
I ship baldi and sonic now
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