Anti-Smoking Campaigns on Tik Tok

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Eddy Burback

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Switch Boy
Switch Boy 3 daqiqa oldin
I just got a fucking nicotine ad for some pill
Yung Forest
Yung Forest 29 daqiqa oldin
Juul is cuul
AntoineLhy 3 soat oldin
I'm vaping right now to stop smoking and it helps a lot, if you smoke and don't know how to stop try vaping but it doesn't work for everyone, cigarette is a bitch I'm not that old but I'd wake up with my lungs hurting sooo much. *KIDS DON'T SMOKE*
dog 5 soat oldin
Cringe: Trying to appeal to kids using outdated memes, which actually ends up encouraging kids to continue rebelling against this painfully out of touch messaging and smoke/vape anyway. Dub: Just be honest, bring celebrities on as a friendly face, don't try so hard to be 'down with the kids' - even call out how supporting the tobacco industry is a moral wrong in other ways. *S W A G*: Through CIA-assisted corporate espionage hijack the advertising departments of major tobacco and vaping companies, and continue to make the cringey ads - thus through reverse psychology making kids associate smoking/vaping with the painfully out of touch messaging, making kids look uncool for smoking/vaping.
The Senate
The Senate 10 soat oldin
I think one of the reasons so many people drink monster and vape in my year group is because the popular jock kids do it and so the kids who worry about not being cool do it and then the kids like me who really don't care and stop the other kids who worry just by sticking to their gum and coke
Raining4rain 11 soat oldin
i got a no smoking ad on this video
Adam Lawson
Adam Lawson 14 soat oldin
That’s crazy... *hits Juul*
Rye Bread
Rye Bread Kun oldin
I can't believe you didn't mention Ryan Higa aka NigaHiga in the "TeeHee" shirt pointing out the barfing unicorn. Also I think there's a possibility that the plan was to have kids associate smoking / vaping with cringe imagery, so maybe they'll think smoking/vaping is also cringe. But that obviously didn't work
Nick Polachi
Nick Polachi Kun oldin
Saying that the reason that there's vape flavors that are tasty is that their marketing is children would be the same thing as saying that because sky vodka makes cake flavors they are exclusively making those flavors for toddlers... The Vape industry started with adults mixing their own blends at home in the flavors that ended up on the market we're just the most popular ones. Jewel is really the only company that has spent a lot of time and money marketing to children specifically.
Nega Chin
Nega Chin Kun oldin
Eddie without the stache is like the 80's and 90's without rapid and significant drug usage in the youth of America.... it just doesn't make sense.
Schembri _
Schembri _ Kun oldin
Funny how they are at a house party but the worst thing truth can imagine is on my God smoking cigarettes.... the fuck how stupid can the people that run these ads be there is much worse(depends on perspective) shit going down at house parties as a teenager were a myriad of shit happening smoking cigarettes being an after thought. No body gave a shit!
cudlebear64 Kun oldin
I had never before seen the bad truth ads maybe all but the first one you mentioned were all only on tiktok witch I don’t use
Jellys A Commie
Jellys A Commie Kun oldin
Dont you love when the biggest creator on there website is addicted to nicotine at like 16
DOM Kun oldin
Real cost ads are where it's at. Little lungs has traumatized me, but I still find it funny asl that a cartoon lung voiced by Tony Hawk is actually encouraging to not vape.
obi blaster
obi blaster Kun oldin
I used to get little lungs in a great big world adds on UZpost. That scared the shit outta me.
cigz 16 soat oldin
oh my God same those puppets
CumberCube 2 kun oldin
Adults like fruit flavours too
Friggity Friggity Funky
Friggity Friggity Funky 2 kun oldin
Oh yes it’s that bad
N0TYALC 2 kun oldin
Perhaps we should let people do what they want?
Grayson Savoie
Grayson Savoie 2 kun oldin
recently I've been seeing ads like the one eddy proposed where they follow the people while quitting
Gizmo !
Gizmo ! 3 kun oldin
seeing these ads as a teen just made me want to smoke cigarettes out of spite. i still feel that urge as an adult. the ones with the doctor have the same effect for me, too.
blank blank
blank blank 3 kun oldin
still smoke, still vape. no ad has ever made me wanna quit. but those last few words did the most
Bread Productions
Bread Productions 3 kun oldin
Naomi Grace
Naomi Grace 3 kun oldin
I mean honestly the things that made me want to quit were the TikToks that talked about the side effects and birth control not the Truth campaign ☺️
Rawr Burger
Rawr Burger 3 kun oldin
I don't see the reasoning behind fruity flavored vape juice being a way to target teens. Do adults not like fruity flavors? It would be the same as saying flavored alcohols are being targeted to teens. But, I personally do vape and did start when I was a senior in high school, but I didn't start because of the flavors, I started because it was a trend and I had already been exposing my body to other substances. It's very easy to try other drugs once you start one, hence the name "gateway drug". I have now been sober from drugs aside from nicotine and I have been cutting down on it going from 50mg down to 3mg and plan to use nicotine free juice and get rid of this habit. I highly recommend not trying any drug, because not only did it consume 4-5 years of my life, but I've easily spent thousands on drugs and vape juice, I wish I could go back in time and not start this nasty habit. I could have bought my first car years ago, instead of spending my paychecks on drugs. If any of you are attempting to quit I wish you the best of luck, because I know how hard it can be. It will be extremely difficult at first, but your dependence will slowly fade, you just have to not give in to it's temptation.
Rawr Burger
Rawr Burger Kun oldin
@Cool Cool u right
Cool Cool
Cool Cool Kun oldin
While sure flavors like mango aren’t targeted at kids, you can’t deny that flavors like Fortnite slurp juice definitely target kids
Tim Cook Parody
Tim Cook Parody 3 kun oldin
I’m confused, should i start smoking the queen of hearts?
i make stuff
i make stuff 17 soat oldin
sharpie is the best thing to smoke
työkaverit 3 kun oldin
filthy frank did it better
helen s
helen s 3 kun oldin
i've noticed that a lot of gen z kids aren't worried about smoking anymore, just because of this total apathy we now have. We don't expect to live beyond, like, 2050. so who cares about lungs?
cigz 16 soat oldin
Plus we all wanna die
Dredwin Clips
Dredwin Clips 3 kun oldin
Those ads by "The Real Cost" scarred me as a kid.
llama person
llama person 3 kun oldin
You should’ve brought up the older ads that were better than the ones shown in the video
xblowsmokex 4 kun oldin
“Targeting kids with flavors” yeah, because only kids like good flavors. Such a stupid argument. Now I have to suck on tobacco flavored juice because parents don’t do their jobs.
Gamer Nick
Gamer Nick 4 kun oldin
Did anyone else see Ryan Higa?
alex lucia
alex lucia 4 kun oldin
the mic looks like a big toe weird sex toy thing
edi 4 kun oldin
i remember when i smoked, and every time october comes around, theres this big campaign called "stoptober," and you'd get that shit forced on you on every turn, so i'd be like "fuck you! i do what i want," and i'd smoke more. every bad ad calling for the youth to not smoke, i'd feel like a rebel and cool for going against it because "fuck you boomers" or whatever. i was up to a pack a day super quickly after initially starting. i quit almost exactly one year ago and i am so glad i did, the immediate differences in my lungs (i can breathe??), i cough less, and overall i feel more energetic. i dont get angry outbursts when i dont get to smoke (if i didnt smoke about every hour/1,5 hours i'd get reaaaal pissy.) what it took for me start to quit smoking is not necessarily a campaign, though some were helpful during the process, giving out information and tips and stuff. i mostly quit bc of my boyfriend, who i was going to visit overseas. he has really bad lungs, and i didn't want to hurt him with second hand smoke, and just the smell of cigarettes would make him very very nauseous. and hey, turns out it actually has benefits for me, too! in the end i never did visit my bf because of the pandemic, but i DID quit smoking, and im overall a healthier person, and now i likely won't die of lung cancer due to smoking, which is great because finally having a will to live after years and then dying of lung cancer, that would just be sad. it also saves me a METRIC FUCK TON of money. like dude that shit is so expensive. if youre like me and you dont want to quit smoking for yourself, find another reason. maybe someone who cares about you, maybe the money (it was a combination of money+bf for me. no shame in it, youre young and probably going broke. tobacco is disgustingly expensive). as a bonus, you'll thank yourself in the future, i promise you.
alastor lapid
alastor lapid 4 kun oldin
That unicorn was terrifying.
Nick Manory
Nick Manory 4 kun oldin
2015? there have been commercials since I was in highschool in the late 90's-early 00's.......oh wait...... crap..... I'm just old.
Alex Rocha
Alex Rocha 4 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure if not for these campaigns I would've quit vaping a shit ton earlier
fatboy chungus69
fatboy chungus69 4 kun oldin
i wish i had a friendly neighborhood eddy
Tony Sofia
Tony Sofia 4 kun oldin
Commenting to appease the algorithm
Grace My last name ain’t your business
Grace My last name ain’t your business 5 kun oldin
In Ontario we have anti vaping ads that play in between Snapchat stories. My friends and I laugh at how bad the acting is, but they’re actually pretty informative if you click the link on the ad
Mr. N
Mr. N 5 kun oldin
Okay but what do i do If i want sweet brain relief from my crippling anxiety and depression (seriously)
Mr. N
Mr. N 2 kun oldin
@saoirse ok they really dont help cause most therapists have nothing to really say but to get on meds and meds only switch you to a different and more lethal addiction (speaking form experience) I feel like it's really a thing where you have to choose the lesser of two evils and personally I would rather hit my pen then pop pills even if im taken the pills at a regulated time it takes more of an affect on my day to day and mental health
saoirse ok
saoirse ok 2 kun oldin
literally bro just go to therapy or get on meds i swear 2 god they help more than addiction
MrLucky Plays
MrLucky Plays 5 kun oldin
2:42 I love how they used Michal from Arrons animals
Tucca_702 5 kun oldin
What happened to the old ones they at least made u say wtf like the the girl who lost her bones cause she smoked cigarettes commercial
julioceledon1 5 kun oldin
They're likely just throwing stuff to the wall in order to try to go viral, which in all fairness is a step up from using outdated memes which have no chance of being viral at that point in time.
Maclean Kirkwood
Maclean Kirkwood 6 kun oldin
as a 22 year old who smokes, I absolutely want to punch 14 year old me for ever starting.
Liam Fennell
Liam Fennell 6 kun oldin
In news shocking absolutely no one with even a basic understanding of operant conditioning, positive reinforcement works better than punishment
Bargins Galore
Bargins Galore 6 kun oldin
The real cost ads were so weird I saw some of the whole videos when I searched for them and they were interesting and actually had a message but the ones I got as ads were just 3 second clips of the most intense parts so you couldn’t even tell what was happening. It was a strange approach
Haley rose W
Haley rose W 6 kun oldin
i think the best way to get teens to quit is not by trying to turn them against e cigarets, but by turning them against big tabaco. make them the cringey adults trying to make kids think they are cool so they can make money. show them as the money hungry industry they are who sacrifice people to boost the bottom line.
KinderRat313 181
KinderRat313 181 6 kun oldin
What happened to that ss with the girl and the contract that becomes a cigarette. That one was good
Sälis Sälis
Sälis Sälis 6 kun oldin
How about some anti-Tik Tok campaigns on Vapes?
B Reed
B Reed 6 kun oldin
the cat was really funny though
Charlotta Dellborg
Charlotta Dellborg 7 kun oldin
As someone who started smoking at 14 and has now quit I can confirm that I regret it even though I'm just 20. It's dumb, expensive af and obviously harmful
Peter Vigil
Peter Vigil 7 kun oldin
I dont even vape, but I still percieve them as cringe...
Isobel McGovern
Isobel McGovern 7 kun oldin
Only the adds that show the consequences of long term smoking are the only ones that work. The problem is there aren't really enough long-term studies of vaping to show us the negatives. So they resort to cringe adds that only want to make us vape.
sentient-corgi-parade bdb
sentient-corgi-parade bdb 7 kun oldin
So what im seeing is, the internet community just needs to make our own smoke commercials to scare kids into stopping 🙄
Krombopulous Michael
Krombopulous Michael 7 kun oldin
When you said that you watch tiktok, I almost unsubscribed
Lee Gauntlett
Lee Gauntlett 7 kun oldin
Eddie Burback: I didn’t smoke in high school, but I would have regretted it at 22. Me *22 with a cigarette in my mouth* Oh no, so much regret... all the time I’ve wasted... oH nO! *puff puff*
Lee Gauntlett
Lee Gauntlett 7 kun oldin kid, if that grosses you out, do i have some stories for you. 7 kun oldin
Jus tin
Jus tin 7 kun oldin
this is a very good message
Tajjy 11
Tajjy 11 7 kun oldin
These anti smoking ads make me want to smoke
Lily Kingsley
Lily Kingsley 7 kun oldin
These ads are the single reason my sister started smoking lmao
Black Tachyon
Black Tachyon 7 kun oldin
Wait you're 23 wtf?
Aimee Hatake Uchiha
Aimee Hatake Uchiha 7 kun oldin
Conspiracy theory Truth initiative has always been secretly run by Big Tobacco to send a message that smoking is cool
Reilly1444 8 kun oldin
Eddy Ray Gun
Bethany LaMastus
Bethany LaMastus 8 kun oldin
I can’t believe this man and I are the same age. I look 12, he looks 28. Help.
TruthBeTold447 8 kun oldin
I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been vaping since I was about 17, and I’m 22 now. Haven’t really experienced any noticeable negative effects other than the obvious addiction to nicotine lmao. Also I now permanently think cigarettes are gross because of the taste and the staining. Kids shouldn’t vape, but vaping isn’t necessarily the problem.
Bethany LaMastus
Bethany LaMastus 8 kun oldin
I used vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, and haven’t bought a pack in nearly 4 years. I wanna stop vaping and I can’t? Oop
Elijah D
Elijah D 8 kun oldin
in some countries cigarette companies are mandated to put anti smoking adds on the pack.
Study Buddy
Study Buddy 8 kun oldin
Make a commercial about that vaping kid that needed a double lung transfer
Study Buddy
Study Buddy 8 kun oldin
Show us the commercials of people dying of lung cancer. Don’t try to be cool or funny, be real.
Anticlimactic Orange Juice
Anticlimactic Orange Juice 8 kun oldin
dude, those anti smoking campaigns where it showed their teeth falling out, like the guy who was given dentures, or the contract one, those were terrifying and they worked. I was terrified of all my teeth falling out and I never ever want to smoke now.
Snuz 8 kun oldin
Thanks eddy :) I'm gonna quit
slightly offensive dad jokes
slightly offensive dad jokes 8 kun oldin
that one comment section that was like "this inspired me to hit my juul" which is kind of funny at first but like,,,you're giving your business to evil companies who actively are trying to have minorities as ghetto-ized as possible. it might sound funny at first but by giving your business to big tobacco you're doing a lot of harm to other people.
slightly offensive dad jokes
slightly offensive dad jokes 7 kun oldin at least i’m not a moron who vapes 7 kun oldin
As well as yourself
Video Rehab
Video Rehab 8 kun oldin
As a person who started smoking at a young age, i can agree that the stupid fucking dancing and shit meme videos make me cringe hella hard. I would smoke in spite of them. I think they should cut the shit and stick with the facts.
spudbuttowski 8 kun oldin
I wasn't very cool in middle school/ high school because I didn't smoke weed (I'm black btw, went to a predominantly black school.) My best friend in the world did tho. He's been smoking weed/cigarettes since he was 13. One day back in 2019 (I was 20, he was 19 ironically) he tells me that if he could go back in time he would've never started smoking, he said "I can feel it in my lungs, that I fucked myself up."
mcookie 8 kun oldin
Back in high school there used to be mandatory meetings they took out of our lunch to yet again tell us "one person to a bathroom stall" and honey if you think it's worth it to cram yourself into a shit smeared closet with your buddy you do you... but what are people gonna think when they see two sets of legs and hear you giggling in there? I know when I was a high schooler I thought that kind of desperation was hilarious.
Sarah سارة
Sarah سارة 8 kun oldin
Victor watch out, it's a trap!
Leland Unruh
Leland Unruh 8 kun oldin
The anti-vaping moral panic is stupid and will definitely result in more deaths. Stop buying-in to any part of that nonsense.
Brooke Heath
Brooke Heath 8 kun oldin
Another thing about Truth ads is any time I see one of their ads on TV I start feeling the cravings for nicotine again. I'm a teen who quit vaping and seeing those ads just has the opposite effect on me for whatever reason and it's kind of triggering in a way.
Drew Kabala
Drew Kabala 8 kun oldin
Had my first cigarette at 18 in high school and just quit last year. Almost a 10 year journey/battle. 4 months nicotine and device free and I feel great. I do miss it, but I know it's for the best.
doorhandle 8 kun oldin
My cousin vapes... He is 2 and a bitch he stole my Imaginary I have a cousin that's 2 or am I high...may be both
Connor Nyhan
Connor Nyhan 8 kun oldin
eddy: makes fun of metal song about the environment gojira fans: :(
Dillon Barney
Dillon Barney 8 kun oldin
I was sitting on the couch hanging out with nicotine nic. He grabs his vape puts it up to his mouth, then pulls it away and stares at it. His arm reaches over to me and he says “you want some?”. “No” I say, “I don’t wanna get addicted to nicotine”. “Good” he says pulling back the vape, “that was a test”. He then proceeds to take a puff.
Funny Binny
Funny Binny 8 kun oldin
Thank you for watching my tedtalk
Nenad Grbic
Nenad Grbic 8 kun oldin
A lot of people are talking the negative effect of cigarettes from a medical standpoint but there is a large financial one as well. 1) Nicotine is addictive so no "I will do it in a small amount" bullshit will do. 2) Referring to point 1), let's say an average smoker uses ~ 1-2 packs a day, so that can in the long-term fuck up your financial situation if you don't have a lot of income. 3) Stop, just get help
Lana-Lomien Meyer
Lana-Lomien Meyer 8 kun oldin
More anxiety, less money. That's what smoking causes. Repercussions feel far away. You need money, and you need to not run out. That's a shit load of planning and anxiety - more so when you are young.
Kel Loves Sharks
Kel Loves Sharks 9 kun oldin
Hey bro this actually made me want to quit
Hannah Jolly
Hannah Jolly 9 kun oldin
No joke, I actually got a Truth ad as the midroll
Christian Mirza
Christian Mirza 9 kun oldin
Tryna quit, worked at two vape shops and it ruined vaping for me. Watching people search for money in their car so they can buy a vape they are gonna throw away the next day. We scanned id’s but....... Lowkey is a trap
2bfrank_art 9 kun oldin
Honestly when i was a kid and they showed me all those antismoking ads i was all down and completely couldnt understand why on earth someone would smoke And then i grew up through my teens and realized the world fuckin sucks sometimes, lifes hard, if smoking takes the edge off of course i get why people risk it
Anita Ādmine
Anita Ādmine 9 kun oldin
Honestly those ads just need to show what happens to your body if you smoke (in extreme detail), so that every time they smoke they visualise what happens to their lungs and body
Sara Renn
Sara Renn 9 kun oldin
One of the most impactful things was family members, who smoked, telling me not to. They explained the health issues and that they knew that, but bc it was addictive they couldn't stop or it was extremely hard to. It also doesn't paint smokers as "bad people", but people who unfortunately got addicted bc of how tobacco companies targeted them.
Anime boys Over real boys
Anime boys Over real boys 9 kun oldin
There was a Japanese video that they showed us in 4th grade and they use like cutting lungs of a smoker or something like that (maybe an animal) and that got me man.
Caiden Kunitsky
Caiden Kunitsky 9 kun oldin
I always thought of the truth initiative as really desperate, like the ceo on his desk crying saying“please stop we will literally advertise anything for you to stop”
SHR_3d 9 kun oldin
Jon Orgill
Jon Orgill 10 kun oldin
The Ditch Juul campaign literally made me buy a Juul out of spite
Shaina 10 kun oldin
I smoked for 2 years and just in those 2 years I started coughing up weird mucus, just randomly coughing, experiencing random head aches , head aches after smoking. Things I figured was "normal smoking stuff" but then decided "I literally dont have to do this or deal with this" even today sometimes I'll crave a cigarette even though it's been 4 years and even in that shocks and scares me that these things are so terribly addicting and brain altering.
LoGIXxLights 10 kun oldin
I've been smoking since I was 12 I'm now 20 big regret it's extremely hard to quit
Femo Memo
Femo Memo 10 kun oldin
idk this actually makes me want to not smoke again HAHSHDHA im not a smoker, im usually never outside to smoke but when i do i do it a lot and this kinda made not want to do it again
Femo Memo
Femo Memo 10 kun oldin
my first tought when i saw the tiktok was "it would be so funny if dueted with a video of me smoking ahdhahwshdha" it's noy but yknow, proves the point
Poke Dexter
Poke Dexter 10 kun oldin
Some people I know brag about being addicted to nicotine.
Valerie Seehafer
Valerie Seehafer 10 kun oldin
Vaping is even harder to quit than smoking in my opinion. Its easier to hide, more accessible, and the nicotene content is insane. I started when I was 17 and still get cravings at 25. It isn't worth it for sure.
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