Wiebe Haksel
Wiebe Haksel 2 soat oldin
"Do you ever get eachother mixed up?" That old woman is asking the right questions ;)
Rachel Gammon
Rachel Gammon 3 soat oldin
Scott sounds high
Your One Black Friend
Your One Black Friend 3 soat oldin
Acting likes she so cute but I’m just like “Yo she ugly doe”
Kurtistown Citizen
Kurtistown Citizen 3 soat oldin
Eddy: why did I title this video “twins kind of weird me out”? title: “twins make me uncomfortable”.
tomer s
tomer s 3 soat oldin
ludwig ahgren, he uploads every day, pay up
Punkclown 3 soat oldin
this video is really hacking into my mainframe
Ashley Tolfo
Ashley Tolfo 3 soat oldin
NOOOO TWISTERRRRR!!!!!! Edit: Oh.... jumped the gun on this comment...
Op 13 in anime are awesome
Op 13 in anime are awesome 3 soat oldin
HbNetfulurave + prime
dog 3 soat oldin
Cringe: Trying to appeal to kids using outdated memes, which actually ends up encouraging kids to continue rebelling against this painfully out of touch messaging and smoke/vape anyway. Dub: Just be honest, bring celebrities on as a friendly face, don't try so hard to be 'down with the kids' - even call out how supporting the tobacco industry is a moral wrong in other ways. *S W A G*: Through CIA-assisted corporate espionage hijack the advertising departments of major tobacco and vaping companies, and continue to make the cringey ads - thus through reverse psychology making kids associate smoking/vaping with the painfully out of touch messaging, making kids look uncool for smoking/vaping.
octoberboiy 3 soat oldin
I love that HBO billboard with Bran as a bird because he wargs into crows lol. Btw you forgot to mention that Netflix allows you to skip credits and opening themes for tv shows.
Mickey Fifel
Mickey Fifel 3 soat oldin
Woah I didn't know Ben Schwartz was bald
IceBorne D20
IceBorne D20 4 soat oldin
i once had a friend who's mother's identical twin married her father's identical twin
Henry Asokan
Henry Asokan 4 soat oldin
eddy, i wanna give u a hug. u seem comfortable
Carol Koski
Carol Koski 4 soat oldin
Wait your graduation was a bowling night? My D.A.R.E. graduation happened alongside my actual 5th grade graduation and the D.A.R.E cops there expected us to sing and dance to the coreographed D.A.R.E. anthem none of us even remembered was a thing
Löwenherz 4 soat oldin
she looks like a recovering meth addict with a bleached wig
Taylor 4 soat oldin
Screw you Eddy! Tuff Puppy was great!
Jonathen Lester
Jonathen Lester 5 soat oldin
I think people forget that Conan is currently in his later years, and he's still so good.
Jonathen Lester
Jonathen Lester 5 soat oldin
Jack Parr
Night Mirrorz
Night Mirrorz 5 soat oldin
he just up and left
Jonathen Lester
Jonathen Lester 5 soat oldin
Fallon is the worst.
Josh Yogii Blaiir
Josh Yogii Blaiir 5 soat oldin
Should re do this cause disney got star now helps alot At first was shut but disney netflix n prime are sick also can't get hbomax in australia
li_spiderguy 5 soat oldin
I want a video of eddy just insulting me and calling me a stupid dumb baby
tomer s
tomer s 5 soat oldin
it's cover girl! pay up
tomer s
tomer s 7 soat oldin
I'm a twin, this is weird
Glove Man
Glove Man 7 soat oldin
I got a Verizon ad on this, I’m scared.
Kale 8 soat oldin
this is so wholesome :)
The Senate
The Senate 9 soat oldin
I think one of the reasons so many people drink monster and vape in my year group is because the popular jock kids do it and so the kids who worry about not being cool do it and then the kids like me who really don't care and stop the other kids who worry just by sticking to their gum and coke
alisha orenchuk
alisha orenchuk 9 soat oldin
The one political comment you made was really awesome man. It’s so true. Much respect my friend.
Raining4rain 9 soat oldin
i got a no smoking ad on this video
TheWateringWiz 9 soat oldin
Sorry Eddy, love you and your vids but 5min in and the cringe is just too strong. I can't keep watching this creep
st0gin0 10 soat oldin
The Grand Tour is a good Amazon Prime Original
Fezee 10 soat oldin
I never realised that these were BS... I was around 6-7 years old went over my cousins house and played this game, it didn't function properly but I thought I was doing something wrong... I have lived a lie for over a decade and I had no idea of this bullshit
Fezee 10 soat oldin
Free my homie Milo
Inspiration Date
Inspiration Date 10 soat oldin
It's free and has everything from all networks and studios ever.
Dave 11 soat oldin
Genetically speaking this is actually very exciting to see what happens
Paul The pew pew guy
Paul The pew pew guy 11 soat oldin
Why do a parody of a different situation no bad idea especially about radical matters
Marit Miedema
Marit Miedema 11 soat oldin
I open Disney+ more now that they added Star. Honestly obsessed with some new shows
Krish Aryan
Krish Aryan 11 soat oldin
It happened me as an teen LoL
nolan martin
nolan martin 11 soat oldin
here's a bad movie to watch leo the lion i think on netflix
Keith Gehman
Keith Gehman 11 soat oldin
Twin cringe- twinge
Erik Zimbardi-Le Mons
Erik Zimbardi-Le Mons 11 soat oldin
Shudder is good for the horror fans
sam lyons
sam lyons 11 soat oldin
finallyyy some fraternal twin representation
Hesitant User
Hesitant User 11 soat oldin
This brought back memories that I had locked away
Goat Nation
Goat Nation 12 soat oldin
Disney+ Now has R-Rated Content and many fox content
Avery Grant
Avery Grant 12 soat oldin
To whoever reads this comment, go watch Utopia on Amazon Prime. NOT the reboot, watch the original UK version. It is amazing.
James Turner
James Turner 12 soat oldin
So Logan Paul is pretty much coked up right?
Austin 12 soat oldin
You missed x2 speed... youve been disowned
Adam Lawson
Adam Lawson 12 soat oldin
That’s crazy... *hits Juul*
Waker of Winds
Waker of Winds 12 soat oldin
I remember my sex ed experience. My teacher was a creep who made tons of dirty jokes. He also, for an assignment wanted us to make a _sex ed themed board game_ - it was a nightmare. I failed that unit. I learned more from other students than I did the teacher. There was that moment that a guy shouted "it's shaped that way because it has to stick in!" and my view of the world was corrupted forever.
MutantCreeper 12 soat oldin
I knew a pair of identical twins where one would wear pink and one would wear baby blue. It was strange and they were not the nicest people. All I knew them for was twins that never were away from each other.
Jellyroll Jellyjinks
Jellyroll Jellyjinks 13 soat oldin
IMO, nothing wrong with tazing dead animals
dave the dog
dave the dog 13 soat oldin
watch fineas and ferb its good and on disney+
dave the dog
dave the dog 13 soat oldin
ha disney added star now
Broken4thWall 13 soat oldin
I was today years old when I found out the Eddy Burback and I are way closer in age then I thought
Millku ._
Millku ._ 13 soat oldin
im not a twin yet me and my older sister look like a copy of eachother
MutantCreeper 13 soat oldin
I'm also a fraternal twin and most of the time throughout all of grade school until I got into a relationship people thought we were dating since he's a man and I'm a woman. Someone even went up to my fiance and after complementing us she said "I thought she was dating (bro's name)." He then said "That's her brother..." and she let out a simple "Oh shit!"
Percius Westbrooks
Percius Westbrooks 13 soat oldin
I really liked this video great job
Tyler ninja Blevins
Tyler ninja Blevins 13 soat oldin
I’ve been to the school where this is filmed I’m weirded out
aiden riggs
aiden riggs 14 soat oldin
I like being fat I can use my rolls as an arm rest
KaedEtron 14 soat oldin
With the new Star expansion with Disney + I finally started using it constantly
mizer451 14 soat oldin
HAHA You removed the BETA HYPOCRITE comment bahahahahahahahahahahhaha
mizer451 3 soat oldin
@Space marine go get you a triggered sandwich space cadet
Space marine
Space marine 14 soat oldin
Lmao a conservative SJW
Asher i think ?
Asher i think ? 14 soat oldin
Eddy is a great artist.
L0v3 izzZEvol
L0v3 izzZEvol 14 soat oldin
Eddy, I know damn well u ain't wash them clothes lmfaoiii
Treven Mullen
Treven Mullen 14 soat oldin
i really like the creator tabs on Disney +
Thea Miller
Thea Miller 14 soat oldin
Wait til he learns they put Cocomellon on Netflix
CLOSIER 14 soat oldin
This is all kinds of weird
Mr. Kyle Rust
Mr. Kyle Rust 14 soat oldin
There wasn't a single corner in eddy's biology corner! WHAT THE [email protected]@!
Jedi Minecraft
Jedi Minecraft 14 soat oldin
i hate the asmr.
Hailey A
Hailey A 15 soat oldin
When the song went “don’t join gangs, now don’t you do it now” I lost it
Roachy the King
Roachy the King 15 soat oldin
I wish Eddie would paint his nails
TheWingman43 15 soat oldin
I have youtube red literally for no ads on my phone. Lol
not drawing with Ryan
not drawing with Ryan 15 soat oldin
5:52 mommy is that you
Roachy the King
Roachy the King 15 soat oldin
Oh my god, I’ve seen this video pop up like 10 times and I haven’t clicked on it until now. I literally just remembered Eddy IS a twin. I’m dying.
Brock Cornette
Brock Cornette 15 soat oldin
The way you teach people to not do drugs is A. Show the horrible facts about drugs (put in like 1 counter argument or 2 about the safer drugs) B. Show pictures of drug victims C. Explain what drugs will actually do to people
SlinkCaribou207 16 soat oldin
the movie plot is bad but the effects dont seem to bad
D Torres
D Torres 16 soat oldin
In a way, your Sex Education video was the first biology corner
FPS raid
FPS raid 16 soat oldin
something i would add is a sort of shuffle button,so like if you're watching episodic shows you could have the option to shuffle episodes of them around , like a custom feed.
Steven Pimentel Vega
Steven Pimentel Vega 16 soat oldin
Isn’t CBS part of Paramount+?
Emily Nitido
Emily Nitido 16 soat oldin
That already exist I have it on my 2097 year old tv called . and it’s somehow wireless and I think it’s trash made to...
chloe 16 soat oldin
they let him keep the song in but they put an ad smack in the middle lmfaaaoooo petty af yt